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  • simeon ,am trying to find your axe 111 presets.
    hi kevin. i don't have a III, sorry
    I ported them over to my Bank A on the III. I made preset templates for myself that let me have my normal delays on DELAY 1. Then I made per preset layouts that access DELAY 2 and 4 channels of delaygoodiness ;-) I repeat for every block type. I made a Africa synth preset from a Simeon preset that has intelligent scale scenes and then my clean plex and verb guitar rig in another row/scene! ALL THE POWER haha
    Hi Simeon, the presets you created for the Allan Holdsworth chorus sound were wonderful. I wonder if you would have any interest in creating one of Allan's clean chorus harmonized tones that he uses, for example, on the intro of Panic Station or the clean chords in Metal Fatigue. He generally uses 4ths or 5ths on the harmonizer, possibly with a single or double octave shimmer.
    Hello Simeon ! I'm cross the forum and I discovered your incredible preset from the bassline synth ! I want to now if it's possible to find it or try it ?
    Best regards,
    Hi Simeon, I recently bought the apollo twin and I want to record vocal with a (mic) and my guitar with the axe FX . So I need an XLR for the mic (Vocal) and after that I guess I have to use the optical input for the Axe ??? Can you show me a picture of the cable or your set up please ?
    easier to just run an xlr from the axe fx to the other input
    Hi Simeon, how are you? I'm looking for an expression pedal with "ernie ball's feel" to use wit fx8. Do you know if Ernie Ball EB6181 VP JR (25KOhm) works PERFECTLY linear? (the forum is full of contradictory reports) My old EB 6166 250KOhm unfortunately isn't linear at all... Other similar pedal for the purpose? Thank you!
    hey...I saw you helped another user. I'm really stuck on ultra settings fx ax with mbox 2. I'm trying to update the Ultra All settings last legacy but axeedit always says not connected....
    the part of axe fx midi setting I/O only have to chosse --none-- or --digidesign mbox2-- but both have the same result not connected...
    Hi Simeon, you are using RCF-NX10 SMA: do you think they are also good for a duo with voice? (Maybe better the nx12 to have more basses and volume)
    Or better go to others actives speackers?
    Thank you
    i used my 10's as a small PA and they performed extremely well. they're a great sounding speaker.
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    Thank you Sim!!
    Maestro thank you again for you wonderful gifts. Please let me know how to make a donation. Also if you ever update your Holdsworth patches to 19 please let me know (send me a message and will add another donation).
    Hi Simeon,

    I just made a recording using your violin preset.
    Thanks a million again.

    HI there simeon: if I might be so bold how much are you charging for lessons? I am in the process of getting skipe and Axe FX II all good things johnswa
    Hi Simeon,thanks for your great presets,saw you covered Genesis what do you use on the Axe for Steve Hackett sounds ?
    I currently use a 150 rocktron velocity with two mesa/ EV cabs but am thinking of switching to the RCF's. I mainly play jazz an fusion in small bands. Does one "10 have enough power? The velocity never failed me until last week. One channel stopped so I need a replacement.
    BTW million thanks for the holds worth patches.
    Jan Bertil
    Hi Simeon,
    Really like your demo of the synthpatches! It was one of the reasons I ordered the Axe ultra. Turns out I am now waiting for the II. Are there extendes recording/ actual songs that use some of these patches?
    Greetings from Holland. (Protocosm on youtube also)
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