1. A

    FS For Sale - FX8 Mark II + custom pedal snake

    Selling my Fractal FX8 Mark II in excellent condition! Works perfectly and sounds great! Wife and I are moving off-grid so I won’t be using my high powered tube amp or fractal pedalboard with the limited power available. Included is a custom cable snake I had made specifically for using this...
  2. E

    Midi fx8 into axe-fx standard

    I want to know if I can merge or control axe-fx with a fx8 just the multi effect unit via midi? Use it as a midi controller. Thanks
  3. Georgy

    Any tips/tricks for using the FX8 in a WET-DRY-WET scenario?

    Hey guys, So, I've got my dream amp, and so now it only makes sense to maximise the tonal capabilities of this little stack you see pictured below. Being an Eddie fanboi, I've got two 1x12 cabs and a Matrix power amp for my WET DRY WET DREAM :laughing: Was curious to see if anyone is using...
  4. Georgy

    Is no-one doing any custom labels for FX8/AX8 anymore?!

    Is it just me (it could be) or is no one doing any custom labels for FX8/AX8 anymore? A few years ago I got some labels via the Gigwrx guys who were great, but their page takes you to.. errm.. suggestive Asian lady interactions! And Sukh Ryatt (?) of Zenrings doesn't seem to be doing them...
  5. M

    5150 III Scenes and MIDI switching

    Trying to configure/set up Scenes and MIDI switching with EVH 5150 III 50w Stealth. The idea is to set up channel one, two and three on the amp to correspond with effect to channel switch and engage effects assigned. I’ve looked on YouTube and there are several demos but nothing on the actual...
  6. respectedfx2

    Metallica Tone MATCH Presets

    Hello Axe FX 2 friends ! Is it possible that someone can send me an .RAR File with the best Metallica Tone Presets? Specially the Clean Tone for (One),Sanitarium, and Nothing Else Matters. I bought the Axe FX 2 and im new. My tones are Muddy and im not good in tweaking tones:D I would be...
  7. J

    Fractal Audio FX8 and Simplifier (DSM & Humboldt)

    I need help on how to apply the 4 cable method using the Simplifier. There is a suggestion in the manual but not specific to a multi effects processor. Please help. Thank you!
  8. G

    WTB Wanted: FX8 Mk ii to purchase

    Looking for an FX8 mk ii.
  9. camilovelandiamusic

    Guthrie Govan FX8

    Cool bit about the FX8 on this one.
  10. R

    FX8 delay settings for "bigger" "fuller" guitar sound live

    Although I've owned an FX8 for a couple of years, I am having difficulty findings a delay setting that will make my guitar "fatter" and "fuller". So far, I am still hearing to much of a slap. Any advice?
  11. LucasLeCompte

    Differences Between All the Fractal Audio Axe Fx Units

    I saw a post by someone in one of the fractal facebook groups saying that they had a hard time finding the differences between all the different axe fx units, so I decided to make a video running down the differences and going over what makes each unit unique ( I know all this info is in the...
  12. Budda

    First tour of 2019

    I play guitar in Sparrows, and I'm excited to pack up my FX8 and gig around the US! For those who enjoy the likes of Cave In, Deftones, Thrice or Failure - you'll probably like us too! We're a very loud band, and that's why we sell earplugs at the table ;). I hope to meet some of our community...
  13. Veritas0Aequitas

    Diezel VH4 with FX8 in 4 Cable Method

    Does anyone here have a Diezel VH4 that they've tried with an FX8 in 4 Cable Method (4CM) successfully? Did you have you use Fractal humbuster cables or an Ebtech Hum Eliminator or HumX with it? I used to use a G-System with an Ebtech Hum Eliminator and it reduced most of the hum but not all...
  14. Jurek

    ALL BYPASS blocks the signal (FX8)

    I am asking forum players for help again: My FX8 in the ALL-BYPASS mode blocks the signal, and the amplifier is silent in this mode (4CM method, serial effect loop). The ALL-BYPASS mode should, after all, allow pass the signal in an unchanged form from the guitar to the input of the amplifier...
  15. Jurek

    BYPASS problem (FX8)

    Hello all, So far I used FX8 in the simplest configuration: guitar>>FX8>>amplifier. I've been experimenting with the 4cbl method for a few days and I have the following problem with BYPASS: If I turn on BYPASS-PRE, 1. only the amplifier preamp works and FX8-effects in the PRE zone are bypassed...
  16. Anthony Ventura

    New FX8 Owner - Am I Limited to [PRE] Only ? (No Effects Loop)

    Hello, I just received my new FX8 last night, November 28, 2018. Both amps that I will use with the FX8 do not have an effects loop. One is a Fender '65 DeLuxe Reverb and the other is a 3RD Power, WOOLY COATS - EXTRA SPANKY. I noticed there are preset names that are listed with [PRE] , (PR)...
  17. X-Mann

    X’s Journey w/ a PRS MT 15 & the FX8....

