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Hello Michael
I see the wireless audio midi product will not go to production
It is really sad as it is really a great product to use with modifier with the axe
That exactly what I was looking for so in case you have some working prototype to sell let me know
Maybe the price tag made it not attractive enough to be attractive to most but again this is really a great design
Hi . where Can to listen
Moke's 'Acoustic Simulator' V5.7 - For Humbucker Pickups (FM3) - 4.01 [/HEADING]
This is the Axe-Fx II version, But the newer units are similar and have updated IRs.
Hello, I have midi guitar 2 and fractal fx8. I am wondering how to blend the two. Any advice on what you have found would be appreciated. I have a mini computer with MG2 on it and an audio interface but as you said in your post, not sure how to integrate it into a patch. Thanks, Randy Chiurazzi email address rcreationsongs@gmail.com
Best bet is to post a thread rather than a profile post.

I've not really used MG2 on a computer. I have used it on an iPad and an iPad interface that allows me to route the guitar out to and in from that as needed. However, that's with an Axe Fx III. I don't have any FX-8 experience.
Randy Chiurazzi
Thanks for your time. That is helpful. Randy
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