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  1. D

    Patch mode vs Scenes

    I had until recently been a scenes user but wasn't happy with my sounds. I've downloaded a bunch of presets I really like, but to switch between them all quickly I (believe) I need to be in 'sticky' patch mode (F1 held down). This gives me my 8 patches on the 8 main switches and mostly works...
  2. C

    FM3 setup question

    Hey all, Quick question. I currently have a control switch on my Amp boost...and a drive bypass controlled on FS1. I'm curious if I can make what's on FS1 not follow the saved states of other FX in scenes. Another words...I want to turn on and off those functions freely and not be impacted...
  3. ZebulaJams

    Just bought Axe-Fx III

    So I just bought this rig and I was super stoked to get it. So far, the experience hasn't been the best. There is no help with understanding the device, you have to Google random forums and reddit posts to find out that you have to update the firmware and install the proper drivers, and figuring...
  4. Wolfliver

    WISH - toggle scenes on hit, not release

    Hi all, it might be strange to more long time users, but I still struggle with the fact, that toggling between presets, scenes, effects and so forth happen only when the footswitch is released and not when it is pressed down. As someone, who is really more accustomed to traditional pedals with...
  5. S

    Changes to effects in one scene affecting effects in all other scenes

    Hey all, I've searched for a thread on this subject but haven't had any luck finding one so I'll start out with the cut and dry "If this thread exists elsewhere please let me know" disclaimer. With that out of the way, I'm working on building a studio preset on my Axe III that will be my one...
  6. mwd

    Scene Level Confusion

    I clicked Output then Scene levels and noticed on Scene One my Scene levels sliders showed +5 on Scene 1 fader and -1 on Scene 2 fader. Then I switched to Scene Two and my Scene level sliders were at different values. Not grasping this. What's the point in leveling scenes if the faders change...
  7. maxolla

    How are you using Scene Controllers?

    Just got a patch set up today using Scene Modifiers and I’m really liking the ability to change block parameters using them. I used a modifier to change change gain on the Euro Red. There are actually three stages of sub-sequential gain boost. Never new that amp would do low gain sounds as...
  8. T

    Wish Option to Auto Increment Block Channel with Scene

    Please delete this if I have failed to catch this in the manual. A lot of times when I am creating a preset I tie the block's channel number/letter to the current scene. For example on my amp block, I'll usually have scene 1 be a distorted sound, scene 2 might be a mid gain sound, and scene 3...
  9. axedude

    Combine multiple presets

    Here's what I'm trying to accomplish, just not sure the best approach. I'm trying to create one MAIN RIG preset with 8 scenes, each with a a unique Amp / tone sound / effects that covers ALL of my main tones in a single preset. ie: Clean, Crunch, Lead 1, Lead 2, etc. I already know that parts...
  10. axedude

    Presets w/ Multiple Scenes - Global Block confusion

    First, I have read many posts in the forum and the manual about Global Blocks. While I get the overall concept, I still struggle with Scenes and Global Blocks. I realize the naming concept is in the "Wish List" forum, and this is an issue for me too. I know when that becomes a feature it...
  11. GuitarMan86

    Pedalboard Layouts - Opinions or ideas needed

    Hey all, Starting to explore my FC12 a bit and haven't got it setup much other than utilizing the default scenes layout and getting to the effects layout. Still tweaking my presets and finding my ideal preset design. I have always (mainly) been a 'single' preset type of user. I may have a...
  12. axedude

    Best way to set up Presets / Scenes for Live rig

    My apologize if this has been addressed in the forum already. I did a bunch of searching on this but wasn't able to find the right info. I understand how presets work, and that each preset has 8 scenes no matter if they are used or not. But Scenes only limit the changes to blocks being bypassed...
  13. Jason King

    Austin Buddy Dream Rigs

    Just purchased this and it’s fantastic so far. There are essentially 4 sounds per amp, clean, dirt, medium, and lead. All in different presets. My question is if there a simple way to take those 4 independent patches and merge them into one patch with each of the 4 patches becoming scenes...
  14. Shamash