    The amps may come and go or change over time, but I’m still in LOVE with Fractal FX8. I’ve had complete success with the following amps so far. Carvin Legacy-3, Mesa TC-50 & the Friedman Runt 50. Now you can add the new (VERY LOUD) 15-Watt PRS Mark Tremonti “MT15” amp to the list too! The...
  18. DanielB

    Question About "Global" Looper Behavior

    I normally do 4CM into my tube amp, but I recently needed to drop it off for repairs. So now I am going directly into an RME Babyface Pro (with no 4CM obviously) and into my Laptop + a simple amp sim, with the FX8 doing all the FX. It sounds pretty good. Here's what strange. I have the Looper...
  19. undinsh

    Axe-Fx II to FX8 preset and sound transfer

    Hi there, Just a simple question - is it possible to transfer all my sounds from FXII to FX8 using Fractal Bot without any issue? Just want to switch from FXII to FX8 for more simple use. Thank You
  20. Rainster

    FX8 to AX8 Wow!

    Hey guys, I finally recently acquired an AX8 and it sounds incredible. I'm downloading presets and ran into a couple of zip files for amps and cabs? How does this work? Will the presets not work correctly without extra amps/cabs? Any other tips would be appreciated!! Thanks guys.
  21. Stacy Mack

    FX8 with audio interface and Ableton 10

    Hi there, I apologize if the answers are somewhere in the forum, but i have looked all over then internet and haven't found any answers. I'm curious if anyone has used the FX8 direct into an interface and into a DAW from there? I use Ableton for looping in shows and for recording. Ive been...
  22. Budda

    First gig/tour with FX8 mkII

    My first gig with my FX8 was actually the beginning of a 25-day tour to the West Coast and back from Ontario. I like to think that by this point, I know how to dial in useable tones for my band (post-hardcore/spacepunk/whatever). The first stop was Columbus, Ohio. We played in the basement of a...
  23. X-Mann

    Does anyone use analog Drive Pedal w/ their FX8?

    Hello my fellow FX8ers..... Are you using any analog drive pedals in your FX8 rig? If so, can you explain your input set-up, share pictures, tips or anything that you’ve learned. I’m interested in any & all things “Drive” pedals & that also includes matching your actual pedals to your virtual...
  24. R

    FX8 Relay Question

    Hi All, I recently picked up a FX8 Mark ii to run with with my Peavey JSX. I purchased a cable from Best-ronics which is a 7 pin din to 1/4" TRS specifically for Peavey JSX/XXX. For some reason i can not access the Red/Ultra channel on the amp. When i plug in the fx8, it switches to the...
  25. ivaylo

    Wish Tuner offsets: make them work for tunings other than standard

    The post title pretty much describes it. Many guitarists use alternative tunings, yet the tuner offset page on FX8 only gives options for standard (EADGBE) tuning.
  26. DanielB

    Good Synth Blocks/Presets for FX8

    Has anyone had much success making an FX8 synth preset? I briefly had an AX8, but went back to FX8 plus amp. On the AX8, Simeon's synth presets were fantastic. I've tried using Fractool to convert the presets and/or extract the synth blocks, but they just don't sound right. I've also tried...
  27. L

    FX8 with JVM 205H MIDI Help

    Newbie alert... looking for some quick direction (yes, read manual) on setting up my Fx8 to change channels on my JVM 205h. Have midi cable on order - I don't understand the "assigning midi numbers" stuff in Fx8 manual or in Fx8 edit. Anyone out there doing this with a JVM yet that can help...
  28. Georgy

    Went to a Fractal Clinic here in Melbourne the other night..

    It’s always a great opportunity to go to a Fractal clinic, especially when there are two pro-players, pro-Fractal users who were kind enough to share their hints and tricks with us. Mind you here in Australia, this was probably the first Fractal clinic that was held, probably due to the fact...
  29. Raggashaggas

    Programming your own scenes into blank presets

    im a new FX8 Mark II owner and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to create my own scenes and presets. I’ve watched several YouTube videos but they only describe messing around with the FX parameters and plugging the unit in. Also, I seem to have trouble running the FX8 thru my amps FX...
  30. O

    Mesa Boogie Triaxis + Fractal Audio FX8 Mark II Hum and poweramp pops.

