1. H

    Buy AX8 or keep using soft amp sims?

    Hi, I am considering buying a ax8 secondhand for 600 euro. I’m a bedroom player and at the moment I use several amp sims (scuffham, amplitube and a couple of neural dsp sims). The trouble is that most of the time i am searching for a good sound than playing music. I wonder if I can solve that...
  2. Christian Gendics


    This is the preset I use on Sweet Home Alabama Live with my Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band "Mister Breeze". Very simple preset, Scene 1 is intro and rhythm and Scene 2 is leads. The trick is using a strat in the second position and rolling the volume knob back to the sweet spot. Let me know what...
  3. Christian Gendics

    Temple Audio Duo 24 for AX8

    Just recently bought a temple board planning on putting just the AX8 and an expression pedal on it, when it came in and I saw it in person I realized I could probably fit another pedal (The Peterson Strobo stomp) on it using very flat angled patch cables. For those of you looking to put your AX8...
  4. K

    Urgent Help Needed: Mysterious Electrical Noise When Guitar Sound Fades Out – AX8 Setup

    Hello, This might be a silly question, but I'm fairly new to recording guitars through an AX8. My question and problem is that when I record guitar and the sound starts to fade out (decay), I hear some sort of electrical noise relatively quietly alongside the guitar sound. This happens with both...
  5. F

    Fractal Audio, please help me..... (AX8 PROBLEM)

    My main problem, Hi guys, I'm concerned about the ax8 main board. Does it have an eprom chip like the axe fx2? Basically my first unit got bricked. Been trying everything from 2 years ago. I was reading on forums same scenarios from people on they axe's 2, and all they did was replacing the...
  6. S

    Clean AND Drive tones for guitar

    I'm trying to set up a preset that emulates my real pedal board which includes drive and modulation pedals but otherwise produces a clean guitar sound when plugged into an amp and none of those drives are activated. Anyone have any recommendations for amps and cabs in the AX8 that have a clean...
  7. S

    Using the AX8 with a real AMP

    Hi! I have the AX8 and a Mark V. I want to use the Mark V as my base and the AX8 for effects. However I don´t want a real cab. I want to use the cab block on the AX8. Furthermore I want to use effects like drive and comp before the preamp and effects like delay after the preamp. It would be...
  8. H

    Looking for a Brian May preset for AX8

    Hey guys! I'm getting really close to the Brian May sound with an AC-30. But I would like to know how you are getting there to see other options! Thanks a lot in advance!
  9. D

    Sounding huge with only one guitar in a band?

    So if there’s only one guitar in the band, what can we use to make it sound like two guitarist playing …are there any stereo settings some splitters settings ? anything in details would help ..I am a beginner with these gadgets, so any link or articles would be helpful(provide some screenshots...
  10. E

    Expression pedal issue

    Hi, I have a problem with calibration of my expression pedal (EV-1). Range of calibration shows 11 of 100 in his max position. What I should do?
  11. F

    Fractal AX8 into Mesa Mark V 25 using a JHS Little Black Box

    Hello guys, I still have my AX8 (Amazing Unit) and I’m waiting for the FM9 on the waitlist (that wait has been quiet long) While I wait I’d like to use my AX8 into a Mesa Mark V 25 head, the purpose is to use the AX8 (Effects section only: drives, modulation, filters, delays, etc no Amp and Cab...
  12. guspiasecki

    Issue: Modifiers in Controllers

    Did anyone have that same issue? Or knows how to solve it. When that happens I can't use any assigment no more. Things live Control Switches, other Ext Pedals, etc. Thanks.
  13. Roby Rocks

    Legacy Presets AX8 New Everything Pack - Special Offer 25% Off

    From today for a limited time, Everything Pack for AX8 is available on my site: 9 presets: RR DARK MOON RR PINK WALL RR RED PULSE RR GREEN ECHOES RR BLACK ANGUS RR SUHRVIVAL RR BONNIE GREEN RR BONNIE BLUE RR BONNIE RED
  14. S

    FS AX8 Great condition

    $850 shipped to lower 48 states.
  15. murdocman12

    Carvin VLD1 and AX8

    Hi all, does anyone have the Carvin VLD1 drive and use it on the ax8 using the FXloop block and use it as the amp and cab sim? If so, how did you do it? Thanks

    AX8 Sound Bug (sizzle broken cable noise) need help!

