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  1. D

    Best way to bulk transfer presets and cabs when moving to FM3

    I just received my non-headphone option and got word the in a weeks I might receive the with-headphone model invite email! Super excited about this. However, I am wondering how people have made the transition from gear to another and moved their user cabs and presets neatly and easily to the...
  2. Andrea Maccianti

    JAM With Doug Aldrich

    In this video I used my Marshall JMP 2203 preset for Fractal Audio AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. Hope you like it!
  3. camilovelandiamusic

    AX8 vs AxeFX2 vs FM3 vs AxeFX3 | Amp Block

    Hey guys! Wanted to do an honest comparison of the amp block across all fractal units! Curious to hear what you guys think!
  4. Andrea Maccianti

    Pink Floyd - Time Guitar Solo (My Version)

    Hey friends! 😊 Pink Floyd Time Guitar Solo This is the first Pink Floyd Solo Cover I made. I know it's not the right guitar, it's not identical to the original by my choice. David Gilmour made the original in the record The Dark Side Of The Moon, I am Andrea Maccianti. Anyway, I hope you like...
  5. camilovelandiamusic

    AX8 with Aeros Looper & Beat Buddy

    Hope you dig! Loving this setup
  6. cesarlatorreb

    Would you sell your AX8 to buy a new FM3?

    Hey!!! I'm a "new" Fractal Audio's user. I say "new" because I have always followed FA (and used some friend's products) but I just purchased my own AX8 on January. Last week I received my invitation to purchase the FM3 and because of the situation I'm wondering if I should sell my AX8 to buy...
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    Bogner Atma Preset (ARES)

    Hey friends! Here my Bogner Atma preset for axefx2 axefx3 and AX8. Has 6 Scenes + one of my own custom IR. Hope you enjoy! 😊🎸
  8. Andrea Maccianti

    Fractal Italian Jam

  9. Al Rivero

    Original track "Azahar" (V2 - Angie Valhallir.at IRs)

    Hey guys! This is the last instrumental piece I've recorded. I'm playing a HSS strat loaded with a JB humbucker and two Kinmans single coils. I'm using an AX8. Amp block is a Friedman BE, basically stock settings. IR is Vallhallir.at V2 - Angie, which is a new cab pack they're releasing. A...
  10. Andrea Maccianti

    Metallica - "Enter Sandman" Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! :) Here my Metallica attempt :) Enter Sandman Solo Section. Here I used my MESA/BOOGIE IIC+ Preset. Hope you enjoy! :)
  11. Andrea Maccianti


    Has 6 Scenes. Hope you enjoy and Happy Easter to all of you friends!
  12. Nonservium

    Help sorting out possible PC generated EMI and my AX8.

    Disregard. Nothing I've found through searches or asking for help here was of any use. I'll just look elsewhere.
  13. S

    Does this 'Little Wing' OD tone work ?

    Greetings all, Hope you all are keeping safe at home. I started working on an OD tone a while back keeping it fairly simple (Amp+Cab+Rev Only) and recorded over a 'Little Wing' jam track. Here's a link , tell me what you guys think. Have a good day !!!
  14. Andrea Maccianti

    Coronavirus "Free" Preset

    Hi all friends! Given the period we are living in, I decided to make this preset available for free, just to stay on topic I called Coronavirus Preset available for AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. Has 6 Scenes. Find below in the video description the links of Dropbox for download. It's a classic Rock...
  15. D

    Castellorizon - David Gilmour

    Hi, just noodled over David Gilmour's songs and decided to make a tone for Castellorizon with my AX8. I think it's quite decent for the purpose, at least with a further tweaks. I played this with Les Paul that has quite soft pickups so in direct comparison the difference to crisp open single...
  16. Andrea Maccianti

    Testament - Practice What You Preach Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! :) Here my humble tribute to Testament, especially to the great Alex Skolnick! Hope you like it! 🙏😊🎸

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #6 - AXE-FX III - Clean ou … Crunch ? 4 sons clairs types à partir de zéro ! 🎸

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #6 - AXE-FX III - Clean ou … Crunch ? 4 sons clairs types à partir de zéro ! 🎸 Régler un bon son clair, avec ou sans compresseur en pré ou post, en maitrisant l’overdrive de l’ampli. Pour Axe-Fx III, FM3, Axe-Fx II, Axe-Fx Ultra, Axe-Fx, AX8 ! —> La prochaine ... avec le...
  18. geisterfaust_

    Is the FAS AX8 best option for me, or is it the FAS AXEIII?