    Artifacts when changing presets

    Hi, I am having an issue with noise artifacts when changing presets. I have a basic Drive -> Amp -> cab preset, and I change to a Pitch -> Drive -> Amp -> cab scene and get tons of weird noises. I've attached my preset. I have the latest update 1.8.7.
  15. voes

    Wish Option to make a block scene-independent

    Since there's a good chance that the III will include 3 AMP blocks, I wish there was an option on each block to select if it was Scene independent I would like to make one big Preset which would contain 3-4 AMPS (using different blocks or channels) and 8 scenes to change between FX settings...
  16. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe FX III Scenes & Channels Demo

    Hey guys I hope you enjoy this video. The new scenes and channels combined are probably one of my favorite features of the new Axe.
  17. Steve Lockridge

    AX8 Edit How To Assign Presets and Scenes to Footswitches

    I have searched for an answer but I have found very little about AX8 Edit on the web. And apparently there isn't a manual. What I want to do is probably simple but I haven't been able to figure it out. I have presets where I want to assign scenes and other presets to the footswitches. It's easy...
  18. speedloader

    Gapless Amp System - 5 channels 3 footswitches 1 scene

    Here's a simple system I use to cover all amp gain levels with gapless transitions. For that, we'll use the two control switches with the x/y amp switch. SW2 : clean / dirty SW3 : crunch / high gain SW4 : rhythm / lead SW2 bypasses the amp block and engages a PEQ to simulate a clean amp. SW3...
  19. Raggashaggas

    Programming your own scenes into blank presets

    im a new FX8 Mark II owner and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to create my own scenes and presets. I’ve watched several YouTube videos but they only describe messing around with the FX parameters and plugging the unit in. Also, I seem to have trouble running the FX8 thru my amps FX...
  20. MSS

    Change AX8 foot switch 1 default to Scene 1/2 toggle

    Does anyone use the Amp X/Y toggle much? I find this is one of the first things I change. I reassign foot switch 1 from Amp x/y to scene 1/2 toggle. I know I can assign it to any foot switch but 1 makes the most sense for me and I just don't use amp x/y toggles. I also know I can make it...
  21. Solitudezoso


    Hello I own an AXE FX 2 XL, matrix gt1000 1u, behringer MFC and a PORT CITY 2X12 Can anyone here tell me why is it when I'm changing scenes, there seems to be a volume change. So for example I have this rock metal preset using FRIEDMAN tone and I use drive, delay, blocks, filter, etc. In...
  22. Megahertzz

    Volume global block and scene modifier issue

    I have a global volume block that I use on all my presets, where the volume parameter is controlled by an expression pedal, and block level is used with a scene modifier for volume boost during leads. The thing is, and I'm fairly certain I could do this before, when I change the level...
  23. Keg8605

    Global IA (Drive 2) Help in 4 cable method

    So I'm back in the 4cm territory using a relay switcher to change channels on my amp. For every preset I have the scene switches (IA's) also send program changes to change the amp channel on my friedman. I've setup an IA to be global for Drive 2. I use Drive 2 for the RC boost to keep levels...
  24. DropTheSun

    Wish Scene naming on the AX8 screen.

    It would be helpfull to have a option to name scenes and the AX8 screen would show them, when you are in the Scene changing mode. I have my AX8 to show presets on the screen. When i change the Scene change function ON, the screen stays on the presets view. When i go to looper mode the AX8...
  25. James Baker

    Wish Scenes - IA Switch LED Indication - Green, Red, Off

    I wish assigned scene IA switches had indicators like the other stomps. Green: present and active Red: present and not active Off: not present For example, in my setup the bottom 5 switches are used for scenes. Let's say "Preset 1" has 3 scenes. Only 3 of the scene switches would have an led...
  26. Nakul Sharma