    Hey Guys, been having my AX8 for 3 years now and never had a problem on stage or in the studio. This morning I wanted to start my recording session and suddenly I have that sizzle/crack sound mainly in my crunch and lead tones. Never experienced that before and it seems to be in all other amps...
  17. R

    FS Selling My Fractal AX8 in uk

    Selling My Fractal AX8 Mint condition. I’m in London,UK Some pictures here:
  18. D

    AX8 Power Amp/cab Live

    Kind of a counterintuitive question, but does anyone use a power amp/cab set up live and mic the cabinet to FOH instead of sending a cab sim to FOH? I have recorded rehearsals this way to a console and it sounds great… I would also entertain sending a cab sim to FOH, but I’m afraid the tone will...
  19. F

    AX8 Dead Software(?

    I just got this problem after I delete all my presets and installed the factory ones. Man I feel so frustrated, tried everything, reinstalling firmware about 5 times or more, recovery startup and nothing. Since I can't send my unit to support because of my country, I'm thinking if there's a way...
  20. Raggashaggas

    Running the AX8 Stereo vs. Mono

    I usually have only run my AX8 through the left XLR out on the back when I perform live. Last night I did a larger outdoor gig and the sound tech asked me about running stereo. I believe I have the AX8 set to stereo already (shift -> utility -> I/O -> output stereo vs. LR sum or copy L to R) but...
  21. F

    AX8 misses global parameters

    My AX8 misses global parameters frequently on stage up and down footswitches, large preset viewer and more… any clues on that…
  22. mst0ne

    FS 2 X AX8's For Sale in Grove City, MN

    1 unit is mounted in a 41X21 road case with a power conditioner/supply and an EV1 and EV2 Expression pedals $1000 the other 1 purchased as a back up unit and never needed it but I used it in my smoke free studio $800 Pick up in Grove City or at a gig appearance and or you pay for shipping...
  23. H

    FS FOR SALE: Fractal AX8 in mint condition with G66 gig bag

    Hi, I'm selling my Fractal AX8 in mint condition. It was bought from g66 about 2 years ago alongside the G66 bag which is included in the price. I'm a bassist and don't need 95% of what the AX8 offers me, moved to analog amps. I'm asking for 950€ plus shipping from Portugal. Contact me for...
  24. F

    My fractal Ax8 is burned?

    I’m from El Salvador so the fractal support is a hard option for me, I’ll have to ship the unit and back. So maybe someone can have an idea of what can be the problem, maybe the converters died or just the output jacks need replacement
  25. L

    AX8 Input 1 is clipping on red

    Hello fellow AX8 users!! I've been using my AX8 without any issue for years and absolutely love it. However, I recently purchased a duesenberg starplayer tv guitar, created a preset for it, and for some strange reason my input 1 meter is hitting the red light pretty frequently (about 85% of the...
  26. Andrea Maccianti

    Michael Sweet - Who Am I Joel Hoekstra Guitar Solo Cover

    It is not my habit to make videos while I play over the original songs, if possible I use the Backing Tracks but I have not found anything about this, not even the tabs. In fact, I recorded everything via my smartphone and the quality is not the best but this way you can hear the direct sound...
  27. S

    AX8 Noise Issue - Static/Humming/Crackling

    Hi, So recently, with no change to my set-up, i've started getting some seriously high levels of static/humming noises from the AX8. It's been happening on and off the last week. Here's the info: Happens with every guitar or bass thats plugged in. Stops when the guitar or bass is unplugged...
  28. Raggashaggas

    Fractal AX8 losing gain/saturation at cranked volumes

    I was performing with my AX8 last night, outdoor stage, running the amp sim into the venue's house PA, and running my own stage sound through a 2x12 through the FX loop, powered by a Seymour Duncan Powerstage.... To compensate for my keyboardist cranking his keys (he was in all the stage...
  29. J

