Enabling/Bypassing Amp FX return


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I'm a violinist using an FX8 along with a POG2 on the Fx return.
Violin to Pre IN - Pre Out to POG2 input - Pog 2 output to Post input - Out POst to DI.

I'm figuring out a way to midi control all my effects from Logic so that I can be free to move around without having to change presets. More importantly avoid the tapdance when changing settings on both POG2 and FX8 at the same time.

Is there a way to bypass the Amp circuit through FX8 so that I don't need to reach out to my POG everytime to enable/bypass it? I guess I'm looking for some functionality that will enable the IN pre to connect directly to the OUT post thereby bypassing the POG(AMP return).

Would greatly appreciate any help in this. Thanks in advance!

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