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Guthrie Govan FX8


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I'm also a huge fan of the FX8. I don't quite understand Fractals need to replace it. IMO "if it ain't broke , don't fix it."


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I'd imagine they have something better on the bench. I wouldn't mind an FM3 shaped FX only unit.
I hope so. I love fractal’s amp modelling but I love tube amps too.
I would buy a no compromise fractal effects floorboard like the fx8 in a heartbeat. It’s funny but I miss the simpler screen sometimes...


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I wouldn't mind an FM3 shaped FX only unit.
Especially if it has all the new drive models. That'd be rad. I spent fair bit of time over the past month or so really dialing in my tube rig (+ UA Ox), and got it to sound and feel really amazing, including, crucially, in the mix. This requires 4 different drive pedals on the pedalboard though, not on all at the same time, of course. Reverb and delay come from the Ox, and sound great. So replacing that pedalboard with a floor unit would be pretty cool.
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