    Need help for the AX8 to power amp and cab

    Hi guys, I use the AX8 on my rehearsal through the Seymour Duncan Power Amp Stage 170 and to the Harley Benton G212 Vintage. But the sounds is a bit poor and there's a lot of noise and peaks. I don't know how to solve it…. I can't find many tutorials on how to set it up correctly, maybe is...
  30. sanctuaryofsoul


    PLEASE give us a pedal edit view feature when you are performing. It would be able to tap an effect that you had programmed on the board and see it's parameters pop up instantly to bend down and adjust. This would be useful when we go to the effects section on the FM3 and tap on an effect. It...
  31. Christian Gendics

    Ghost Live Guitar Tone

    Just got Fractal AX8 for Christmas and love it! I just joined the forum and was wondering if anyone knew how to get the Nameless ghoul guitar players from Ghost guitar tone for AX8. I saw a few posts on it and know they are using Friedman and Orange amps but what about pedals etc. Thanks!
  32. camilovelandiamusic

    Playing my AX8 at the Latin GRAMMYs

    Just wanted to share a Vlog I did of footage from playing in the house band at the Latin Grammys. Still, my good ol' faithful AX8 kicking ass!
  33. E

    Need help with the Ax8

    Hi, yesterday i got the ax8, it works fine until i want to use (USA model amps) if I use them there isn't output signal, even if i change to another amp that previusly worked the output signal would still be 0. To use the ax8 again i have to switch it off and turn it on . I noticed also that...
  34. J

    FM3 4CM with modelers?

    Hi guys I just received my FM3 and I sold my AX8 but now I have a problem, I use my Mesa TC50 with the AX8 via 4CM and I was able to changes my TC50 Channels and also add two news pre amps to my mesa TC50 from the AX8 using X and Y, in order to do this I have the fxloop block parallel to the...
  35. A

    AX8 cab sim only on XLR out

    Hi all, I have a simple basic question that stops me before buying an AX8. I really like that unit and even if it may be discontinued I sincerely think it's a beast! I would like to buy it (second hand) because it seems to be the perfect solution to have the best (after fm3) standalone...
  36. K

    FS Ax8 for sale in the UK

    Selling my beloved Ax8 as I’m upgrading to a 3. in pristine condition, amazing unit, want to make sure it goes to a good home 😊 £900 and whatever posting is, happy to drive if it’s near by
  37. J

    AX8 noise and volume issues

    Hi, I've had similar volume related problems on my ax8 which others have described. The volume randomly drops and sometimes returns to its original level on its own. Is there still no explanation to this problem? My setup is ax8 left xlr output-> audio interface -> computer if it matters. I have...
  38. Andrea Maccianti

    Mr. Big - Paul Gilbert Just Take My Heart Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! 😊 Just Take My Heart Guitar Solo Section by the great Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big. The song is contained in the album Lean Into It (1991) I did the Backing Track and the guitars were all recorded with the Fractal Audio AxeFx2. For the clean sounds I used my ADA MP-1 preset for the...
  39. Alex Kolund

    AX8 FXLoop Noise

    I'm patching in an external pedalboard but whenever it's in the chain I hear noise oscillating in the background. The pedalboard is powered by VoodooLab MONDO and has a Sentry noise gate so it's silent when I run it separately from the AX8. But when the FXLoop block is on, so is the noise. I've...
  40. D

    Connecting AX8 with Focusrite Scarlett

    Hi everyone, I own a AX8 and I am looking to get a new Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 audio interface. I just need to connect my AX8 with the XLR out, no fancy fx loop or anything. While reading user manual of the Scarlet I found a puzzling sentence. It says that line level outputs (AX8) should only...
  41. Andrea Maccianti

    Doug Aldrich - Killing The Dragon Guitar Solo Cover

    Here I used my Marshall JCM 800 Mod. Hope you enjoy friends! 🤘🎸
  42. Andrea Maccianti

