Classic 2 cable(no fx loop) method question

How to use pre and post effects without using an amp fx loop

  • Use "In (pre)" and "Out (post)"

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  • Jump "Out (pre)" and "In (post)"

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To use the standard 2 cable method (not using fx loop) why would you not/can you plug guitar into "In (pre)" and "Out (post)" to amp?

I want to be able to use pre and post effects into the front of my amp. the manual says if you are using the classic 2 cable method, not using fx loop, to go from guitar to "In (pre)" and "Out (pre)" to amp. But, using this method you are not able to use any post effects like reverb, delay, etc.

Just rearrange the PRE/POST config so that all 8 blocks are PRE. You should use Out (pre) as it is instrument level and intended to hit the front of your amp. You can jump Out (pre) to In (post), but it's less than ideal unless for some reason you need to access a 4CM preset quickly without changing its PRE/POST config.

There's no way to use In (pre) to Out (post) without something physically connecting Out (pre) and In (post). I've argued in previous threads that soft patching it is theoretically possible but not available (and seemingly not desirable) in the firmware.
any effect can be Pre or Post in the FX8. just set the Config page so all 8 blocks are Pre, and your Reverb and Delay blocks will be ready to go.

Pre vs Post refers to the physical inputs and outputs of the Pre and Post sections on the rear.
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