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Hi Gary,
It looks like you've been really inundated about the request for this software. I just bought a used axe2 with the MFC last night. I really would like to find a way to use your software. Do you have any suggestions on a way to get it? Can a license from someone else possibly be purchased from them and deployed? Is there a place to download the software if I can find someone to get a license from?
Hello. I'm afraid that this software is no longer available. The MFC-101 has a capable editor built right into it and I believe that there is another editor, "Fedit", available for free from https://www.ejozsoftware.com/. The Fedit editor has been available for free for some time already and is used by many.
I am sorry that I'm unable to accommodate you at this time.
Interested in your FC12. I know you won't separate until the AXE 3 sells. I just got my AXE 3 today. Would you be willing to separate if I paid you immediately more than you asking price for the FC-12? Robert
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