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Axe Fx II XL & Digitech Drop Pedal


New Member
I'm switching out and in some external pedals in my rig...
I'm wanting to use my Drop Tune pedal in the axe fx's effects loop, so I can turn it on and off via my GCP, instead of walking back to my rig and switching it on..
I'm not sure why, but it sounds absolutely terrible through the fx loop. I'm not sure how to make it sound good.
It mainly sounds like it's super muddy and almost like there is a super quiet echo effect going on or something.
I do know the pedal itself has a bit of latency, but it's not noticeable and sounds clearer when it's just infront of the axe fx after my guitar.

Anyone have tips or tricks on the fx loop???


I think first-in-chain in this scenario means before the Axe itself. As in, Guitar -> Digitech -> Axe -> etc.
Don't you get a similar degraded sound with a Wah pedal running it through an FX loop (any FX loop, not just the Axe)? That's been my experience but it's been a loooooooooong time since I did.


I have a whammy dt and run it in the front. Gtr...whammy...axe ultra and it sounds just fine. I was using a patchmate loop8 in analog rig switching it in and out of signal chain but for live use the tone change was negligible. So now with the axe rig I just control it via midi doing digital bypass
it switches with my selected patch when required. Just got my XL so have not converted over yet...but I'm sure it will be the same, that's even if I keep using it now.
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