    Hi all, I have recently bought Fractal Audtion FX8 Mark II. The idea was to hook it up to Mesa Boogie Triaxis as a controller and effect processor, but I have faced a problem of hum and poweramp pops when going from Stand By/ On and vice versa. I have tried 2 types of 4CM connections. First...
  31. R

    [Solved] FX loop issue on the JP-2C with FX8

    Hi, I had my FX loop working on the JP-2C with the FX8 where all of the effects that were PRE and POST were working fine. The next time I fire up the Amp and the FX8, none of my effects are working and the volume is really low. When I switch the FX toggle switch on the JP-2C to the MD position...
  32. DanielB

    Designing My FX8 Pedalboard... Buffer?

    I am designing a new pedalboard around the FX8 MK II. I am basically ditching every pedal except the FX8. The only things I'll keep are a wah pedal at the very beginning of the chain (prefer to save my expression pedals for other parameters) and a drive pedal just after the Out 1 Pre section...
  33. K

    Enabling/Bypassing Amp FX return

    Hello, I'm a violinist using an FX8 along with a POG2 on the Fx return. Violin to Pre IN - Pre Out to POG2 input - Pog 2 output to Post input - Out POst to DI. I'm figuring out a way to midi control all my effects from Logic so that I can be free to move around without having to change...
  34. Georgy

    On the off extreme off chance, is anyone using their FRACTAL to control the Bogner Hafler via Midi?

    I suspect this is like looking for a needle in a hay-stack.. On the off extreme off chance, is anyone using their FX8 (or other Fractal device) to control their Bogner Hafler Triple Giant via Midi? I'm planning on using it in a 4CM type setup with a power amp. I guess I'm just curious to...
  35. F

    Recording FX8 Audio in Garage Band

    Hi All, New FX8 owner here. I've had my unit for about four weeks now - and absolutely love it. I hooked my FX8 up to a computer today (yep - four weeks of turning knobs to create presets) and discovered that recording audio from the FX8 into Garage Band isn't as easy as I thought it was going...
  36. W

    FX8 with an Eventide H9

    Hey, I'm looking to run my Eventide H9 for a few things 'POST' in stereo with my FX8.... I'm wondering if anyone has anything to say about the following -Routing - Expression controlling both the Eventide and FX8 at the same time + set up for that - All round set up for midi. Physical and...
  37. Mesatallic

    Wish FX8-Edit Software Similar to AX8-Edit

    I wish the layout of the FX8-Edit software was the same as on AX8-Edit. Obviously minus the Amp Sim/Cab Blocks. When I bought my FX8, I was disappointed as I was expecting the software to look the same. It seems more complicated to add and reorder blocks in the signal chain, before/in fx loop...
  38. X-Mann

    X's FX8 Cover Band Presets

    Hey Fractal Dudes..... X-Mann here & I wanted to start sharing some of the 40+ song presets I've created for the amazing Fractal FX8 (mkii)! I'm going to do very quick video demos for each preset & about 1-a-week........ I've joined a new band & have created some great song based presets...
  39. X-Mann

    For The Love of God! (Legacy Help)

    Hey guys, I have the FX8 mkii & use it in 4cm with a Friedman Runt 50 head with Humbuster cables & NO HUM, BUZZ or issues AT ALL. But....."For the love of God", I need some help with a 2nd/new set-up. I have a new Carvin Legacy 3 amp & just love the tones in it! But....I have a ground loop I...
  40. B

    FX8 and small amp with no FX loop questions

    I'm considering the FX8 but am concerned that with no FX loop I'll be missing some of the quality of the post effects. I have a Fender Princeton and a Vox AC10 stereo rig. I'm mostly a home player who jams with friends at times so I can't justify the AX FX II or even an AX8. Plus, I've done...
  41. Hyperion88

    JP-2C with AX8 or FX8

    I already have a Mesa Boogie JP-2C ( Midi capable), and I recently sold my AX FX II (Mark I). I am right now in the market for a new Fractal product, however I would like to mostly use my JP-2C with some added effects, and from time to time perhaps use some amp modeling. I know that if I chose...
  42. vaibhavmittal

    Fuchs Triple Drive Supreme and FX8

    Hi Guys, I am waiting for my B-Stock FX8 to arrive soon and needed some information on using controllers on FX8: 1. Since I've never used Effects Loop before and intend on using FX8 with 4CM, what would be best settings on the amp, series or parallel, and what should be position of knob level...
  43. Regarding Henry

    Missing "sticky scene select" in Firmware 5.0

    I cannot find the Sticky Scene Select mode as described in the manual. I updated my (second hand) FX8 Mark I to the actual firmware 5.0 but I don´t find it... HELP!!!!!!!!
  44. schrismer

    MIDI project for Today......