    Hi guys! I'll try to keep this as short as possible: i'm wondering if the AX8 is the best bet for me in my own personal situation, which is the following: My guitar playing happens at home mostly. I've never been happy or satisfied with the tones I was getting with numerous pieces of gear...
  19. Whynot Jansveld

    Shimmer Pad [Video]

    Hey guys, I’ve had this shimmer pad in my main preset for a while now, and while I use it on bass, it works great on guitar or any other instrument as well. I designed it not so much as a reverb type effect but more as a ghostly atmospheric pad that kind of hovers in the background, reacting to...
  20. Andrea Maccianti

    Mr. Crowley Guitar Solo (2017)

    One of my favorite solos of the great Randy Rhoads. This video I found on a Hard Disk dates back to 2017. Here I used my Zakk Wylde preset. Hope you enjoy!
  21. O

    Thomann hard case for AX8

    Hello ! I'm desperately looking for a proper hard case for my AX8. I would like to order from Thomann and I saw a lot of Thon cases wich look good. There is a lot of them and I'm kinda lost. I don't want to make a mistake buying a wrong case and I don't want my AX8 moving around. Is there...

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #5 - AXE-FX III - Configurer un Boost - PRE ou POST ? 🎸🎸🎸

    🇫🇷 Définir un Boost et choisir ses outils. Utiliser le bloc AMP pour son Boost PRE et/ou POST et plus ! Bloc DRIVE : T808 OD, Mid Boost, Treble Boost - bloc VOL - bloc PEQ - bloc AMP : input Boost - EQ de sortie - Scènes : Control Switchs. Axe-Fx III, Axe-FX II, Axefx Ultra, Axe-Fx, AX8 !
  23. Al Rivero

    "Homesick" - Original track (Valhallir IRs)

    Hi folks! Here's an original track I recorded a few days ago at my home studio. I'm using my Suhr Standard and my Ax8. Clean tones are a Bandmaster amp paired with a Fender Pro Reverb IR https://valhallir.at/en/shop/v2-fred/ Dirty tones are a Friedman BE amp paired with a custom-cab...
  24. G

    Switching via MIDI AX8 presets with Set List Maker App

    Hey! Well I just made a quick video on how I set up my Ax8 with the Set List Maker App, to auto change via midi the tempo of the delays and the preset selection. Step By Step, just in case someone don't understand my "English" explanation lol. 1 - Create The Ax8 Presets. I currently have 13...
  25. nielsvandoorne

    Problem when calibrating expression pedal.

    Hey guys. I have 2 strange things happening when trying to calibrate my Line 6 EX-1 to my AX8.... 1. When i plug everything in and run the calibration process, the input value on the calibration screen only goes from 0 to mabey 5% 2. When i plugin my cable to pedal 1 but only push it halfway...
  26. T

    Audiointerface question - Mute original signal from AX8

    Hi, Does anyone use AX8 with Steinberg's UR44 by any chance? I can't figure out how to mute the signal from the input channel, so that the only sound coming out of the interface/speaker when I play guitar is from the output channels. I'd like to add effects in Ableton and play in real-time...
  27. Al Rivero

    Al Rivero - Fat Pasta (original track) Valhallir IRs

    Hi there! Here's an original track I recorded January 2020. I'm using my Suhr standard and Fractals Ax8. Amp model for cleans is a Bandmaster, paired with Valhallir Impulse Responses (Fender Pro Reverb 1966). Amp Model for dirty tones is a Friedman BE, paired with Valhallir Impulse Responses...
  28. Whynot Jansveld

    Using the AX8 on bass - Video

    Hey everybody, I've been using my AX8 on bass for years now when I'm on the road (currently alternating between Butch Walker, Natasha Bedingfield and Richard Marx), and have gotten a few requests to do a video about it, so that's what I did. I walk through my most basic preset (attached below)...
  29. Cainer

    live & speedy pickin'

    We were just wrapping up 2.5-ish months of touring so put everything we had left into this one lol AX8 into house PA + EV 112 Live X

    🇫🇷 Les Tutos de Nico #4 - AXE-FX III - Dynamiser ses effets et plus ! 🎸🎸🎸

    🇫🇷 Les Tutos de Nico #4 - AXE-FX III - Dynamiser ses effets et plus ! 🎸🎸🎸
  31. A

    AX8 on a new metal release

    Hey everyone, My band released a new single today. The guitars are all AX8 straight into an audio interface. I'm not a 100 % satisfied with the tone, but it's just user error. I recorded the tracks with a too dark tone, so the high-end is fizzier than I'd like, even though I tried to EQ the...
  32. saslam101

