Any tips/tricks for using the FX8 in a WET-DRY-WET scenario?


Hey guys,

So, I've got my dream amp, and so now it only makes sense to maximise the tonal capabilities of this little stack you see pictured below.

Being an Eddie fanboi, I've got two 1x12 cabs and a Matrix power amp for my WET DRY WET DREAM :laughing:

Was curious to see if anyone is using their FX8s in a WDW type setup?

This won't be just a WDW rig, I'll more than likely alternate how I use it all; when I'm not in 'WDW mode', I'll probably be in 4CM etc etc.

Any hints/tips/tracks?
Any do's and dont's?


wow ... such great "toys" ! :dizzy:

in the meanwhile you already answered your questions ... but that's what I would do:

guitar > amp (no 4CM al all)
amp > 2x12 cab
amp send > FX8
FX out (L+R) > GT 800
GT800 (L) > left 1x12 cab
GT800 (R) > right 1x12 cab

I would add just an expression pedal to "balance" the mix out of the FX
Here's what I did for"S&G's".
I run (2) Mark V combos(4CM) in stereo typically. I have a 5150 1/2 stack sitting dormant for years.
So I decided to bring the 5150 into the mix out of curiosity and add more bottom end. I am new to the Fender Strat (CS 59) thing (Hendrix/SRV) and now I am hooked. Looking to pickup more bottom end thru the 4 spkr cab. Again S&G's.

I had (great co. been buying cables thru) build me a splitter box with 3 outlets for the front of each amp.
Gtr>FX8 >out to Suhr KOKO Boost into 3way splitter to front of each amp. So the 5150 cab is dry. I also have a volume & exp pedals on my board. I run the MKVs on chan 1 FAT Clean tones.
It was interesting and loud.

IHO physical amps needs to be pushed to compress the power tubes where the magic happens. Unfortunately its "too dam loud"
Anyway just an experiment.
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