    If I can get these talking to each other.... I don't think I'm going to have a CPU issue :)
  45. bbbuck

    FX8 Used as Effects Processor with Kemper - MIDI PROBLEMS

    I have set up my new Fractal Audio FX8 to work as an effects processor for the Kemper Profiler. I had abandoned my full Axe-FX rig maybe a year ago in favor of the amplifier tones available in the Kemper. That was a correct decision. That said, the effects in Kemper are adequate but not even...
  46. E

    Weird Spillover/trails issue with FX8

    I'm having a weird issue with spillover on my FX8. I am primary using the scene switch mode within a preset. When I go from a scene with no delay/reverb to a scene with delay/reverb I am hearing repeats/echo from the part I was playing before I switched. Essentially I am getting trails from a...
  47. Niels Beier

    New to FX8

    Hi guys, I just got a second hand FX8 Mk I, and I'm really stoked on integrating this in my setup - however, I'm an analog caveman - your digital and midi-controlled effects confuses me! Currently I'm running a Marshall JVM410hJS, which I controll all the switching on via MIDI, while running...
  48. S

    Is there a way to change scenes on footswitches 1-4 and use 5-8 as stomp boxes?

    Hi all. I recently got my fx8 Mark II and I've been writing some patches and trying to figure out the best way to configure it for each of my gigs, and I'm having trouble getting it to do what I'd like. Any help is much appreciated. I'm using it with the three channel Mesa Boogie Mark V, and...
  49. Perrymason

    FX8 Midi Mapping

    Hello folks! I'm thinking of getting a GigRig G2 switcher because I use a lot of external drive pedals with my FX8. Is there any way of using midi mapping on the FX8? The G2 sends out a fixed midi PC message for every footswitch. This is not IMO the best way to communicate with the FX8. Any...
  50. X-Mann

    BLOWN away by the FX8 mkii....X's Journey

    Hey, hey my Fractal brothers..... I thought I'd share my basic reaction & just plain shock as to how good the new FX8 is..... My Fractal journey started not that long ago w/ the AX8......Here's a link to where I had my eyes opened by Fractal Audio & its killer community...
  51. J

    Loving the FX8

    Hey guys, Had the fx8 for a few days now. Been running through a Suhr PT100 and today I setup my JVM410HJS. Really loving the effects and easy midi programming. What a great peice of equipment!! Now to go and sell all my old pedals! Cheers John.
  52. MRH

    Relay state change lag time

    I have my FX8's two TRS relays controlling four amp functions (channel change, mid-boost, gain-boost, and drive-max). The two TRS relays are properly connected to my Fuchs ODS-II, all functions enable/disable as expected. I typically dedicate three foot-switches to scenes (S1, S2 and S3) and...
  53. Moke

    Video - Moke's Axe Fx ll Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial - Part #5

    Here is part #5 of my 'Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial' videos. This one covers 5 more of my 'Song Specific' presets. And once again, lots more useful information on 'Internal', 'External', and 'Scene' controllers. As well as effect block routing. All of which also applies to the 'AX8' and the...
  54. N.Phaneuf

    Fuzz Face demo video

    Low ish quality but aims to answer how touch sensitive the drive block is. Hope you enjoy.
  55. Moke

    Video - Moke's Axe-Fx ll Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial - Part #4

    Part #4 of my 'Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial' videos. This one covers 3 more of my 'Song Specific' presets. And once again, lots more useful information on 'Internal', 'External', and 'Scene' controllers. As well as effect block routing. All of which also applies to the 'AX8' and the...
  56. Moke

    Video - Moke's Axe-Fx ll Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial - Part #3

    Part #3 of my 'Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial' videos. This one covers 3 more of my 'Song Specific' presets. And once again, lots more useful information on 'Internal', 'External', and 'Scene' controllers. As well as effect block routing. All of which also applies to the 'AX8' and the...
  57. Moke

    Video - Moke's Axe-Fx ll Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial - Part #2

    Part #2 of my 'Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial' videos. This one covers 4 of my 'Song Specific' presets and things get a bit more involved. Lots more useful information on 'Internal', 'External', and 'Scene' controllers. As well as effect block routing that also applies to the 'AX8' and the...
  58. stomplabel-Sascha

    All the NEW AX8 / FX8 STOMPLABELS are NOW online ! AX8-EDIT / Stompbox / Black

    Hi there, after many many long evenings and nights we are NOW ready with all our STOMPLABELS for the AX8 and FX8 and we are happy to show here some examples, we have designed more than 150 diffrent labels in many diffrent styles, in stompboxstyle..., in just a blackstyle..., or also in the...
  59. mag1k