    Backpack Recommendation That Is NOT The MONO 365

    Hi all, recently got my very own AX8 and in total love with it. Now looking into investing in a good carrying solution that is NOT a hard case. The caveat is that I live in Pakistan and my options are extremely limited. I'm looking to transport the AX8, power cable, USB cable, couple of guitar...
  33. Mark Pritchard

    Compilation of covers using my AX8

    Hi everyone and a Happy New Year to all, here is a small compilation of video's i've done this year using my AX8. Hope you all have a good one!
  34. Al Rivero

    Happy Holidays everyone! (Xmas Balls Carol)

    Hi there! Thanks to everyone on here for all the cool info/music and also, happy holidays! Here's a little thing I did. I'm not really into xmas music, but, i wanted to at least send some love out. If you're wondering what I used, it's a Friedman BE amp at stock settings with an IR from the...
  35. S

    FS AX8 For Sale

    Just putting out some feelers, I’m selling a two year old AX8 , great condition and perfect working order , with original packaging. Includes Austin Buddy Dream Rigs pack. Please pm me if anyone is interested. £850 + p&p. Based in UK. (North Wales)
  36. The Edge

    Why doesn't Fractal Audio want to make AX8 Mark II model like FX8 Mark II anymore?

    Then again, and perhaps this time it will not be forbidden by the administrator of this site to express his answer to my question. It's still the same and hasn't been answered enough. Why did Fractal Audio stop modernising and stop production of AX8 altogether? Why won't there be a MARK2...
  37. Alan Benjamin

    live video from first concert (festival) gig with AX8

    Greetings, Though I've had my AX8 for a while now, the timing coincided with my prog band, Advent, taking an unexpectedly long hiatus from live performance due to the departure of our previous bassist and the time it took to finally find the right player to step in and get things going once...
  38. Mark Pritchard

    Back To The Future Theme - Guitar Cover + Preset (80's style)

    Hi everyone, here is a cover of the Back To The Future theme i did using a preset i made which was inspired by @Mark Day. Cheers.
  39. T

    Using AX8 live through cab

    Hi everyone ! So I'm new to the Fractal world, and apart from what I'm reading on forums from time to time, I'm really not a pro with amplification. So I've made my searches but I couldn't find a clear answer, that's why I'm asking it here. (And please keep in mind that I'm not a pro and that...
  40. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall Silver Jubilee

  41. Andrea Maccianti

    Dio - "Killing The Dragon" FULL COVER w/vocals

    Remembering the great Ronnie James Dio (R.i.p.) FULL COVER with friends! 🤘Hope you like it! 🙏 Here I used my Marshall JCM 800 Mod preset.
  42. Rob Suelfllohn

    Guitar cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "I need You" , got some great tone, with Andrea Maccianti's bluesbreaker tone!

    Guitar cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's song "I need You" got some great tone, with Les Paul CC#8 , Rewind pickups, and the Fractal's bluesbreaker tone from Andrea Maccianti!
  43. J

    Secondhand AX8 - noise/tone problems

    Hello, I am currently on the FM3 waitlist but in meantime I've decided to try out the AX8 and bought used one. The seller assured me that the unit is in the perfect condition. When it shipped it had 10.01 fw already - I did factory settings reset and set up proper input level. At home I am...
  44. Andrea Maccianti

    Gary Moore - “The Loner”

    Hey guys! I wanted to make a very humble tribute to the great Maestro Gary Moore with his beautiful The Loner. Obviously it's my interpretation and it's not note for note, I'm too lazy for these things 😊 Here just my attempt 😅 I hope you like it! Here I used my Marshall JMP 2203 Preset (8...
  45. Mark Pritchard

    Gibson Burstbucker Pro Vs Suhr Aldrich pickup comparison

    Hi everyone, i made a short video comparing my Burstbucker Pro's and my new Suhr Aldrich pickups using my AX8. Using my Les Paul standard. Cheers!
  46. Al Rivero

    Pop to Rock - "Don't you want me" by The Human League

    Hi there! Here's the first recording I ever made with my AX8. Recorded at my home studio last year (2018). I'm playing a HSS Fender Strat loaded with a JB in the bridge and Kinmans in the middle and neck. Running Pro Tools 10. The preset was a Friedman BE with a 4x12 Mesa Cab from the Bi...
  47. Al Rivero

