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  1. Burgs

    New Amps and Overdrives. Preset. Video. My take...

    A patch consolidating all of the new stuff and how I'd use it. I really love the Gauss Drive in front of a little Fender combo like the 6G4. Smooth sailing..! Thanks, Cliff! Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=10690
  2. Burgs

    Hang 'em High (and how not to play it...) Preset D/L and vid

    Just having a bit of fun with an old favourite by EVH following a couple of weeks off (back issues). Good fun. Hopefully you can play it better than me and maybe this patch will put you in the ballpark. Rock on. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=10337 Loose video demo:
  3. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen Balance Tone (Baluchitherium Intro)

    Hi all, I recently created this preset with my Axe-Fx III and thought I'd try and convert to the FM9. Not sure if it will work but someone let me know please. Also here is the backing track I made for it.
  4. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen 90's Balance Tone

    Hi all, Here is my attempt at Eddie's Balance tone, I will be updating it with other scene's in the near future but I'm using scene 2 for this video.
  5. Georgy

    Any tips/tricks for using the FX8 in a WET-DRY-WET scenario?

    Hey guys, So, I've got my dream amp, and so now it only makes sense to maximise the tonal capabilities of this little stack you see pictured below. Being an Eddie fanboi, I've got two 1x12 cabs and a Matrix power amp for my WET DRY WET DREAM :laughing: Was curious to see if anyone is using...
  6. diezel013

    Beat It - Eddie Van Halen Solo

    What a classic... Using my EVH preset (Brit Brown thru G12M + D120 blend... with some verb panned ala EVH). Hope ya dig... Miss ya Eddie!!!
  7. D

    Andy Wood nails EVH

    ...with a Frankie and a 5150, far and away the best I've heard:
  8. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - Unchained (Cygnus)

    Hi all, thought I'd give Cygnus a test drive with some Van Halen, I tried to match the panning to the record.
  9. ProgressiveRocco

    Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)

    I think it's safe to say Eddie's passing left a void in the guitar world that will never be filled. In my opinion there's never been anyone so influential, inspiring and creative as EVH, he took what Hendrix did 10 years prior and brought it to a whole other level. The electric guitar as an...
  10. Andrea Maccianti

    Van Halen Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) Guitar Solo Cover

    Hey friends! 😊 Van Halen Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) Guitar Solo Cover. This is one of my favorite songs from the Balance album (1995) The solo of this song is really great not to mention the sound! Eddie was truly unique. I will never stop thanking you for everything you have given in the...
  11. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - “Runnin' With The Devil” Preset

    Hi all, another VH preset, thought i'd share my Runnin' With The Devil preset, as soon as i heard this song many years ago i was hooked, what an absolute belter for an opening song on their debut album. I made this on my Axe-Fx III and converted so you'll have to see how it turns out, i've...
  12. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Runnin' With The Devil" Preset

    Hi all, another VH preset, thought i'd share my Runnin' With The Devil preset, as soon as i heard this song many years ago i was hooked, what an absolute belter for an opening song on their debut album. It has 2 scenes, Rhythm and the solo, simple. I'm using a third party IR (PT) which i've...
  13. diezel013

    My Tribute to Edward Van Halen

    This is my humble, sincere and heartfelt tribute to the one and only Edward Lodewijk Van Halen. You will be dearly missed. If anyone is interested in the presets I used I'm happy to share them. Songs played: Cathedral, Eruption, Running With The Devil, Women In Love, Little Guitars Intro...
  14. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Panama" Preset (RIP Eddie)

    Hi all, It's a sad sad day in the guitar world so i thought i'd do this. I made this preset on my Axe-FX III and thought i'd share for you FM3 guys, i'm not sure how it will turn out but feel free to try. I used a stock cab, pic below if its not included. Enjoy guys.
  15. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Panama" Preset

    Hi all, i've been asked by so many people for this preset so here it is. It is using a stock cab. I use scene 1 in my video with chorus, scene 2 is using the pitch block instead of chorus and scene 3 i was messing around with the 100w Plexi so you can have a play and see what works for you. Enjoy.
  16. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Panama" tone

    Yep another VH post i'm afraid guys. I tried to get as close as poss to Eddie's tone. Let me know what you think.
  17. A

    Fractal FM3 metal demo | pt2 | ft. DIGITECH THE DROP

    Second video of my FM3 metal demo series. This time using Digitech the Drop as well, to achieve drop A tuning Guitar: Charvel Joe Duplantier pro-mod w/ Seymour Duncan SH11 tuned to drop B Fractal amps used: 0:00 FAS MODERN 1:09 5153 RED 100w 3:22 RECTO RED MODERN 4:54 FAS MODERN II...
  18. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - Somebody Get Me A Doctor Preset

    Hi all, I have a few people ask me for this preset, i will be doing a complete preset for VHII like i did for VHI but this is the first one i've done, i used my first one as a template so thats why all the other scenes are from the first one but i will update it and post on here. I used one...
  19. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Somebody Get Me A Doctor"

