1. A

    FM3 needing help with High pitched noise in all of my patches

    i have the noise at home with multiple guitars, i have tried in a rehearsal space and same noise tested with a les paul and an ibanez any help would be appreciated in the soundcloud vid im using quite a bit of gain but i can hear it on mid gain tones aswell you can hear the high pitched...
  2. R

    Thinking of replacing my rig with an Axe-FX III... thoughts?

    Hi all, As the title suggests I'm thinking of replacing my rig with an axe-fx, but my use cases are... very different... I use my rig (a Helix Rack and Nord Modular G2) for 3 purposes: 1. Running the entire backline for my band (bass and guitar; of which I play neither live, I am actually the...
  3. B

    Need help FM9 Turbo MKii change preset by itself

    I recently purchased an FM9 Turbo MK2, which was delivered to me yesterday. However, I've encountered an issue where the FM9 spontaneously changes presets while I am actively using it. I initially attempted to troubleshoot the problem by disconnecting the device from its USB cable via my PC...
  4. S

    Help,fx3 breakdown

    crash after upgrading the firmware what can I do
  5. gaaarfild

    Preset leveling disable for input

    Hey folks, I have such a layout. Where input 1 is a guitar and input 2 is a backtrack pedal. And I have 3 outputs. I use Output 3 in my rehearsal room, where I need my guitar and backing track to sound from one speaker. On the gigs, I usually give separate channels for that. So output 1 for a...
  6. S

    FM3 into Tube Combo Amp

    I'm currently running my FM3 directly into the input of my combo tube amp. The combo amp has no effects loop. While the FM3 is powered on and connected to the input of the combo amp, there's a consistent loud hiss that only increases when I adjust the combo amp volume. To resolve this for the...
  7. A

    Axe FX III 4-Cable-Method with External Noise Gate Help

    Hello Does anyone here use an external Noise Gate Pedal (Like Fortin Zuul or TC Sentry) doing the 4-Cable-Method with their Axe FX III and can share some infos on the setup? Need some explanation with: Inputs/Outputs on the Axe FX (what goes where?) Cables to use (TS or TRS?) Send/Return...
  8. K

    FM3 Sound Issues: Seeking Help

    Hey, FM3 handled amps, cabs, effects, and interface. Switched gear, no sound despite new interface setup. Meter moves, but silence persists. Likely I/O issue. Seeking guidance to resolve this audio dilemma. Thanks in advance!
  9. zooxmusic

    All previous distortion got fuzzy and sounds horrible all of a sudden

    Hi, I have an Axe FX II Mark II where I noticed my distortion, every distortion is no longer tight and clean but fuzzy and pretty nasty sounding, (not in a good way) I normally use SPDIF out to a Universal Audio Apollo x8p but I also have analog out 2 going to QSC flat response k12.2's and the...
  10. A

    FM3 Won’t Change Presets

    Hello! I’ve searched the forums for this fix and I haven’t found anyone with this same issue. I can change presets with FM3-Edit just fine, but when I’m just running the FM3 by itself (not connected) it will only run the last preset I had connected to my PC. It will still read JUST the names of...
  11. M

    Recommendations on how to connect/use a single studio headphones with both an audio interface and Axe Fx 3?

    I want to have two signal paths (audio interface + Axe 3 Headphone Out) into my single studio headphone. The signals wouldn’t be combined, rather than changing scenes would change the signal being used (Axe 3 = clean tones, Audio Interface = 4CM tones). My current setup: Guitar > OD > Noise...
  12. L

    Reamping - Still hearing the DI

    Hi guys, I have setup reamping with my FM9 Turbo however, when I reamp the DI track I can still hear the actual DI on top of it. All other tracks are muted so not really sure where I've gone wrong. Watched Carter's video on reamping and looks like I'm doing everything fine but I guess not lol...
  13. F

    Fractal Audio, please help me..... (AX8 PROBLEM)