    Dirty Shirley and CS Mar 1960 TV IR

    Hey guys! Just a little track I put together a few months ago. The Dirty Shirley is my main workhorse and I just love it for all kinds of stuff. Playing a HSS Strat into my AX8. Nothing crazy in terms of settings, pretty much stock. Time based effects are added in Pro Tools. Hope you dig...
  48. Al Rivero

    Friedman HBE and V2-MB1992 IRs by Valhallir

    Hi there! Here's a little clip of an original track I put together where I demo some of the new IRs by Valhallir. Hope you dig it! Big hug! Al.
  49. Al Rivero

    Orange Rockerverb 50 and V2-1960EMTV IRs by Valhallir

    Hi there! Here's a little clip of an original track I put together where I demo some of the new IRs by Valhallir. Hope you dig it! Big hug! Al.
  50. B

    AX8 Reamping into Logic Pro X

    Howdy people, Recently picked up an AX8, and am having a hard time figuring out how to reamp my AX8 into logic pro X so that I can have a track playing and edit the tone in real time through AX8Edit. Currently, I am able to have my AX8 hooked up to my Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 through XLR...
  51. Andrea Maccianti

    80's Preset

    Has 5 Scenes.
  52. Andrea Maccianti

    MESA/BOOGIE Lone Star Preset

    4 Scenes.
  53. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall JTM 45

  54. Cainer

    “Shoe on the Other Foot” live

    here's another one form the first night of our current tour, in Otsego MI. Jammy version of Albert Collins' Shoe on the Other Foot. Lots of fun stretching out on this one!
  55. Cainer

    Some fuzzed out Hendrix - live and loud ;)

    Really had a fun gig las Monday - got the best fuzztone I've been able to get with the AX8. I haven't changed any of my settings just working on how I use the guitar tone/volume, and getting used to playing into fuzz more often. It's pretty responsive based on how you play - also helps if...
  56. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman BE-100 Deluxe

    New Video with A.M. Friedman BE-100 DELUXE for FractalAudio axefx2 axefx3 and AX8. 6 Scenes. Hope you enjoy! :)
  57. M

    [SOLVED] No recording/playback when recording into Logic Pro X on AX8

    Questioning the relevancy of this thread considering the Axe FX III and FM3 are very much a thing, but I just bought an AX8 and am having trouble recording into Logic Pro X. My setup is a the unit itself going into my Focusrite 6i6 via S/PDIF, of which is going through my Yamaha HS5's through...
  58. B

    FSOT Mesa Mark IV head w/ custom headshell

    The amp itself looks brand new. Back in January, I had a custom head shell made for the amp, with black tolex and a red and black grill cloth. So visually, it looks almost brand new. The footswitch is included as well. I am willing to sell the amp for $1150 + shipping, or I am willing to trade...
  59. X

    SOLD AX8 UK Only

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my AX8 as its surplus to my requirements now that my FC12 arrived. It's in superb condition, full working order and been lightly used as I've always used my AxeFX as my primary device. It has the latest firmware and I purchased it new from g66 in june 2016. I've got...
  60. T

    AX8 setup with AI/DAW and live-setting

    Hello Fractal users! I'll soon enough get an AX8 and have a few questions regarding recording and the signal chain in a live setting. (I'm pretty new to this and don't know much about signal chains) Firstly, I have Steinberg's UR44 audio interface and will use this with the AX8. Can I get a...
  61. Franklin

    I convinced my Dad to buy an AX8

    It was only a matter of time. My dad has been bouncing between rigs for years and needed an all purpose solution to keep up with his cover band. The AX8 is portable and lightweight which he enjoys but more importantly his tone is much better across the board. Gigs, practice, at home; he’s using...
  62. CodePoet

    Larry Mitchell - Live AX8 - "World Come Together"

    The boots. The hat. The rings. The hands. You know who I mean. Had the privilege of hanging out with @Larry Mitchell this weekend at the guitar show in Atlanta. He's a legend around this forum and deservedly so. He showed me his latest guitars and gear setup and I grabbed some phone video...
  63. Andrea Maccianti

    Bogner Ecstasy (Lead Tone)

    Hey guys, here few notes with my Bogner Ecstasy preset, for AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. Here I using the scene 5. He has in total 6 Scenes. Hope you enjoy! :)
  64. Rob Suelfllohn

    Stones - Jumpin Jack Flash

    Jumpin Jack Flash and Fractal, this is the AC-30 Amp CRANKED !!
  65. Andrea Maccianti

    Steve Lukather Modern Preset

    Steve Lukather Modern Preset. Here is the new Steve Lukather presets for Fractal Audio AxeFx2 AxeFx3 and AX8. I was inspired by his new gear that he has been using for several years now based on the Bogner Ecstasy. Has 6 Scenes. NO Post Processing, NO Post Production. Just the Preset.
  66. Danny Hayoun

    Magnatone Panoramic Stereo Amp?