    People using Pod HD 500x as midi

    Hey folks, All my queries regarding integrating Pod with Axe as midi are sorted out. Only thing I don't know is how to use scenes. If any of u can guide me on this. Pls don't send me patches as somebody attached as link on my other thread. I use 500x not 500. Any help would be appreciated...
  27. A

    drastic volume change between scenes w/ logic pro

    I've recently started having huge volume changes between my scenes. This seems to only occur when I start up logic pro with ax8 edit on. I'm currently running XLR L out ->focusrite->logic pro. I use Ax8 - Edit while logic is on so I can adjust my tone. I'm wondering if logic is sending midi...
  28. Niels Beier

    Spillover between scenes?

    I've been trying to set up my unit as running scenes, for different parts-changes within the song I'm playing. However, though I've set spillover to BOTH in the Globals menu, whenever I'm on a scene with delay and go to a scene without it, there's no spillover - the delay just cuts off...
  29. S

    Wish Rename the blocks/scenes

    My wish for the FX-8 (the only one!!!): it would be great to rename the blocks, or at least the scene-blocks. cheers, Sigi
  30. S

    Is there a way to change scenes on footswitches 1-4 and use 5-8 as stomp boxes?

    Hi all. I recently got my fx8 Mark II and I've been writing some patches and trying to figure out the best way to configure it for each of my gigs, and I'm having trouble getting it to do what I'd like. Any help is much appreciated. I'm using it with the three channel Mesa Boogie Mark V, and...
  31. Muad'zin

    [Bug] active blocks go dark during scene change

    Not sure if its been posted before but sometimes when I change scenes in a preset I experience a weird bug where all the active blocks go dark, as in appearing not to be active. I'm not sure if its just me but its driving me crazy. It makes no difference to the sounds, but I just can't see...
  32. J

    SOLVED. Effects staying on in scenes?

    hi everyone.. I have a FX8 with the latest firmware. I am using switches 5 - 8 to control scenes selections which are programmed to change channels on my amp using MIDI. Switches 1-4 are being used to turn on/off individual effects over the top of the amp channels. My problem is when I am on...
  33. thatrandomguy1

    Noob question regarding scenes and presets.

    Hello all! Just recently joined the fractal family and currently have my equipment en route. I've been doing countless hours of axe FX research due to the fact that this is all vastly new to me and have had trouble finding the answer to this question: Is it possible to have a preset saved to the...
  34. M

    MFC 101 - Axe FX Mode - Scene Midi PC#

    Hi, I have an Axe FX 2 XL and MFC 101 Mk3. I am running the MFC in Axe FX Mode and would like to program a single preset which has buttons 1-5 change scenes as well as send a PC# Midi message to my Marshall JVM 410c. The other IA buttons I would like to assign to Axe FX functions like 'Delay...
  35. MikaelAlmgren

    Delay (audio gap) when switching scenes

    Yesterday, me and the other guitarist in my band tried running the Axe-FX II both into a power amp/cabinet and direct at the same time. We put an FX Loop block before the Cab block in the signal chain and used output 2 for the amp/cabinet and output 1 for the PA. The thing we noticed right away...
  36. SoProg

    HELP! Loud Bad Noise After FW Update.

    Hi all, I need some help here. Hopefully quickly because next week is my first gig with the AX8, but only if this problem can be solved. So, I have this preset that I use for my band, it's got 4 scenes (clean,crunch,highgain,solo). It's been my go to patch based on the EVH5150. But, after...
  37. Nero

    Newbie questions, Scenes Auto-Save, x/y pause

    Hi there, I've been a Fractal user for about 4 hours now, I just received my AX8 and luckily as a programmer i tend to dive in before i test anything, i went thru the manual a couple of times last week so it was pretty straight forward to get started. I have a few questions for those of who are...
  38. stomplabel-Sascha

    All the NEW AX8 / FX8 STOMPLABELS are NOW online ! AX8-EDIT / Stompbox / Black

    Hi there, after many many long evenings and nights we are NOW ready with all our STOMPLABELS for the AX8 and FX8 and we are happy to show here some examples, we have designed more than 150 diffrent labels in many diffrent styles, in stompboxstyle..., in just a blackstyle..., or also in the...
  39. APE

