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  1. Ventanaman

    AxeFx III - 4CM with On-Stage Cab and Stereo to FOH

    Hi All! I am planning on going down the 4CM rabbit hole with my B rig and would like to have my tube amp provide the amp tone and power an on-stage cabinet while sending a DI back into the AxeFX for the cab sim and then stereo to FOH? I tried searching but couldn’t find a specific schematic -...
  2. H

    4CM with the Boss ES-5

    I just finished assembling this and I'm in need of some help on how to hook up the FM3 with the four cable method. I'm also planning to use this board on an Orange Rockerverb 50 mkIII to utilize the effects on the FM3. If it's just the FM3, I'd have no issue on how to hook it up with 4CM to...
  3. F

    Optimizing preset for lower CPU usage

    Hi Everyone, I'm attaching a preset that I made which utilizes the 4CM method and combines my physical amp with the modeled amp from the FM3 (building off an original preset posted by @bdrama in this forum). All effects are of course coming from the FM3. The goal is to have a set up where I...
  4. L

    Why does Reverb mix parameter at 0 mutes block in 4CM setup?

    I recently got an AXE FX III and am setting up a preset for using a real amp via the 4CM. So the connections are: guitar-> I1 -> O3L -> Amp In -> Amp FX Send -> I3L -> O4L -> Amp FX Return And then I created a preset that just has the above I/O blocks. All is well. Now I'm experimenting with...
  5. Cpt737

    Axe-Fx 3 with Kemper Stage

    Guys I need an advice with a little experiment setup with my friend’s kemper stage he brought. We are trying to use the kemper in a signal chain instead of amp and cab block on axe fx III. So; Guitar -> Axe Input 1 -> axe pre amp effects(drive and phaser blocks) -> axe output3 -> kemper...
  6. J

    FM3 4CM with modelers?

    Hi guys I just received my FM3 and I sold my AX8 but now I have a problem, I use my Mesa TC50 with the AX8 via 4CM and I was able to changes my TC50 Channels and also add two news pre amps to my mesa TC50 from the AX8 using X and Y, in order to do this I have the fxloop block parallel to the...

    New BTPA Composite Cable for Fractal Audio Systems Devices

    Now offering, Composite Cables designed for Fractal Audio Systems products! These feature (2) Humbuster Cables, (1) Instrument Cable, (1) TRS/MIDI Cable, and (1) AC power cable all in one overall PVC outer jacket. Similar to a cable loom, except the outer jacket is PVC - like a typical audio...
  8. B

    Can you hook up the Axe FX 3 in multiple ways at the same time?

    Can you hook up the Axe FX 3 in multiple ways at the same time? For example, if I'm using 4CM because I want to use only the effects with my real amp/cab, can I then easily switch to just the Axe FX 3 (so using amp sims, and bypassing my real amp completely)? Or would you have to change all...
  9. J

    Fractal Audio FX8 and Simplifier (DSM & Humboldt)

    I need help on how to apply the 4 cable method using the Simplifier. There is a suggestion in the manual but not specific to a multi effects processor. Please help. Thank you!
  10. Georgy

    How to run my JJ Jnr amp --> Axe-Fx XL --> Suhr Reactive Load?

    Hey Guys, I've searched YouTube, I've googled, I've even come back to the Fractal Forum to try and find something but havn't been so lucky.. My Friedman JJ Jnr amp is a few weeks away from arriving. I wanna be able to use it in 4CM.. so I can hear the amp through my 1x12 cab but ALSO so...
  11. D

    4CM vs. Front of Amp

    I have been using the 4 cable method using the effects loop on a Hot Rod Deluxe III for awhile now with great results. I recently tried removing the loop block in my preset (replaced with a shunt) and going straight into the front of the amp through out one L. I hear no noticible difference in...
  12. pelachile

    No control of amp in 4 cable method

    I am using an original Peavey 5150 and I am trying to use the 4 cable method. However, once I get everything set up none of the controls on my amp effect anything. Is this the expected behavior?
  13. R

    Crazy 2 amp+axefx2 routing. Is this possible?

    I'd like to set up my AXFX2 MKI to run two physical amps and an AXFX2 modeled rig. After searching the manual, you tube, and the forums, I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. Here's are the specifics of what I'm trying to do 1) 1 guitar input (I do also have an AB/Y splitter if this...
  14. Veritas0Aequitas

    Diezel VH4 with FX8 in 4 Cable Method

    Does anyone here have a Diezel VH4 that they've tried with an FX8 in 4 Cable Method (4CM) successfully? Did you have you use Fractal humbuster cables or an Ebtech Hum Eliminator or HumX with it? I used to use a G-System with an Ebtech Hum Eliminator and it reduced most of the hum but not all...
  15. G

    Evh 5150iii 50 watt midi question

    Hey, so I just picked up an ax8 and want to run 4 cable along with channel switching. The issue I'm running in to is trying to turn on the fx loop to use 4 cable to get sound. Has anyone figured out a way to make this work or should I return and get an fx8?
  16. dtpancio