    Pearl Jam Rearviewmirror Guitar Cover

    Hey friends! 😊 Here my humble tribute to Pearl Jam, Mike McCready and Stone Gossard. Here I used my Marshall Plexi 100W High preset for AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. Hope you enjoy! 😊
  43. Roby Rocks

    Presets Roby Rocks Master Thread - AX8 FM3 FM9 AXE3 IRs [new: EGNATER TWEAKER ir pack]

    Roby Rocks Master Thread - AX8 FM3 FM9 AXE3 IRs This is the master thread for all my works. In this page you can find presets for AX8, FM3, FM9, Axe-Fx III and Impulse Responses of Cabinet (Cabinet IRs) and Acoustic Guitars (Acoustic IRs) that I realized. Please, for more informations and...
  44. Timo

    Importing presets from the AX8

    HI guys! How do you import old presets from the AX8 to the FM3? Or do I have to redo them all?
  45. Andrea Maccianti

    Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Solo Cover

    Hey guys! 😊 Here my first tribute to the great Brian May and Queen. Here I used my preset BOHEMIAN SOLO for Fractal Audio AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. Hope you enjoy! 😊
  46. Andrea Maccianti

    ANDRE 80's Preset

    Hey friends! Here my ANDRE 80's Preset for Fractal Audio AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. 5 Scenes. Hope you enjoy!
  47. Georgy

    Oh just another AX8 + Reaper ‘how do you re-amp in Reaper’ thread…

    Don’t worry, I’ve been trawling through both YouTube and various fractal forums but haven’t found anything concrete regarding re-amping with the AX8 and Reaper.. I’ve seen posts and clips of people re-amping their Axe FX’s with Reaper, or their AX8’s with Cubase, but I haven’t seen anything that...
  48. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall JTM45 Preset

    Hey friends! New video with my Marshall JTM 45 preset. 7 Scenes. Here I used the Scene 5. Hope you enjoy! ✌️😊
  49. Roby Rocks

    Legacy Presets Roby Rocks - Presets and IRs for AX8

    ROBY ROCKS AX8 PRESETS This is the master thread for all my presets for AX8. This is all presets that I made for magnificent AX8. Each preset has a related video-demo. ➡ All my preset are available on my website: ➡ These presets are available...
  50. bigswifty

    I cloned myself and made a cover of the Trailer Park Boys theme.. in the style of Gypsy Jazz

    Used the AX8 for the GB10 hollow body tone! I think it was actually the Dirty Shirley model, which turned out to have a beautiful hollow body jazz sound.
  51. Andrea Maccianti

    Dumble ODS-100 Preset

    Hey guys! Here my ODS-100 Preset for AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. 5 Scenes, here I used Scene 5! Hope you like it! 😊🎸
  52. R

    Using an AX8 on a Yamaha THR10?

    I’m planning on getting a Yamaha THR10 as an amp upgrade from my old practice amp. I was looking at the AX8 and fell in love with the sound of it. Question is, would the AX8 sound good if I use it on this amp? Or would is sounds awful?
  53. jamacy77

    FS AX8 - excellent near mint condition for SALE

    Hey guys, I hope it's okay to post this here. I'm selling my AX8 via Here's the link with photos and description: Please let me know if you have any questions. Best!
  54. D

    Best way to bulk transfer presets and cabs when moving to FM3

    I just received my non-headphone option and got word the in a weeks I might receive the with-headphone model invite email! Super excited about this. However, I am wondering how people have made the transition from gear to another and moved their user cabs and presets neatly and easily to the...
  55. Andrea Maccianti

    JAM With Doug Aldrich

    In this video I used my Marshall JMP 2203 preset for Fractal Audio AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. Hope you like it!
  56. camilovelandiamusic

    AX8 vs AxeFX2 vs FM3 vs AxeFX3 | Amp Block

    Hey guys! Wanted to do an honest comparison of the amp block across all fractal units! Curious to hear what you guys think!
  57. Andrea Maccianti

    Pink Floyd - Time Guitar Solo (My Version)

    Hey friends! 😊 Pink Floyd Time Guitar Solo This is the first Pink Floyd Solo Cover I made. I know it's not the right guitar, it's not identical to the original by my choice. David Gilmour made the original in the record The Dark Side Of The Moon, I am Andrea Maccianti. Anyway, I hope you like...
  58. camilovelandiamusic

    AX8 with Aeros Looper & Beat Buddy

    Hope you dig! Loving this setup
  59. cesarlatorreb

    Would you sell your AX8 to buy a new FM3?