    Using my new EVH Frankie relic, this has got to be one of Eddie's best riffs, i absolute love it.
  20. A

    FM3 metal demo

    I am starting a series of videos demoing the various metal tones you can get out of the FM3, playing a couple of riffs for each. Would love to compare my high gain presets to other members'
  21. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen I (Free Preset)

    Hi all, Here is a Van Halen 1 preset i've been working on, it has 8 scenes for 8 different songs. I've tried to match the recordings including the panning of the guitar and reverb. I've used a couple of stock IR's and a 3rd party one (Pete Thorn's PT20) I have to give @levipeto some credit as i...
  22. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Runnin' With The Devil" Intro (Van Halen preset in the making)

    Hi all, i've noticed lots of people have been trying to re-create that VH1 tone recently and i have been on the same trail. I've been working on this preset for a few weeks now and i'm trying to get close to each track on the first album. I saw @levipeto post his preset yesterday and i must say...
  23. TheTrooper

    Van Halen - Eurption (Guitar Cover)

    Hey guys, found time to record one of my fav solos. I'm running direct from the Axe Fx to Logic X pro; no post processing done. I believe the patch is a Friedman BE/HBE with a TS808 in front (no drive, only level up) Delay and Reverb. The guitar is a 2011 Charvel San Dimas MIJ, with BKP...
  24. Burgs

    Brownies. Free Preset and Video Demo.

    I went to the Melbourne Guitar Show last weekend and was lucky enough to walk out with an FC-12. To celebrate I went home and spent a couple of days making a brown sound preset and accompanying video demo. There's some predictable stuff and some crazed stuff here. It's all free. I hope you can...
  25. Georgy

    KSE - Holy Diver-type tone anyone? (or where to start)

    So, after taking a break from the 'Fractals' for roughly 2 years, I'm back!! Feels like I missed out a bit here and there; it was Quantum 6 or something when I last logged in... Now I have an Axe 2 XL, and I sure have missed it. Can anyone point me in the direction to find some presets or...
  26. Belensky

    Peavey 6505 + Music Man Axis – Playthrough

    quick playthrough of peavey 6505 and music man axis. I always dreamed about having 5150/6505 but newer got it, first I didn't have money, then I when I had money I already had some other amps.
  27. R

    Old guy trying to figure this out.

    Hey guys, I am running an EVH 50 watt and an EVH EL34 50 Watt in stereo with all analog stuff right now. I would love to clean up my home studio and have a simple unit to do everything. I borrowed an FX8 and tried it and have all the effects programming down. My problem is I want to be able to...
  28. Guitarjon

    80s Hair Metal Infusion!

    Sometimes the stars align and an amp and IR just match perfectly! This happened when I was trying out some amps for my new 80s hair metal track. I used the Fractal LB-2 X-Load to capture the amp and that goes back into my Axe Fx III in which I'm doing all the IR loading and most of the effects...
  29. crg123

    FS Darkglass B7K (USA), EVH D-tuna & Morley Bad Horsie II

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Darkglass B7K (USA) Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original Box and Sticker Location (City,State or City,Country): Boston, MA International OK? : NO Contact Info (No Phone #s) References (eBay or other forum userid): Lots of...
  30. D

    Axe-Fx Ultra Question (Tube-Amp + Cab + Cabsim to FOH)

    Hey there guys! I just got an Axe Ultra for a very good price and now I´m thinking about ways to integrate in into my setup! First of all: I´m using an EVH 5153, which is heavily modded and which I love. I´m planning on using the Axe Ultra with the 4CM and just as an FX-Unit. So far so great...
  31. B

    Should I buy a EVH 5150 Striped Series Guitar even though it's made in Mexico?

    I have been thinking about buying the red/black/white striped series EVH with the matching hockey headstock for awhile... From the videos I heard, it sounds nice.... BUT, it's made in Mexico. And it's almost $1,400 plus additional $170 for a case.... I mean there are other options, I "could"...
  32. Rob Suelfllohn

    AC/DC "Hells Bells" Guitar cover - EVH Wolfgang , Fractal AX8

    Here is my first post using my new Fractal AX8 ...such great tone. I just loved it. I used the New Frankie by Mark Day for this.
  33. Igor Paspalj

    "Eruption" - EVH - beta testing new 4x12 EVH cab from CabIr.eu

    Hi all, Few days ago I got a great opportunity to beta test new 4x12 EVH cab pack from CabIr.eu which is gonna be released soon - Thanks Markus! :) Now, I am perfectly aware that Eruption is not recorded on this new signature EVH amp and cab, but still, it was perfect excuse to record the...
  34. K

    Axe 2 xl+ Free Presets

    I just got my fractal on Friday and here are some free presets to share. Influenced by Van Halen and Dokken. If anyone wants to tweak them and post the new preset that would be great.
  35. Georgy

    EVH FX anyone..? Unchained Flanger and Phaser ideally..

