FX8 with an Eventide H9

Hey, I'm looking to run my Eventide H9 for a few things 'POST' in stereo with my FX8.... I'm wondering if anyone has anything to say about the following

- Expression controlling both the Eventide and FX8 at the same time + set up for that
- All round set up for midi. Physical and inside the devices

I'm solid with midi and Routing and have been using a custom Bradshaw rig for many years. I just got the FX8 a couple months ago so I'm a little new to it's deeper functions

Any help would be most appreciated!!

I've only tried using my H9 Max in the FXLoop block at the very end of the chain and on a separate pedal board, so I'll be interested to hear of your suggestions. I then bring it in or out from scene selection. I made all the cables up as per the manual ........ the FX works perfectly.
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