    Not necessarily needing the stereo capabilities, but I played this amp today and was FLOORED by it and a few other Magnatones I checked out. I intend to TRY and approximate it but would be ETERNALLY grateful if the good folks at Fractal could actually properly model this beast!!! The reverb and...
  67. guitarfreak365

    Wish Automatically input Tempo/BPM from preset name

    I use the preset per song approach and then use scenes within the song. Usually what I do is the song name, key, then tempo as the preset name. I was just thinking how awesome it would be if they could make the last part of the preset (if a number) automatically set the tempo of the preset. So I...
  68. nebbi

    SOLD AX8 Germany only

    I have an AX8 from one of the first batches. Never problems. Only used in my living room. No gigs. Latest software version. I will reload device with firmware presets and cabs. Will ship it in original packaging. Anyone, living in germany, interested?
  69. Mark Pritchard

    Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses Solo

    Using my Friedman BE 100 patch with a few tweaks.
  70. Matt333.

    HELP with Friedman ASC12

    So I run my ax8 into the ASC12. Just wondering if I can also use a mixer with the ASC12 for mp3s, either for backing tracks or music in between sets! thanks heaps!
  71. GianlucaB

    Will AX8-Edit for Mac updated to 64-bit on OS X?

    So, AX8 has been discontinued. I wonder if AX8-Edit will be updated again to be compatible with future versions of OS X.
  72. Rockin' Cabs

    Announcing Rockin' Cabs, LLC - www.rockincabs.com

    Hello everyone - I encourage you all to visit our website www.rockincabs.com and check out our unique Speaker Impulse package. Check out our demos, download our V30 Speaker Impulse for free and enter code RC5OFF at checkout for $5.00 off of our current Core impulse pack. We have packed a ton of...
  73. Adder

    Music Videos featuring Fractal

    heres a video I did featuring Fractal AX8. ©️2019
  74. D

    4CM vs. Front of Amp

    I have been using the 4 cable method using the effects loop on a Hot Rod Deluxe III for awhile now with great results. I recently tried removing the loop block in my preset (replaced with a shunt) and going straight into the front of the amp through out one L. I hear no noticible difference in...
  75. CodePoet

    "Message In A (Kaleidoscopic) Bottle"

    The result of some errant clicks and I'm mesmerized, especially how it develops at the end. Behold the "Message In A Bottle" guitar part interpreted through a kaleidoscope. Because why not? Recorded with the AX8. If you enjoyed it and can throw a Like at my band Double Take that would be...
  76. C

    FS Looking to buy AX8 or AXE FX III

    Hello Send me a message or email if you have one of these csassakb@gmail.com
  77. Rob Suelfllohn

    Dirty Stones tone using Mesa Boogie in Fractal

    Dirty Stones tone using Mesa Boogie (USA lead) in Fractal
  78. dbrozz

    Game of Thrones Theme - "Summer is Coming" (Reggae Cover)

    To celebrate the return of our favourite show, where beloved characters die horrible deaths and the worst may very well happen, I attempt to lighten the mood with a reggae cover of the Game of Thrones Theme. I imagine the people of Westeros were grooving to this on the beaches about 7 years...
  79. Stefan Kozlowski

    SOLD AX8 - $900 Delivered (in the lower 48)

    FAS AX8, never gigged and in great shape. I've been using the unit mainly in a home studio but have moved to an Axe-FX III. I will cover shipping and insurance. PayPal is the only form of payment I'll accept.
  80. J

    Need to improve my output amp/speaker for my AX8

    Hi everyone, I have an Axe II and an Ax8, the later of which I use more often because I play out with it into FOH. At home, I am feeling less excitement about the Ax8. I've sometimes had a better time playing through my old Fender solid-state Princeton 112+, in which I changed the speaker to...
  81. Yan Taran

    When is AX8 gonna be back in stock?