    Real tube amp instead of the amp block..a sort of 4CM

    So..I just picked up a Mesa/Boogie Mark V 25 and a Two Notes Captor, and I tried to do this: Guitar-->Axe-Fx's Instr Input-->[pre gain stage effects]-->Axe-Fx's Fx loop send-->Mark V's input-->Mark V's speaker output-->Captor Speaker input-->Captor Line Out-->Axe-Fx's Fx loop return-->[cab...
  17. N

    JCM900 with fx8? effects loop? sleeve to short channel switch

    I just purchased a 93 JCM 900 (100w), i cant seem to find any information on the effects loop, if it is series or parallel. also if i can use the relay function on the FX8 to switch channels. Any one out there use an FX8 with a Marshall JCM900 using the 4CM? thoughts? appologies if this has...
  18. Raggashaggas

    Is it possible to run REAL volume and wah pedals w/ AX8?

    I've already used the incredible amp modeling functions on the AX8 for DI gigs and just running through the clean tone of an amplifier for one gig. HOWEVER, I've built some FX Loop only presets that I want to run via 4-cable method through my Mesa Boogie JP2C for a gig I've got next weekend. I...
  19. O

    Mesa Boogie Triaxis + Fractal Audio FX8 Mark II Hum and poweramp pops.

    Hi all, I have recently bought Fractal Audtion FX8 Mark II. The idea was to hook it up to Mesa Boogie Triaxis as a controller and effect processor, but I have faced a problem of hum and poweramp pops when going from Stand By/ On and vice versa. I have tried 2 types of 4CM connections. First...
  20. R

    [Solved] FX loop issue on the JP-2C with FX8

    Hi, I had my FX loop working on the JP-2C with the FX8 where all of the effects that were PRE and POST were working fine. The next time I fire up the Amp and the FX8, none of my effects are working and the volume is really low. When I switch the FX toggle switch on the JP-2C to the MD position...
  21. R

    FX Loop doesn't work properly

    Hi, I have the FX-8 and a JP-2C and I have set it up using the 4 cable method. I have the switch on the front of the JP-2C set to FX and the sound is very low and it appears that the post effects are not working...only the pre effects. This is the first pedal board that I own and I'm not very...
  22. Georgy

    Anyone using their AX8 in 4CM with an ENGL Steve Morse amp?

    So... this is a two-part question.. Just curious to see if anyone is specifically using their AX8 in 4CM with an ENGL Steve Morse amp? This particular has midi so in theory, my AX8 will be able to control the amp (change channels etc) which is what I'm hoping it will do. Alternatively, do...
  23. Hyperion88

    JP-2C with AX8 or FX8

    I already have a Mesa Boogie JP-2C ( Midi capable), and I recently sold my AX FX II (Mark I). I am right now in the market for a new Fractal product, however I would like to mostly use my JP-2C with some added effects, and from time to time perhaps use some amp modeling. I know that if I chose...
  24. vaibhavmittal

    Fuchs Triple Drive Supreme and FX8

    Hi Guys, I am waiting for my B-Stock FX8 to arrive soon and needed some information on using controllers on FX8: 1. Since I've never used Effects Loop before and intend on using FX8 with 4CM, what would be best settings on the amp, series or parallel, and what should be position of knob level...
  25. Greg Lygon

    AX8: Possible FX Loop Issue (For Noobs)

    Hello everyone! Just took delivery of an AX8, and so far I truly love it. Had me tempted to sell my one and only tube amp . . . Currently, trying to solve a problem with using Four-Cable Method in my PRS Archon. Should be pretty simple. A few effects blocks (comp, wah, drive) precede the FX...
  26. J

    AX8 output questions

    Hi folks! Just got my AX8 last week for my Christmas :) I have a question about the output section of my AX8. I am thinking how can I connect the PA to FOH and my amp fx loop at the same time. Physically I know I will send my two XLR cable to FOH and 4cm to my amp, but how about the software...
  27. dan4132

    Chorus Effect Not Working

    Hi There, I have just gone over to the 4CM with the Axe FX. Everything works perfectly apart from the Chorus.. and I can't quite work out what is going on. I started off with using this patch: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=2995 If I only have the Chorus patch selected...
  28. Metcloned

    Switching Mesa Mark V:25 channels with AxeFX2 XL+...

    Hello all.. New here to Fractal Forum.. Im curious if i could switch my amp channels with the pedal option in the back of the axeFX.. if there is anyway i can do this it would be great info.. i plan to run the 4cm with the Mark V:25 and the mkII pedal board.. i prevoiulsy used the GCP and GCX...
  29. N

    Hello Fractal

    Hey guys First time Axe fx owner. Picked up an Ultra.........."finally" got axe edit to work. I LOVE IT. For now just using a focusrite 2i2 and KRK 5 Rokits. This thing is amazing, I can just imagine how powerful the axe fx 2 is. I want to hook this thing up different ways just to see results of...
  30. J

    4 crucial questions.

    I have a few crucial questions. Hope you can shed some light. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been thinking whether to go "standard cab" or "FRFR". Things to consider: - 1st...
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