    My main problem, Hi guys, I'm concerned about the ax8 main board. Does it have an eprom chip like the axe fx2? Basically my first unit got bricked. Been trying everything from 2 years ago. I was reading on forums same scenarios from people on they axe's 2, and all they did was replacing the...
  14. gaaarfild

    Pitch block is undesirably delayed

    When my pitch block is enabled for example in octaver mode, I hear the distinct attack delay of the pitched sound. First I hear the guitars pitch and then after 50-100ms I start to hear the pitched sound. So they don’t start at the same time. Is it normal or I just forgot some knob to turn?
  15. M

    Help with 4cm setup

    Hi, first time owner and am having a huge hassle with the Axe FX 3. I want to do the 4cm with the following: guitar, OD, Axe FX 3, Two Notes Torpedo Reload, Tube Amp, Focusrite Solo, Reaper (on PC). I want to mainly use the fx exclusively. I am not digging the cabs and much prefer the Two...
  16. Jason Scott

    Get instant answers WITHOUT reading the Axe-Fx manual

    New users with questions are sometimes told to "RTFM". While the manual is obviously an excellent resource, it's also fairly large and can be overwhelming for a lot of users with questions. In my opinion, that's where the site comes in. It’s a free tool that lets anybody upload a...
  17. gaaarfild

    FM9 to Line6 Powercab 212 Plus FRFR sounds bad

    I have an FM9 and Powercab 212 Plus. So a couple of facts to help identify the problem. Mostly I don't like the dirty sound My FM9 through the Powercab sounds not good, somehow sound is compressed and feels a tiny bit "cheap". I was trying so many different built-in CABs in FM9, all sound not...
  18. nagarland

    Help with setup for FM3 and FM edit

    Hi Fractal community, I'm new so please let me know if missed any of the rules! TLDR; on my Windows machine I can't seem to get FM Edit to recognize the FM3 hardware. Context: I recently acquired an FM3. Its been previously owned but used sparingly - the plastic is still on the screens...
  19. Svarela28

    I need help

    Hello guys! I have doubts about the type of MIDI connection of the FM3, I was previously a Helix user and I used an M-VAVE brand pedal with a TRS to MIDI type A cable. I want to know if I can use the same TRS to MIDI type A cable without risk of ruining the FM3. greetings from El Salvador 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻
  20. supersonic182

    Strange Bugs and Scenes

    Something’s going on for me here. I need help. Let’s say I set up amp1 & amp2 how I want on scene 1. I get to scene 2 and things are going great, still have amps on the same channel but amp2 isn’t in the mix anymore. After double checking everything possible, I switch back to scene 1, it still...
  21. Fabrilax

    Should I get an Axe FX 2?

    Hey, ever since I started out playing guitar I wasn't satisfied with my tone (or any tone I came up with). My first amp was a cheap modeling amp and then I moved on to tube (Peavey 6505) and now I'm playing via Reaper and some free VSTs. But none of these could give me that sort of satisfaction...
  22. A

    How to replicate the famous Dookie/Golub modded Marshall? (ie Green Day)

    Trying to make a Green Day preset. Billie uses 2 100w Plexis, so I'm using the PLEXI 100W 70 since that should be the same amp. His amps are both modded- the top one is the famous Dookie/Martin Golub mod, which "cascades the front end and adds a master volume". What does cascading mean, is it...
  23. A

    How to recreate the famous Dookie modded Marshall amp?

    Trying to make a Green Day preset. Billie uses 2 100w Plexis, so I'm using the PLEXI 100W 70 since that should be the same amp. His amps are both modded- the top one is the famous Dookie/Martin Golub mod, which "cascades the front end and adds a master volume". What does cascading mean, is it...
  24. A

    How to replicate a Dookie/Golub modded Marshall? (ie Green Day)

    Trying to make a Green Day preset. Billie uses 2 100w Plexis, so I'm using the PLEXI 100W 70 since that should be the same amp. His amps are both modded- the top one is the famous Dookie/Martin Golub mod, which "cascades the front end and adds a master volume". What does cascading mean, is it...
  25. Delinquished

    Generally Unsatisfied With Tones - Advice?