    Hi Everyone! My parents agreed to get me an ax8 pedal for my 18th birthday and as you can imagine I was very excited. But! Unfortunately, it went out of stock right on my birthday... so I was wondering if maybe anyone knows how long it usually takes or has any other info. Thanks in advance, Yan.
  82. camilovelandiamusic

    Touring preset breakdown

    hey guys! Here’s a breakdown of my preset on the Julio Iglesias tour.
  83. Roby Rocks

    Bogner Shiva

    In this preset I wanted to demonstrate the great versatility of Bogner Shiva. In fact the Shiva has one of the most beautiful Clean Sounds of all time and works very well with the many overdrive pedals. The first scene is clean and dry, and the second has a more "ambient” sound; in the last...
  84. LucasLeCompte

    Differences Between All the Fractal Audio Axe Fx Units

    I saw a post by someone in one of the fractal facebook groups saying that they had a hard time finding the differences between all the different axe fx units, so I decided to make a video running down the differences and going over what makes each unit unique ( I know all this info is in the...
  85. camilovelandiamusic

    Some fusion playing with my AX8

    I'm currently on tour and couldn't bring my Axe FX III, so I brought my AX8, and it certainly stands on its own, no problem. This preset is a Dumble amp with a Ruckus pushing it.

    My 4 Basic Presets ;-)

    Just to share my 4 basic presets ! if it can help ! ;)
  87. Roby Rocks

    AX8 in Italiano

    Ciao ragazzi! Ho notato che esiste il thread Axe-Fx in italiano... originariamente creato per gli utenti italiani di Axe Fx... poi per Fx II... ora andando a leggere i vari post più recenti ho notato che è un miscuglio di discussioni si Fx, Fx2, Fx3, Ax8 e Fx8.... insomma un po' un casino...
  88. Roby Rocks

    Suhr Badger 30W

    This time I played a simple and fast improvisation with my Les Paul and a Suhr Badger 30W simulation by Fractal AX8. The sound is first a little bit dirty, then overdrived, and angry at the end! I hope that you like it! The Guitar is a Les Paul Traditional 2013 (caramel burst)
  89. Roby Rocks

    Bogner Ecstasy Blue Channel

    This time I played a simple and fast improvisation with my Ibanez AZ and a Bogner Ecstasy Blue Channel simulation. The preset has two types of the same amp: X Amp is the Blue Channel with a low gain, Y Amp is the boosted Blue Channel with high gain and more saturation. I hope that you like it...
  90. S

    AX8 availability

    Hello all! Brand new to these forums. I've been interested in getting an ax8 however on the main website for fractal it says they're out of stock. I then checked eBay where everyone is selling them for $2500 dollars when they're listed at $1300 here. Is fractal done producing these? I tryed to...
  91. Singtall


    I have never had it on the floor, never gigged with it. I only turned it on a few minutes here and there to test converted axe-fx II presets. literally like factory new. I selling it and my axe-fx II to get the axe-fx III. Also included is the entire Singtall preset collection. $1200 shipping...
  92. Marciel Marcasso

    Peter Frampton "Blackhole Sun" version Ax8 with preset

    Using the Controller / Envelope to play the song "The Black Hole Sun, (Peter Frampton version) ". In the first part I used Wah Wah and the second part in the "Format" block (which I found different from the original but interesting) See if you like. P.S. sorry for the Portuguese- Brazil in the...
  93. Roby Rocks

    Bogner Ecstasy Red Channel

    Hi dudes! This time I tried to simulate the Bogner Ecstasy Red Channel Sound! (for me one of the best Amp ever) I didn't use any "OD pedal" in front-amp but I have used only the great and strong "Red Channel-saturation" of the amp... I played: Ibanez AZ224F-BIG

    AX8 and Foreigner ;-)

    For Today (Monday) in the "Vidéos du Lundi", a wonderful ballad from Foreigner ! I couldn't resist ! ;)
  95. Roman Rak

    How to EQ Fractal and EQ/setup Marshall DSL-20 for live sound

    i spent many hours setting up my new Fractal patches for my first gig using FRFR speakers in quiet rehearsals and a home headphone setup. At my first gig sound check I finally used my two open back Marshall DSL-20C combos in the clean channel. I need these as the sound bleed from the cabinet...
  96. scottp

    Chair, yes chair

    I need a good quality chair for sitting on for extended periods of time for practicing guitar. Recently I have developed some minor pain in the back of my leg due to what I believe was a cheep chair. Probably nerve pain. I think it will have to be without arm rests. I also think it is going to...
  97. AJ Vargas

    AX8 does Metallica's "Call of Ktulu"

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share this cover I did recently while we wait (hopefully) for new FW updates, hope you like it!!! :D P.S. I used a preset from Silent Undergound Studios' 'Preset a Day' so I dunno if it's OK to share...
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