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When using Axe efx 3 w/MFC 101 MK III pedal, do we need MFC editor software to sync ? I got Frac tool, down loaded your instructions. I understand step 1. On (MFC :101 Preparations Step 2), do we need to download editor software to continue ? I think it is not for purchase. If so can some one help find this MFC EDITOR software to proceed the Axe efx 3 and MFC 101 sync?
Sorry, maybe you sent this request to the wrong adress? I
Hello Gary, just messaging you again, can you tell me how can I purchase this MFC 101 editor? I used to use this pedal with my old Axe efx XL 2.
Please let me know ASAP. i am interested in purchasing this from you. Thx
Hi Shredder. I just saw your message now, so sorry for the delay. I'm afraid that the MFC-Edit program has been retired effective January 1st 2020 and is no longer available for purchase. If you already have it you can of course continue to use it but it is no longer sold or officially supported.
Would you consider releasing an unsupported free version?
Great. Today I decided to purchase it and today it was discontinued. Damn it.
Please reconsider. I don't remember seeing a post about it's eminent demise. Thanks.
It was a USB switch to control other devices but no longer needed now that the FC can send messages to external devices! It was a logidy. If you are looking for a 3 switch USB device to connect to a computer, it's pretty reasonable. - MM
Gotcha, thanks.
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