    Hey guys, hope your all well! I know there are multiple posts which speak about very generic djenty boy tones, and yes i am unfortunately one of them. i know theres alot of people asking how to create them etc, But this post is more about just a general discussion on peoples advice and tips on...
  26. J’sGear

    Anyone willing to share your killer Metal/Post-Hardcore/Metalcore tones/presets?

    Does anyone have any good Metal/Post-Hardcore/Metalcore tones, presets they are willing to share? Just brought my Fractal Axe Fx II back to factory presets. Looking to see if anyone is willing to share their hard work, many hours spent tweaking and perfecting, hard earned tones with me? Im into...
  27. S

    Noise when muting notes

    So this has been a recurring thing, don't know if it's too much drive, but this noise always comes up, and using a gate doesn't resolve this because I have to turn the thresh way too high and I lose the tone. it sounds amazing, and I can kind of work around it if I just don't mute lol, but I...
  28. B

    DI Clipping??

    I just got an AXE FX III last week, and so far I‘m really happy with it. However, I have a question about the DI level. When I use a preset with just input 1 straight to output 1 with nothing in between I can hear clipping in my DI signal. Also, I have the digital output set to output 1 using...
  29. M

    Using FX Loop and real pedals with the Axe FX II

    If I have an hardware OD pedal, is it possible to put it after the virtual Axe FX compressor block using the FX Loop? I was thinking of that chain: Guitar → Axe FX II Input 1 → Virtual Compressor block → FX Loop → Amp Block → Cab block → Reverb block → Output The Plumes OD pedal would be...
  30. J

    Low signal input usb axe fx II

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an axe fx II XL+ and really enjoying it so far. The problem is that when I try to record on logic pro x, I get very low (almost none) guitar signal. My input I'm of course using input 1+2 and output 1+2 on my audio tracks. I can hear the sound of the guitar...
  31. C

    Axe FX II as interface

    Hey all, I'm feeling super frustrated - I am trying to set up the AXE FX II as part of an aggregate device with my Focusrite Scarlett Solo. I had this setup working about a month ago, but then I went on vacation and stored everything away until I got back. Now I'm experiencing 2 problems: 1...
  32. J

    MP3 through Axe Fx II XL help!

    im trying to get my phone to play through my axe fx so i can use sample clips in songs as song starters live. I'm using an fx loop block, and im getting solid signals, and the outputs are working correctly, but the audio quality is terrible. it sounds clippy and very digitalized. is there anyway...
  33. mrb1946

    Anyone having issues with their Axe FX 3 dropping out when using it as an interface?

    This started happening to me recently. I'm currently using my Axe3 as my interface. It'll be working fine for a few minutes, but then all audio will stop and the apps on my computer will say something like "can't recognize the I/O config" or something to that effect. For example, I've used it...
  34. Randy Alanis

    Does anyone use this Mosky single switch? - (dedicated tuner access)

    I'm very happy with the FC6 however I was hoping to utilize a single stand in switch (only for the tuner) in a small footprint like this (vs the dual mosky switch so many seem to use) i tried setting it up with my axe fx 3 to no avail. it says this single switch is "normally open, momentary"...
  35. Jonny T

    PLS HELP: Axe-Fx III Outputting Sysex Info??

    Hi all, 1st post here 😁 I've got my Axe III connected to my iMac via USB so I can use Axe-Edit III. When I record MIDI in my DAW (Pro Tools 12) with my inputs set to "All", the Axe-Fx records random Sysex info. However, when I quit Axe-Edit and hit record, no sysex info is recorded. When...
  36. H

    Possible rotary/from panel button issue

    Initially my unit had a rotary encoder issue (unable to scroll clock wise through presets or adjust parameters clock wise) I took advise from some of trouble shooting folks here using deoxit spray on the encoder which had initially solved the issue. A day later it seems as if I’m unable to...
  37. J

    Preset list view in the MasterLayout

    Hi I'm coming from the AX8, I sold it and buy the FM3, this journey has been very difficult because FM3 is so different that the AX8 system, I think we lose the ability to see in the screen the effects block, the scenes and the effect like the AX8, the screen always show the profile name on top...
  38. ZebulaJams

    How do I create a distortion tone?