    Hey!!! I'm a "new" Fractal Audio's user. I say "new" because I have always followed FA (and used some friend's products) but I just purchased my own AX8 on January. Last week I received my invitation to purchase the FM3 and because of the situation I'm wondering if I should sell my AX8 to buy...
  60. Andrea Maccianti

    Bogner Atma Preset (ARES)

    Hey friends! Here my Bogner Atma preset for axefx2 axefx3 and AX8. Has 6 Scenes + one of my own custom IR. Hope you enjoy! 😊🎸
  61. Andrea Maccianti

    Fractal Italian Jam

  62. Al Rivero

    Original track "Azahar" (V2 - Angie IRs)

    Hey guys! This is the last instrumental piece I've recorded. I'm playing a HSS strat loaded with a JB humbucker and two Kinmans single coils. I'm using an AX8. Amp block is a Friedman BE, basically stock settings. IR is V2 - Angie, which is a new cab pack they're releasing. A...
  63. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall PLEXI 100w Jump Preset

  64. Andrea Maccianti

    Metallica - "Enter Sandman" Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! :) Here my Metallica attempt :) Enter Sandman Solo Section. Here I used my MESA/BOOGIE IIC+ Preset. Hope you enjoy! :)
  65. Andrea Maccianti


    Has 6 Scenes. Hope you enjoy and Happy Easter to all of you friends!
  66. Nonservium

    Help sorting out possible PC generated EMI and my AX8.

    Disregard. Nothing I've found through searches or asking for help here was of any use. I'll just look elsewhere.
  67. S

    Does this 'Little Wing' OD tone work ?

    Greetings all, Hope you all are keeping safe at home. I started working on an OD tone a while back keeping it fairly simple (Amp+Cab+Rev Only) and recorded over a 'Little Wing' jam track. Here's a link , tell me what you guys think. Have a good day !!!
  68. Andrea Maccianti

    Coronavirus "Free" Preset

    Hi all friends! Given the period we are living in, I decided to make this preset available for free, just to stay on topic I called Coronavirus Preset available for AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. Has 6 Scenes. Find below in the video description the links of Dropbox for download. It's a classic Rock...
  69. D

    Castellorizon - David Gilmour

    Hi, just noodled over David Gilmour's songs and decided to make a tone for Castellorizon with my AX8. I think it's quite decent for the purpose, at least with a further tweaks. I played this with Les Paul that has quite soft pickups so in direct comparison the difference to crisp open single...
  70. Andrea Maccianti

    Testament - Practice What You Preach Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! :) Here my humble tribute to Testament, especially to the great Alex Skolnick! Hope you like it! 🙏😊🎸

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #6 - AXE-FX III - Clean ou … Crunch ? 4 sons clairs types à partir de zéro ! 🎸

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #6 - AXE-FX III - Clean ou … Crunch ? 4 sons clairs types à partir de zéro ! 🎸 Régler un bon son clair, avec ou sans compresseur en pré ou post, en maitrisant l’overdrive de l’ampli. Pour Axe-Fx III, FM3, Axe-Fx II, Axe-Fx Ultra, Axe-Fx, AX8 ! —> La prochaine ... avec le...
  72. geisterfaust_

    Is the FAS AX8 best option for me, or is it the FAS AXEIII?