    Hey guys, I'm running my FX8 in 4CM with my EVH 5153 50w, and I'm struggling to get (or even find somewhere) any EVH sounds, mainly his signature 'Unchained' Flanger and his Phaser (You Really Got Me'esque). If anyone has those settings that they would like to share, would be much obliged...
  36. Burgs

    Q9.0 Beta 6550 EVH attempt. Video and preset.

    I had a half day off at home between flights (on the road again) and lo and behold, there's some new FW to download and love! Always a welcome thing for me. Admin suggest that the 6550/Cab#61 combo, with a tweak of the new Speaker Compression parameter, will park my boat up next to the ocean...
  37. Guitarjon

    Axe FX vs Amplitube vs Revalver vs TH3 vs Pod Farm vs 8505 vs Guitar Rig vs Helix: 5150 edition

    Hey guys, With all the 'vs' and modeler battle demos going on I thought it would be cool to do a few SDS style. We're comparing 8 different amp modelers in a full band context, just as you would use/hear them in real life. All of the amp modelers are running through the exact same OwnHammer...
  38. Guitarjon

    The heaviest sound I could conjure... (OwnHammer HHC2 EVH teaser...)

    Hi guys, I am so excited to be able to talk about the new OwnHammer Heavy Hitters Collection volume 2 pack. But before we talk, check out this teaser track. I used the EVH 4x12 cab with the highly sought after EVH speaker. I think it absolutely destroys :) There will be more teasers soon! Enjoy:
  39. B

    Any good EVH Flange settings

    Anyone have any recommendations for good EVH flange settings? I just picked up the ax8 to revamp my rig and get rid of most of my pedals and so far I'm in love. The only issue is I can't seem to get the evh flange sound that I've always loved from it with the tweaking I've done (I have the evh...
  40. Andrea Maccianti


  41. TheTrooper

    VAN HALEN - Somebody Get Me a Doctor | Video Cover| BRIT 800 #34!!!!

    My humble Cover of this great great song. The new Brit 800 #34 is absolutely stellar and Q7 is all another league. (Beta 2 disn't sound as good as the final version, maybe I did something wrong but now it's incredible) No copying EVH tone here, just trying to see how the JBM works in a old...
  42. Mark Day

    Vh "Feel Your Love Tonight" Cover Video

    For the VH critics, this is NOT an attempt at "The Brown Sound" it's just me goofing around complete with my own original mistakes. Quantum 5.00 Preset Here: Scene1 rhythm, scene3 Solo http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4856
  43. Moke

    Audio clip of my new 'Eruption/You Really Got Me' preset added to my site

    Here is a link to an audio clip of my new 'Eruption/You Really Got Me' preset. It's a bunch of random early EVH 'noodling' with a standard tuned EBBM Axis guitar. The 'Pitch' block is dropping it down a 1/2 step. It actually does sound better on a 1/2 step dropped tuned guitar without the...
  44. Guitarjon

    EVH fans, check this out! (5153 amp & new OH 412 EDVH pre-rola greenbacks)

    Hi everyone! :) Today I'm really excited because OwnHammer has released the new 412 EDVH dual speaker library featuring pre-rola M20 and M25 speakers and blends of both. I'm a huge fan of the EVH amps and speakers so this is a true delight. This release sounds so damn good as you'll hopefully...
  45. skyhighrocks

    My live direct 5153 preset

    I did post this in the discussion section along with a video but always forget about this section that IS for presets. Here's the preset I used at my last few gigs. I ran direct to FOH and monitored through my CLR and IEMs. It's laid out like this (if you don't feel like watching the video but...
  46. Burgs

    Dan Danzi - Thanks!

    I've been enlisted to do a Fractal Audio clinic at the forthcoming Melbourne Guitar Show in a week's time with the AX8. I'm looking forward to it. I thought I'd try and wow some of the crew with some EVH stuff courtesy of Dan's outstanding presets. I'll demo the sound and then deconstruct the...
  47. alexwald

    How to set up noise gates for a high gain patch?

    just curious what's your strategy for setting up the input noise-gate and the noise-gate block. I have a EVH 5153 head and use a overdrive block in PRE, and have a noise-gate block in POST. I'd like to be able to bypass the noise-gate block for clean channel, so it should take care of most of...
  48. alexwald

    How to use Relay1 and Relay2 in auto-trigger with 3 scenes?

    let me explain. I have 3 scenes with my EVH 5150 III: 1) rhythm channel 2) crunch channel 3) clean in the preset, I have both relay1 (controls RHY channel) and relay2 (tip=clean channel, ring=crunch) block set to auto-off, auto-trigger, this is required because of how EVH switches channels...
  49. Guitarjon

    Tones that will RIP YOUR FACE OFF! OH EDVH, Pantera inspired.

    So last week was the day that Dimebag died in 2004. This made me want to come up with some really heavy tones inspired by this guitar hero. I literally wanted to make the heaviest (6-string) tones that I could and the only speaker IR's that offer these types of tones and also sound great were...
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