    I don't know how to create a distortion guitar on my Axe FX III. Every time I make a new setting, it just sounds like a clean or moderately overdriven guitar. I watched a video from Leon Todd about the 2290 Delay Pedal and copied each block he had in the video and set mine up exactly the same...
  39. H

    Axe Fx Mark II issue

    Hello my friends. I've been happily using my Axe Fx II from 4 years ago but everything went weird today. I just powered on my Axe and the screen showed me the last preset number I used but without the name. I can`t even control the Axe physically but with Axe Edit I can change presets (and the...
  40. A

    FX 3 No connection(HELP)

    This happens when I was playing my guitar while connecting it. It sudden lost the connect to the MAC. But It contains signal in the input while I play the guitar but I cannot find it in the MAC output or input. It happens few days before, But i can just unplug the USB and plug it in again . The...
  41. ZebulaJams

    No Sound

    So my Axe Fx 3 stop producing sound from my computer. It will play the guitar I have hooked up to it, but nothing from my computer. USB runs from the unit to my computer and I have two monitors plugged in via the front “headphones” port on the front of the unit. Was working fine yesterday and...
  42. M

    New to Axe-Fx III - need help routing

    I'm having two major issues First we are running two guitars on input one and two. We are running both outputs left to FOH and output Right to cabs on 1 and 2. First is it possible to pan input 1 to go out of output block 1 as left and right by only using one amp block and what blocks will I...
  43. ZebulaJams

    Just bought Axe-Fx III

    So I just bought this rig and I was super stoked to get it. So far, the experience hasn't been the best. There is no help with understanding the device, you have to Google random forums and reddit posts to find out that you have to update the firmware and install the proper drivers, and figuring...
  44. T

    (Beginner) Need help with delay settings

    Hello, First post on this forum. I read through the rules, and hope I'm not breaking any with this post! I bought an Axe-FX III a few weeks ago, and I have been having an absolute blast. It's super inspiring to play, and I find myself writing much cooler riffs all the time. I'm trying to...
  45. Fuzzy Pinetree

    What kHz Do I need to use for third party IR's?

    I just downloaded some free sample IR's from Celestion, and when I downloaded them, it gives me the choice between 44.1 48.0 88.2 and 96.0 kHz. This is for Axe FX II XL+ btw.
  46. Fuzzy Pinetree

    Need Help Getting Crispy Andy Timmons-esque Strat Tone

    Okay so, I've created a pretty good all around Strat tone, but I have one issue with it. I'm going for a tone similar to what you hear in the intro section of "Falling Down" by Andy Timmons, it's got this sorta "glassy" or "crystalline" top end, and I'm really close to getting there, but on my G...
  47. D

    Help - Monitor Stereo Out Through AxeFx?

    Been trying to figure this out for 3 hours so I thought I'd ask on the Forums :( So I was initially using an audio interface (Alesis iO2) to record my axe fx but I noticed it was muddying the sound when recording (sounded much clearer and crisper coming directly through the Axe). - Side...
  48. D

    Could someone help me dial in this tone?

    Unfortunately I can’t post links here but the song is: Azedia - Something I’m looking to try and dial in the guitar part at the very start of the song. If someone fancies taking on the challenge or could give me a hand or at least a starting off point I would be forever in their debt :) -Danny
  49. L

    Behringer FCB 1010 Not resetting!!! Help PLEASE!!!

