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Hello DropTheSun, thanks for the Axe Fx Midi patch - It's been great!

Tinkering around, I noticed that FS5 to FS8 has MIDI message: CC Toggle. Can you help me understand why it can still change presets in my Axe? What I know is that it's supposedly PC instead of CC.
Also, the CC#'s have the ff:
FS5=075, value 000
FS6=056, value 000
FS7=086, value 000
FS8=083, value 127
Hi, just wanted to thank you for your video on stretches for guitar players. Helped me a lot when I gave myself tennis elbow by overplaying a new guitar with a flatter radius than I was used to. For what it's worth, a friend recommended taking Vitamin D3, K2 and a sulfur called MSM. At least one of those seems to work well, too. Mahalo again for taking the time to share.
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