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AX8 Case + help me match my cab?


New Member
Hi guys, sup?
I'm a newbie here and just bought a great live\rec rig - AX8 + EHX44 + Jet city 48S cab.
It sounds great when I use it.

Now I'm facing 2 problems:
1) Any good MONO case for the AX8? Saw the 365 fits well, but our national retailer says it's discontinued (even though they are also distributors of Helix and Kemper, so they might just be angry at me)
2) Do any one of you know which preset CAB is most similar to the JC Cab that I own? inb4 Soldano - doesn't sound alike. Looking for a very bright \ wide sound, since my preset is based on a Uberschall with a TS.

Thanks guys!
Cheers from the Holy Land!

Will Chen

the AX8 doesn't record IRs. this is an axeFX only feature.
I understand that. Think outside the box...Using Reaper

Open Reaverb, click Add, select "file".

If you're prompted to add a file from a folder, just click cancel. You should now see that "file" has been added under the Impulse Generation section, and there are two buttons to the bottom right under the title "Impulse generation utilities".

Click the "generate test tone button". You can select few options such as the file length. Then save the file somewhere. It will be a sine sweep.

To make an impulse of my studio's reverb, I imported the test tone into a reaper file, played it back, and recorded it at my listening position on a new track. I then rendered the response file to a folder as a wave file.

In your case, You will have to play the test tone you created through your device and record the output as a wave file.

Now go to Reaverb, click the "deconvolve" button. Select the file you just recorded (i.e. the recording of your test tone played through the device), then click "open".

Now it will prompt you to select the test tone file you used. Select that file and click "open". You will be prompted to name the impulse file that you create and save it somewhere.​

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