    I just bought a used FCB 1010 from reverb, when I try to factory reset it with foot switches 1 and 6, it just starts up as usual where it displays E5 then EP then 3.1 can someone help me understand these? After that start up it sits at "EF" and all the pedals are flashing. I'm not sure if there...
  50. Ophidiuchus

    Is this achievable within the XL+?

    Hi fellow forumites, I came across this post in Instagram and man, I was blown away! Is there someone capable of guiding me through the process, or sharing a preset or insight ti get something as fabulous as this in the trusty Axe FX II? Here's the link: Cheers!
  51. A

    More Power

    Hi, I've had my axe about 3 months, and just getting to place where I'm creating some custom sweet sounds and using it regularly when I play. I absolutely love the thing; and I know I'm just scratching the surface on the sounds I get. I love the exchange and being able to presets from other...
  52. J

    Need Help. Presets Reset

    Hello. I am a first time axe fx user so I am brand new to this. I just purchased a used axe fx 2 from someone on eBay. I received the unit with none of the factory presets (which is fine but may have something to do with the problem??) Every time I turn the power off to the unit all of the...
  53. A

    USB Dry Input Level is Extremely Low

    Hello all, I'm attempting to track with the Axe III via USB for the first time. When I track anything, the level on USB 1 is healthy for the wet but the signal on USB 5 for the dry is exceedingly low. As in my meters peak around -30db and I can't get an acceptable volume with the fader...
  54. V

    Help wanted with AX8 near Washington DC for exchange

    Been using AX8 for a year plus Pretty comfortable using it but want to get to next level in refining my presets. Reading the wiki and some threads and realize I'm still at a fairly novice level in terms of what can be done. Want to jumpstart to the next level and understanding how to better...
  55. 4

    New user, need help setting up Axe Fx 2 and Cubase, please!!

    Hello all, I've got an Axe-Fx II, new to Axe-Fx, and Cubase 8, new to Cubase as well. I've been looking around online all day and have decided that I need some expert help. Basically what I want to achieve is to just be able to record some guitar parts on my computer over an audio track or...
  56. D

    Tone Match amp difficulty

    Hey all, I'm new to the Fractal world and just got a 3. I'm trying to tone match a bunch of my heads and running into serious difficulty. No matter what I do, the tone match sounds like absolute garbage. I've been trying to do this by DI'ing the head, both with and without a cab simulator...
  57. G

    Only Input Block 2 causes Buzz

    Hello, I am getting buzz/hum/noise from Input Block 2. This was discovered when myself and another guitarist were playing out of the same unit. I have tried different guitars/cables, and nothing changes. I tried using Inputs 1 and 3 going through Output 2 and the buzz went away, so I know it...
  58. Erik Vinje

    Midi Grande 10F1D on Axe-Fx Standard

    Help! I just purchased a Midi Grande 10F1D to use with my Axe-Fx Standard. I have however little information on how to set up the Axe-Fx/Midi Grande to communicate (Yes, im a noob, just got my Axe-Fx!). I cannot get the Midi Grande to change scenes. I have searched this forum, and found a post...
  59. S

    Line in Discord /Steam

    Hey all, I am trying to go directly through the client in Steam/Discord with Line-In, my friend has an amp that is able to go directly through amp to the other person ( different amp), but I can't get the axe to. It registers on the mic line in and everything and I have it set as default. Is...
  60. J

    AX8 tempo change via midi in Logic X

    Hey there! I’m running into some issues with my recording rig right now and I think it’s because I’m new to Fractal Audio products all together. I’m trying to have Logic X dictate the tempo of the AX8’s time based effects as well as an Eventide H9 that I’m running to a stereo amplifier. I have...
  61. Hadean

    HELP - can't get a decent HIGH GAIN tone

    Hi, members of the Axe FX fellowship ! I may need your precious help there. So I bought a brand new Axe FX 2xl + like 10 months ago… and since then haven’t been able to get a decent high gain tone. I don’t know, maybe my axe fx sounds just how it should and I just don’t like its tone. But for...
  62. Gebella

    Help - Zakk Wylde Tone

    Hi All, I'll admit it - I am not very good at making tones by ear. I went online and I looked up all the settings for the amp, the cab, the drive, the chorus - still does not sound anywhere close. I am running an XL through Yamahas S8, even playing with a Wylde Audio Guitar. It's still not...
  63. guitarfreak365

    Going wireless worth the switch?

