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Video - Moke's Axe-Fx ll Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial - Part #2


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Part #2 of my 'Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial' videos. This one covers 4 of my 'Song Specific' presets and things get a bit more involved. Lots more useful information on 'Internal', 'External', and 'Scene' controllers. As well as effect block routing that also applies to the 'AX8' and the 'FX8'................

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Its always great when able to look inside someone else's stuff.
Thanks for sharing Moke. Really digging the Lucidity 12 string.
What parts did you use for those tonematches?


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O.K., now that someone moved these to the Preset Exchange .... Where's the presets ... ? ;)
Nice try.....;)..... That's why I chose not to post this in the 'Exchange' section. It's more about the Controllers, Maximizing CPU, Tone Matching, EQ, and Routing than the presets themselves? Oh well......I will post the rest of them in this section though.......
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