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  • Hey there,
    Recently bought an MC6 and saw that you are quite the afficiando.
    Have you ever tried to hook up an external aux switch?
    I have a Boss FS-6 and have set it up in the global menu.
    My issue is that it recognizes it as an expression pedal.
    When I look at the editor it labels it expression and I don't have access to any parameters other than CC.
    hey trying to add your filter sound and just not working.. Can you help me? I have the FX8 Mark II
    hi, I watched your Cloudy Skies Demo. really fantastic. how can I load it to my preset block with my fracrtal ax8 Q7.01 update? it seems that it can only be loaded with Q7.02. ax8 doesn't have that update yet. thanks!
    7.02 is a public beta. This block requires 7.02, which includes the new Input Diffusion parameter on the Plex types of the Multi-Delay Block. 7.01 doesn't have that parameter.
    You seem to have great knowledge of the ax8. Would you consider Skype lessons?

    What part of Arizona are you in? I live in Gilbert. There seem to be a few fellow Fractilites in Phoenix.
    Hey bro,
    The top feature OP 2 was turned up. Is there an internal feature in global I need to activate or?
    Also any idea what would have caused my pre set to be corrupt?

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