    I've been contemplating going wireless for a while now. First I wanted to hear from some people who have changed already to see if it was worth it to them. I play 2 times a week in an environment that it would be helpful. I'm specifically looking at the Shure GLXD14R but I'm open to suggestions...
  64. H

    problem with analog reamping

    I am trying to reamp a mono DI I did not record myself. The project is in 44.1 kHz so I decided to go the analog route. I’m doing something wrong though, because the signal fed back to my DAW does not sound nearly as good as what I monitor in the phones output on the axe fx ii. It's lacking...
  65. C

    Hooking up external preamp

    No “Axe fx doesn’t need it” answers please. I have a few questions I need some help with. I’ve searched the forums and I haven’t really found many clear answers (Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough). I’m still super new to connections and routing etc. 1. I used to record with this guy that had...
  66. C

    Presets from the Axe-Change don't load

    Hello everyone. I am trying to download some presets, however when I try to open them in Ax8-edit it appears blank. None of the blocks have anything in them. Any ideas? I made sure its the most up to date version of the software.
  67. M

    MIDI Questions / iOS Fracpad / Axe FX II Mk 1 / Morningstar MC6

    I am very interested in using FracPad on an Apple iPad Air 2 running iOS with my Axe FX II Mk 1 editor and have some questions: The required devices to connect the iPad to the Axe are: Apple MD821AM/A Lightning to USB Camera Adapter AND Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface I am using a...
  68. guitarfreak365

    Help me! Floor vs. Rack

    I know that we don’t have experience with the axe III yet and know nothing about the ax8-2 but I’m really having trouble deciding which way I want to go. I know I don’t want to buy both. I’ve used the axe fx II with the MFC101 for years but have no experience with the axe8. It would be awesome...
  69. S

    Help * Trying to match Joe Don Rooneys rhythm tone

    I'm a complete newbie to this whole matching thing, but I recently listened to Life is a Highway - Rascll Flatts and I found myself astounded by the rhythm tone. What I do know is that Joe Don Rooney MIGHT be using a Bogner XTC something... But I am completely worthless at matching tones and...
  70. Omri

    Epic fail on stage

    I've been using the AX8 for over a year with utter joy... This week as it happens I'm on 4 days mini tour and am away from home I've been experiencing random power dropouts and the unit was restarting itself randomly.. (only for my ax8..) i changed power cable and extension lead and it didn't...
  71. Ax8alex

    Lincoln Brewster Original Patches

    Might be kicking a dead horse but does any one have lincoln brewsters Original patches for his old axe fx. Been trying to track them down
  72. Raggashaggas

    Programming your own scenes into blank presets

    im a new FX8 Mark II owner and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to create my own scenes and presets. I’ve watched several YouTube videos but they only describe messing around with the FX parameters and plugging the unit in. Also, I seem to have trouble running the FX8 thru my amps FX...
  73. GuitarNut

    Is there a way to tone match a guitar volume - tone stack?

    Like sending the “tone matching frequency sweep” into the circuit just after the pickups while the AxeFx is listening. I have a fantastic Musicman Luke 111 and I swear there is some eq love going on in the boost section of the preamp. I would like to capture its treatment and be able to use...
  74. T

    Effects through amp and to FOH

    Hello! I have a show in a few days, and I’m new to the whole fx loop setup. Currently running the 4CM but can’t figure out how/where to set the fxloop so I get my amp model and effects going to my amp/cab while having the amp block, cab block, and effects go to the front of house. I’m so...
  75. N

    Need Help With Routing And Reamping

    Hi, I've been trying to figure out how to reamp guitars using my Axe Fx Ultra, Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, and Reaper. This is how I'm currently routing my setup: Axe Fx Rear Output 1 > Input 1 Focusrite Rear Output/Line 3 Focusrite > Axe Fx Rear Input 1 I have disabled the master/parent send...
  76. toddwh50

    Any AX8 players in suburbs north of Dallas?