    Aex-Edit: Create Scene

    I want to use scenes with my FCB-1010 pedal to change sounds, while avoiding the signal dropping that I experience when switching presets. Please show me any videos on creating scenes through Axe-Edit. The manual and videos I've watched don't explain how to do that. Thank you,
  40. B

    Scene 3 always low volume [NOT A BUG]

    When I create a preset with 3 scenes the first 2 scenes work as expected. Anything from scene 3,4,5 etc upwards is always low level and there is nothing I can do to increase. Scene 2 and 3 could be identical but the levels are completely different.
  41. spiderWAW

    Wish Name for scenes and 8 scenes display after hitting F2

    Possibility to add names for Scenes, like for preset in bank. After hitting F2 names will be showed on screen like presets are. Display should be visible not for 4 sec. but it could be permanent until next hit of F2 if it is set to sticky.
  42. Eduard

    Instant preset switching with preset information on screen

    allright so I have been looking for a way to set up my FX8 for live use. I would like to be able to set up the fx8 in the style of the G-system. The g-system had 2 switches for bankup and down, 5 switches for presets 1-5, a dedicated boost button and 6 switches for switching effects on and of...
  43. brianv4

    Wish: Scene Footswitch Option

    When in sticky scene, it would be nice to have the option of: scenes 1-4 and IA's 5-7 (or even IA's 1-4)
  44. apostox

    Problem from Chile...scenes

    Hola Soy Ricardo de Chile,,,tengo este detalle con las scenes de mi mfc101 mk3...alguna ayuda para este extranjero....saludos Hi I'm Ricardo de Chile ,,, I have this detail with scenes of my mfc101 mk3 ... some help this abroad .... greetings axe fx 2 xl quantum 2.04 mfc101 mk3 fw version 3.04
  45. M

    Issue selecting a Preset and Scene with MIDI from Ableton/DAW

    I'm using the CC#34 Breath Controller to send a value of 0 to my Axe FX II, and it is not selecting Scene 1 like I would expect. If I change the value to 2 it will select Scene 3 for a couple seconds and then go to Scene 2. But in another section of my song I have it select Scene 2 with a...
  46. branskylar

    Axe Fx II XL & Ground Control Pro

    Hey Guys, I'm currently programming my GCP to work with scenes on the Axe and I've come across a question I need answered. I've already programmed all the parameters and scenes are switching just fine. Only thing is, when I enable a CC on the GCP, say for a delay, on one preset and switch to...
  47. bwanagary

    Wish ALT SCENE feature, similar to ALT PRESET

    I'm thinking that each Preset could have an "ALT SCENE" the same way it has an "ALT PRESET" then you could toggle between the current SCENE (default 1) and the ALT SCENE with the switch :) rather than have the SCENE TOGGLE feature only toggle between scenes 1 and 2. Instead, you could toggle...
  48. F

    Toggle between scenes 1 and 2 with 1 Switch

    Hello, In the wiki it says: "You can assign a switch to each scene, increment of decrement scenes, or toggle between scenes 1 and 2." My requirement is to have 1 IA Switch to toggle between scenes 1 and 2. Looks like some people managed to do that but was not able to find how... Can you...
  49. actionjackson12


    Anyone else feel like they spend more time "programming" than playing? I would love to see how others approach using the axe-fx MKII/MFC-101 to really simplify, control, and access everything quickly and effortlessly...like a traditional rig (I miss having 5 knobs to control my amp etc.) MY...
  50. Keg8605

    Scene Reload or retrigger

    Question- I am new to scenes and taking advantage on the AX8. I have scene revert on which is what I want. Is there anyway to have it so it reloads the scene once you've added a few fx and then hit that scene again brings it back to its original setting? For example Scene 1 is clean. I add...
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