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  1. FrancescoC26

    Question About Celestion F12-x200, is it ok if I do this?

    Hello, having read the hundreds of threads about FRFRs i stumbled upon these celestion speakers, and i already began planning for my future monitoring solution (i dont have an unit yet but i am a serial planner LMAO). I was wondering if it was okay to mount two of the F12-X200 inside of my old...
  2. TheloniusJ

    Your Favorite Third Party IR Bundles

    So I'm 99% happy with the tones I'm getting from my FM3, but am more and more recognizing the importance of IRs. I have been using only included IRs so far, but am thinking about buying a bundle. Currently I'm looking for tones covering the spectrum from Allen Hinds, Mark Lettieri, Scofield...
  3. ruso

    Only Two Cab Slots? No Problem!

    I've seen a few people asking about this, so here's a tutorial I put together on how to Combine Impulse Responses using an FM3, a DAW, and Impulse Response Utility. There's a few reasons why you might want to do this. For example: You want to run additional cabinets but the two available cab...
  4. P

    2 signals to 2 cabs using 1 amp

    Hello, all. I have a question regarding rig setup. Is it possible to run two signals into 1 power amp (Crown XLS 1000) and have one signal go to a bass cab and another to a guitar cab? My guitar player and I have decided to use cabs for stage volume and I was wondering if we could run both of...
  5. ApocalypticKatana

    Help getting this guitar tone

    From 0:10 - 0:27 What amp and cab from the sound do you think the player is using judging from the tone?
  6. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    I admit it: I'm really addicted to Marshall cabinets. I'd want to buy every possible Marshall cabinet there is. But I'm glad there's a much cheaper way to own and try them. And the best thing is you can find many ready in Axe FX III factory IR's! I'm currently listing every different Marshall...
  7. axedude

    User Cabs Combine Multiple Cabs into one New User Cab

    I've looked around but cannot find an answer to this one, and I'm sorry if this is a dumb question!! Is it possible to set up 2 or more cabs and their settings, then save that combination of cabs and settings as a new user cab preset ?? So each time I want the Own Hammer cab and Marshall cab...
  8. Deadpan

    Free IR Set of a Scumback M75 with a PR20

    Hi All, Working hard as always to make the best of the best in IRs. For a limited time we are offering a promo set of the soon to come M75 impulse set. Edit: Promo ended. Pack is now out! This is an unmixed single mic IR. And well worth a try. Please do report back with your experience as I...
  9. Moshermax9

    Possible blown speaker

    My avatar 1X12 cab did smell burnt at one price from pushing it to hard. Be aware I was using it in conjunction with my 4X12 so my drummer could hear my playing as a monitor.;Now when it was in use sthe cab started to smell burning but not smoke or anything of the sort. I immediately stopped...
  10. marklumsley

    Addressing Power Amp OR Cabinet Issues...

    Okay, before I start: my Axe-Fx II XL+ works perfectly fine on its own through PA equipment and it doesn't look like there's anything I changed at all in the menus regarding power amp settings before things went awry. So I think either my guitar cabinet or my power amp is busted, but I have no...
  11. Descom

    Atomic CLR vs Matrix FR10.

    So I'm looking at getting one of the two. Would love to hear from owners - why do you love either? I've heard more in favor of the Atomic, but the Matrix is a fair bit lighter which is appealing. Cheers!
  12. I

    AX8 Case + help me match my cab?

    Hi guys, sup? I'm a newbie here and just bought a great live\rec rig - AX8 + EHX44 + Jet city 48S cab. It sounds great when I use it. Now I'm facing 2 problems: 1) Any good MONO case for the AX8? Saw the 365 fits well, but our national retailer says it's discontinued (even though they are also...
  13. speedloader

    Fractal Audio and the future of... cabinet sims?

    Hi, long time no see. It's been years I didn't put my hand on an Axe-FX but I followed Cliff's evolution with great assiduity and interest. Now Cliff has reached a point where I can't hear the axe as an amp simulator anymore.. It's just the real deal with different types of circuitry and...
  14. J

    Power amp challenges

    Hi everyone, I have an axeFx 2 with a mesa 2:50 power amp running into a Orange ppc412 cabinet. At low volumes, I get the best sound I could ever hope for but as soon as I turn it up in band setting the sound seems too smooth and doesn't have enough bite / cut. I also find that it sounds...
  15. JustinBourdeau

    I need a cab IR from Firmware 18 ASAP!

    Hey guys, this is a really crappy situation for me. I've been in the process of recording an album for the past year. Atmospheric Black Metal. I recorded all guitars on FW18.03 if I recall correctly. Once I had finished tracking all the songs and everything sounded great, I upgraded to Quantum...
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