    Hey AX8 players, I just got an AX8 about a month ago. After playing it for a while it seems like the sound quality degraded suddenly, but I want to make sure it's not my ears. I have a support ticket open with Fractal and have tried various setting changes they have suggested, but it still seems...
  77. P

    Helping choosing which Axe FX model to go for

    Hi guys, I've decided to join you all and buy an Axe FX, I'm decided on that. The part I'm struggling with is which model is best to go for as there are a few options: Buy new from G66: Current price is about £2500 but would come new and with a warranty Buy a mint second hand XL+: £1900 Buy a...
  78. N

    Help with Looper

    Can anyone tell me how to extend the amount of time the MFC gives you to loop a chord progression/bass line etc.? The factory setting only lets you record around a 3 second loop. Thanks.
  79. N

    Preset creation help

    For some reason when I select an amp to use in a preset,the little picture comes up in the chain as black and white,yet on other presets,it's in colour.Does this mean anything and is it affecting my tone? Thanks.
  80. N

    Basic Amp help

    Hi all,would anyone be able to explain to me in lamens terms what the Input Trum does on an amp model? I've struggled to completely understand from what it states in the guide. Thanks for the help
  81. C

    Need help with Wes Hauch patch please!

    I got my Axe late last year so I still consider myself an absolute noob with this thing and I think it's something on my end maybe but I downloaded Wes Hauch's "The Faceless Riffs" patch and the first thing I noticed was an unctrollable and horrendous feedback as soon as I would switch to the...
  82. chugsandtone

    Why should I consider the Axe FX II? Help please!

    Hello everyone, So the AXE FX II has always been in my wishlist for the last 3 years. But finally I might make the call. Just want to know from someone who has been in a similar situation like I'm right now. I record typically guitars and at times the bass. I've been using a Presonus Audiobox...
  83. Colonel Kurtz

    Double Whammy (Fractal/MIDI)

    Hey folks, Not only am I new to Fractal, (just got my FX8 last week), I'm also new to MIDI. I've had my H&K Triamp MK3 for a few years now. I absolutely love it but haven't had a need to use the MIDI functionality of it until now. I'm just getting my feet wet with the FX8, which I'm loving...
  84. I

    AX8 Case + help me match my cab?

    Hi guys, sup? I'm a newbie here and just bought a great live\rec rig - AX8 + EHX44 + Jet city 48S cab. It sounds great when I use it. Now I'm facing 2 problems: 1) Any good MONO case for the AX8? Saw the 365 fits well, but our national retailer says it's discontinued (even though they are also...
  85. J

    On a tone hunt... Can you help me?

    *Sorry if this is in the wrong place - newbie, and not a Fractal user (regretfully, yet)! * I'm looking to recreate a couple of sounds I heard for a few tracks I'm working on, and I'm not sure what they are/how to replicate them. They're from Joe Satriani's song 'Goodbye Supernova' The first...
  86. nic72

    Help - Smashing Pumpkins backing track

    Hi everyone, Long shot I know but my daughter, Ursula (13 yrs) has taken up the bass guitar and needs a backing track to 'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' by the Pumpkins so that she can perform on Tuesday for a school performance exam. There's loads of guitar backing tracks out there but we're...
  87. J

    Axe Fx II XL & Digitech Drop Pedal

    I'm switching out and in some external pedals in my rig... I'm wanting to use my Drop Tune pedal in the axe fx's effects loop, so I can turn it on and off via my GCP, instead of walking back to my rig and switching it on.. I'm not sure why, but it sounds absolutely terrible through the fx loop...
  88. P

    Cables & High Gain tips

    Hey hey! I'm kind of a new AX8 user although I had the Axe FX II for a while, so I'm pretty familiar with the unit and what it's capable of. My problem is though, I'm not that much of a sound engineer. By that I mean, when I hear a problem, I don't really know what's wrong most of the time or...
  89. S

    Help a newbie out!

