All the NEW AX8 / FX8 STOMPLABELS are NOW online ! AX8-EDIT / Stompbox / Black

Hi there,
after many many long evenings and nights we are NOW ready with all our STOMPLABELS for the AX8 and FX8
and we are happy to show here some examples, we have designed more than 150 diffrent labels in many diffrent styles, in stompboxstyle..., in just a blackstyle..., or also in the AX-Editstyle...

ALL is ready produced and available in our shop.
also some AX8-stomplabels that was very fast sold out after the release on facebook !
its all back in stock and online NOW !!!

for ALL labels/pictures PLEASE CHECK OUR SITE

many thanks and have FUN !!!,
ok, lets start with some example-picture... :)

here comes a picture with some AX-EDITS and two Blacksets (CCRL-SET and CONTROLSET)


or maybe some blackys with some stompboxstyled FX-Labels?


or on top some black stomplabels with a clasic presetset...


or the black ones with a descent "brushed metal" desing presetset?...


or the brushed metalset with some stompys?...


or some rifflemetal with stompbox fxs...


and Rifflemetal wit some AX8-Edits stomplabels?...


or maybe a little bit "wood-style" on the AX8 ?! :)


also possible wood with AX8-Edits..


or a classic stompboxpreset set from us with some AX8-edits and some blackys on the right...


sorry for all the pictures, but THATS NOT ALL !! :)

we have in all styles diffrent SCENESETS ,CCRL-SETS,or PRESETSETS
you can mix all the sets with every single label on our site !
for all PICTURES on the sets and singlestomplabels please VISIT our SITE

many THANKS cheers Sascha
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