    Hi guys! I'll try to keep this as short as possible: i'm wondering if the AX8 is the best bet for me in my own personal situation, which is the following: My guitar playing happens at home mostly. I've never been happy or satisfied with the tones I was getting with numerous pieces of gear...
  73. Whynot Jansveld

    Shimmer Pad [Video]

    Hey guys, I’ve had this shimmer pad in my main preset for a while now, and while I use it on bass, it works great on guitar or any other instrument as well. I designed it not so much as a reverb type effect but more as a ghostly atmospheric pad that kind of hovers in the background, reacting to...
  74. Andrea Maccianti

    Mr. Crowley Guitar Solo (2017)

    One of my favorite solos of the great Randy Rhoads. This video I found on a Hard Disk dates back to 2017. Here I used my Zakk Wylde preset. Hope you enjoy!
  75. O

    Thomann hard case for AX8

    Hello ! I'm desperately looking for a proper hard case for my AX8. I would like to order from Thomann and I saw a lot of Thon cases wich look good. There is a lot of them and I'm kinda lost. I don't want to make a mistake buying a wrong case and I don't want my AX8 moving around. Is there...

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #5 - AXE-FX III - Configurer un Boost - PRE ou POST ? 🎸🎸🎸

    🇫🇷 Définir un Boost et choisir ses outils. Utiliser le bloc AMP pour son Boost PRE et/ou POST et plus ! Bloc DRIVE : T808 OD, Mid Boost, Treble Boost - bloc VOL - bloc PEQ - bloc AMP : input Boost - EQ de sortie - Scènes : Control Switchs. Axe-Fx III, Axe-FX II, Axefx Ultra, Axe-Fx, AX8 !
  77. Al Rivero

    "Homesick" - Original track (Valhallir IRs)

    Hi folks! Here's an original track I recorded a few days ago at my home studio. I'm using my Suhr Standard and my Ax8. Clean tones are a Bandmaster amp paired with a Fender Pro Reverb IR Dirty tones are a Friedman BE amp paired with a custom-cab...
  78. G

    Switching via MIDI AX8 presets with Set List Maker App

    Hey! Well I just made a quick video on how I set up my Ax8 with the Set List Maker App, to auto change via midi the tempo of the delays and the preset selection. Step By Step, just in case someone don't understand my "English" explanation lol. 1 - Create The Ax8 Presets. I currently have 13...
  79. nielsvandoorne

    Problem when calibrating expression pedal.

    Hey guys. I have 2 strange things happening when trying to calibrate my Line 6 EX-1 to my AX8.... 1. When i plug everything in and run the calibration process, the input value on the calibration screen only goes from 0 to mabey 5% 2. When i plugin my cable to pedal 1 but only push it halfway...
  80. T

    Audiointerface question - Mute original signal from AX8

    Hi, Does anyone use AX8 with Steinberg's UR44 by any chance? I can't figure out how to mute the signal from the input channel, so that the only sound coming out of the interface/speaker when I play guitar is from the output channels. I'd like to add effects in Ableton and play in real-time...
  81. Al Rivero

    Al Rivero - Fat Pasta (original track) Valhallir IRs

    Hi there! Here's an original track I recorded January 2020. I'm using my Suhr standard and Fractals Ax8. Amp model for cleans is a Bandmaster, paired with Valhallir Impulse Responses (Fender Pro Reverb 1966). Amp Model for dirty tones is a Friedman BE, paired with Valhallir Impulse Responses...
  82. Whynot Jansveld

    Using the AX8 on bass - Video

    Hey everybody, I've been using my AX8 on bass for years now when I'm on the road (currently alternating between Butch Walker, Natasha Bedingfield and Richard Marx), and have gotten a few requests to do a video about it, so that's what I did. I walk through my most basic preset (attached below)...
  83. Cainer

    live & speedy pickin'

    We were just wrapping up 2.5-ish months of touring so put everything we had left into this one lol AX8 into house PA + EV 112 Live X

    🇫🇷 Les Tutos de Nico #4 - AXE-FX III - Dynamiser ses effets et plus ! 🎸🎸🎸

    🇫🇷 Les Tutos de Nico #4 - AXE-FX III - Dynamiser ses effets et plus ! 🎸🎸🎸
  85. A

    AX8 on a new metal release

    Hey everyone, My band released a new single today. The guitars are all AX8 straight into an audio interface. I'm not a 100 % satisfied with the tone, but it's just user error. I recorded the tracks with a too dark tone, so the high-end is fizzier than I'd like, even though I tried to EQ the...
  86. saslam101