    Hey! I've been considering buying an Axe fx2 XL+ for very long time now since all my favourite artists use it and it would be absolutely perfect for me because I want something good sounding without annoying the neighbours. But I have about a million questions about the unit and haven't been...
  90. Michael.K.Abe

    Basic midi question.

    I'm totally new to the Fractal family and for the life of me I can't figure out how to get midi to work. If I plug a midi controller into the axe without doing anything at all should it at least do something? I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something completely wrong or if I'm midi cable...
  91. Monchito

    What are the differences between expression pedals?

    Hello all. I have been reading the threads about the different expression pedals. I am struggling to understand what makes them different from each other. I am looking into the cheaper Boss, Roland and Moog options because I only want a pedal to control the Wah sweeps at the moment. But if I...
  92. AndrewKirkland

    Is it possible to use xlr and 1/4 FX loop connections simultaneously?

    If I had two xlrs in the return of the fx loop stereo, and then also had two quarter inch cables plugged into the return what would happen? Or if I had all four xlrs in the send/returns with four 1/4 inch cables would things work when only using four total in any combination of two sends and two...
  93. M

    Help! Classical or acoustic mic'd to my Axe FX

    Hello all, I am a total neophyte when it comes to the Axe FX, so please be gentle. I have watched several videos and searched through several threads in here with no luck in finding a solution (it may well have been right in front of me, but I didn’t understand the language or terminology). MY...
  94. M

    Ax8 doesn't communicate with Ax8 Edit

    Hey all, After using Fractool for the first time a while back, my Ax8 keeps on getting errors with Ax8 Edit and it won't communicate until I manually switch off the unit itself. It connects but I get an error message. The error message reads: "Communication time-out: AX8-Edit was unable to...
  95. Cap'n McErrsome

    Help! No bass :(

    Heyo! This is my first post on here, so hello y'all! I got my Axe FX 2 Mark 2 now a year ago and I use to replace my Diezel Herbert by running into a poweramp and then into a guitar-cab, because I don't want to lose the feeling of a real amp, but have all the routing options as well as 2 amps...
  96. Niels Beier

    New to FX8

    Hi guys, I just got a second hand FX8 Mk I, and I'm really stoked on integrating this in my setup - however, I'm an analog caveman - your digital and midi-controlled effects confuses me! Currently I'm running a Marshall JVM410hJS, which I controll all the switching on via MIDI, while running...
  97. C

    Activating Cut, Fat, Brt from Axe Fx II?

    Hey I'm new here, still unsure of where to post stuff but I have a question. I just bought a second hand Axe Fx II Mark 2 and I've figured out how to get around it for the most part but I am having trouble figuring out how to activate the Cut, Fat and Bright switches from the unit itself. I...
  98. D

    Axe into DAW

    For those that use the Axe as an audio interface, how do you guys run it into your DAW? I use Protools and have been using the FAS USB Audio ASIO Driver, but today it just doesn't want to work after I got a new cooling pad for my laptop (usb powered). It must be a driver thing as that's all...
  99. S

    Axe Fx 2 won't show up in playback devices.

    I'm not sure this counts as a bug, hence why I'm posting here. Anyhoo, my Axe isn't showing up as a playback device on my computer and it's also not connecting to Axe Edit, the thing is it was working fine yesterday, but it decided to just bug out today. I've tried using a different USB cable...
  100. B

    Axe-Fx w/ Cab lacking low end (HELP)

    Hi there! I know that this topic has probably been posted hundreds of times on this website but if anyone has any other links or posts that they've seen regarding this topic, that would be great Anyway, I just recently purchased an Orange 2x12 and I have been tinkering with the settings (on...
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