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ZenRigs Man

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I used to be toadfish, but this makes more sense! Oct 5, 2016

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Viewing thread FW 8.02 Beta - Bogner Blu, Bogner Shiva and new Celestion IR Cab - FW 8.02 Beta, May 28, 2017 at 6:31 PM
    1. ZenRigs Man
      ZenRigs Man
      I used to be toadfish, but this makes more sense!
    2. Ian Minogue-Corps
      Ian Minogue-Corps
      Could you let me know when the sets are ready for the MFC-101
      1. ZenRigs Man
        ZenRigs Man
        Hey mate! The site will be back up tonight, around 9pm UK time, and all sets will be available from then.

        Cheers! Sukh
        Sep 26, 2016
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    3. dkenin
      Sukh, are kicktags available, and do you think you can get them from UK for a gig next Saturday?
      1. ZenRigs Man
        ZenRigs Man
        Hey mate - nope, all sold out at the moment - should have new stock available in 2-3 weeks, as I'm going to start prepping the next batch shortly. Cheers!
        Mar 25, 2016
      2. dkenin
        thanks, I'll wait until then
        Mar 28, 2016
    4. JT2
      Looking forward to posting your 'Love Thing' patch. Good job.
    5. bstoner
      What model is that skb? and the depth?

    6. bstoner
      What model is that sky? and the depth?

    7. benson
      I'm pregnant with your babies xxx
    8. BORNintoMUSIC
      Absolutely! It's great to see open communication like this. Once I finally order my axe and spend some time researching your tag product, I'll definitely be ordering from you even with the reported problems, because of this. Thanks!!
    9. ZenRigs Man
      ZenRigs Man
      Brother Mario! Nie to hear from you man. How are you getting on with the axe fx? I tell you , i have no desire whatsoever for any other gear now - its a very very cool piece of kit! Hope you're digging it mate.

      Thanks for the comments on the venture! Been working on it a long time and very fortunate that other people are really liking what we're doing.

      Good news is that we are working on the GCP RIGHT NOW! Literally - I have one sitting here on my desk as I'm typing this!

      I'll drop u a note when we have something to show - I'd love to get your feedback.

      Anyway, stay in touch mate - nice to hear from you!
    10. axemanrio
      Hey Sukh, yup it's me. Nice to see you and your latest venture on here man, very cool! I recently bought an Axe-Fx too and was trying to find a way to label my GCP :)
    11. ZenRigs Man
      ZenRigs Man
      pedalboardlabels.com - Kick-ass labels for Kick-ass pedalboards!

      Check out our 'KickTags' - the worlds first two-part magnetic labelling system for pedalboards!
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    (Disclosure: I am the owner and chief dogsbody of ZenRigs, and creator of KickTags!)