    Backpack Recommendation That Is NOT The MONO 365

    Hi all, recently got my very own AX8 and in total love with it. Now looking into investing in a good carrying solution that is NOT a hard case. The caveat is that I live in Pakistan and my options are extremely limited. I'm looking to transport the AX8, power cable, USB cable, couple of guitar...
  87. Mark Pritchard

    Compilation of covers using my AX8

    Hi everyone and a Happy New Year to all, here is a small compilation of video's i've done this year using my AX8. Hope you all have a good one!
  88. Al Rivero

    Happy Holidays everyone! (Xmas Balls Carol)

    Hi there! Thanks to everyone on here for all the cool info/music and also, happy holidays! Here's a little thing I did. I'm not really into xmas music, but, i wanted to at least send some love out. If you're wondering what I used, it's a Friedman BE amp at stock settings with an IR from the...
  89. S

    FS AX8 For Sale

    Just putting out some feelers, I’m selling a two year old AX8 , great condition and perfect working order , with original packaging. Includes Austin Buddy Dream Rigs pack. Please pm me if anyone is interested. £850 + p&p. Based in UK. (North Wales)
  90. The Edge

    Why doesn't Fractal Audio want to make AX8 Mark II model like FX8 Mark II anymore?

    Then again, and perhaps this time it will not be forbidden by the administrator of this site to express his answer to my question. It's still the same and hasn't been answered enough. Why did Fractal Audio stop modernising and stop production of AX8 altogether? Why won't there be a MARK2...
  91. Alan Benjamin

    live video from first concert (festival) gig with AX8

    Greetings, Though I've had my AX8 for a while now, the timing coincided with my prog band, Advent, taking an unexpectedly long hiatus from live performance due to the departure of our previous bassist and the time it took to finally find the right player to step in and get things going once...
  92. Mark Pritchard

    Back To The Future Theme - Guitar Cover + Preset (80's style)

    Hi everyone, here is a cover of the Back To The Future theme i did using a preset i made which was inspired by @Mark Day. Cheers.
  93. T

    Using AX8 live through cab

    Hi everyone ! So I'm new to the Fractal world, and apart from what I'm reading on forums from time to time, I'm really not a pro with amplification. So I've made my searches but I couldn't find a clear answer, that's why I'm asking it here. (And please keep in mind that I'm not a pro and that...
  94. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall Silver Jubilee

  95. Andrea Maccianti

    Dio - "Killing The Dragon" FULL COVER w/vocals

    Remembering the great Ronnie James Dio (R.i.p.) FULL COVER with friends! 🤘Hope you like it! 🙏 Here I used my Marshall JCM 800 Mod preset.
  96. Rob Suelfllohn

    Guitar cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "I need You" , got some great tone, with Andrea Maccianti's bluesbreaker tone!

    Guitar cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's song "I need You" got some great tone, with Les Paul CC#8 , Rewind pickups, and the Fractal's bluesbreaker tone from Andrea Maccianti!
  97. J

    Secondhand AX8 - noise/tone problems

    Hello, I am currently on the FM3 waitlist but in meantime I've decided to try out the AX8 and bought used one. The seller assured me that the unit is in the perfect condition. When it shipped it had 10.01 fw already - I did factory settings reset and set up proper input level. At home I am...
  98. Andrea Maccianti

    Gary Moore - “The Loner”

    Hey guys! I wanted to make a very humble tribute to the great Maestro Gary Moore with his beautiful The Loner. Obviously it's my interpretation and it's not note for note, I'm too lazy for these things 😊 Here just my attempt 😅 I hope you like it! Here I used my Marshall JMP 2203 Preset (8...
  99. Mark Pritchard

    Gibson Burstbucker Pro Vs Suhr Aldrich pickup comparison

    Hi everyone, i made a short video comparing my Burstbucker Pro's and my new Suhr Aldrich pickups using my AX8. Using my Les Paul standard. Cheers!
  100. Andrea Maccianti

    ARES 2.00 Mesa/Boogie IIC+ & Mark IV

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