    Tap/Tempo Not Downtroke?

    can someone please help. I have been searching all over the forum but cannot find answers. When i tap/tempo to the beat, it don't seem to be with the correct tempo. I read somewhere it is because it's on upstroke not the downstroke of the switch. I am used to the downstroke. How do i fix this?
  60. alexwald

    How to use Relay1 and Relay2 in auto-trigger with 3 scenes?

    let me explain. I have 3 scenes with my EVH 5150 III: 1) rhythm channel 2) crunch channel 3) clean in the preset, I have both relay1 (controls RHY channel) and relay2 (tip=clean channel, ring=crunch) block set to auto-off, auto-trigger, this is required because of how EVH switches channels...
  61. Shpunt

    PRS Archon 100 FX8 Idle Hum

    Greetings Folks, I am getting a irritating hum from the fx8. I have humbusters. I run them in Mono 4cm. I checked my entire rig up and down for ground loops. Brand new lava, mogami cables. When my loop is bypassed, no noise. When my loop is active but i jump it with a patch cable, pretty much...
  62. Shpunt

    [MODs Please Remove Thread]FX8 with PRS Archon 100 Hum

    Sorry moderators. Please remove post.
  63. Smittefar

    Heads up: F-stop gear bags

    I am also a photographer, and in the photography community, F-stop bags are known as some of the most flexible and reliable bags available. The system is that you buy an internal camera unit (ICU), and then the ICU can be fitted in different high quality bags. They are not cheap though The XL...
  64. Charry

    Can the FX8 replace all this?

    Hello everyone, new member here trying to get all the basic info I need before selling half of my gear to get an FX8 (still on the waiting list). I have a very big pedalboard that consists of a lot of drive analog pedals, some digital pedals, a switcher and a TC G-System. I go stereo into 2...
  65. OddManOut

    My new 'guilty pleasure' - That Pedal Show on YouTube

    I don't recall how I first found out about this YouTube show but I've found myself watching more than I ever thought I would. Each episode of That Pedal Show is basically these two tasty guitarists - Dan and Mick - discussing a topic of interest to all guitarists - pedals, amps, and guitar...
  66. S

    FX8 Foot Switches engage when you remove your foot.

    Hi fellow FX8 Users. Is there a way to enable the foot switches to engage when you hit the switch rather than when you remove your foot? It's making my amp channel switching a bit slow or am I missing something and it's just me thats a bit slow !! Thanks everyone.
  67. ZenRigs Man

    FX8 Magnetic Glow-in-the-Dark labels - coming January 2016! Pics and details within...

    Hello folks! I'm really pleased and excited to be able to finally unveil the upcoming KickTags Modular Glow-in-the-Dark Magnetic Labelling System for the Fractal AX8 and FX8 boards! These will be constructed with the same materials as the latest gen MFC labels (4mm thick laser-cut acrylic)...
  68. ZenRigs Man

    AX8 Magnetic Glow-in-the-Dark labels - coming January 2016! Pics and details within...

    Hello folks! I'm really pleased and excited to be able to finally unveil the upcoming KickTags Modular Glow-in-the-Dark Magnetic Labelling System for the Fractal AX8 and FX8 boards! These will be constructed with the same materials as the latest gen MFC labels (4mm thick laser-cut acrylic)...

    First REAL gig with the FX8.

    Had a proper gig in a proper venue with a proper backline and proper PA. Was extremely tempted to go stereo, but in the end - as I hadn't been rehearsing that way - decided against it... maybe next time. We own our own PA and rehearsal space and levels are generally kept REASONABLY quiet (there...
  70. collin.keel

    Classic 2 cable(no fx loop) method question

    To use the standard 2 cable method (not using fx loop) why would you not/can you plug guitar into "In (pre)" and "Out (post)" to amp? I want to be able to use pre and post effects into the front of my amp. the manual says if you are using the classic 2 cable method, not using fx loop, to go...

    Forum suggestion

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if there's some better place to post this and if there is my apologies. It occurs to me that the Fractal lineup is diverging, but many of the functions and techniques used with the AFX models are also used with the AX8 and FX8. This is of course directly acknowledged...

    I just ordered an FX8...

    I've been looking to switch things up for a while... tired of my giant pedalboard and limited drive sounds, etc., etc. I am looking for flexibility and inspiration and something that I can carry around to gigs without the need for pain management. Anyway, I've been going back and forth between...
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