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Finished 1000+ and 200+ Bass TonePack Dream Rigs ARES 2.0 Updates for the Axe-Fx II and XL/XL+...and started working on ARES 11.x+ update to 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack for the Axe-Fx III!
Good morning I’m thinking of switching from my Axefx to Helix, midi options and it being a interface and routing options

Would the RAC12 work with the Helix ? Regards
hi, we had a excel sheet for axe fx 2 sysex messages, (delay block tempo/subdivisions) can we have also have 1 for the 3. it would come soooo handy for people owning controllers which can send sysex messages. for delay tempo divisions, hold functions, amp
boost etc...

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