1. gaaarfild

    Gapless switch latency

    I use gapless switching and I don’t have a gap when switching. But I have a very noticeable delay when one preset switches to another. So the sound doesn’t disappear. But it switches half a second later than I pressed the button. Am I missing something? My switches don’t have a hold action assigned.
  2. VaggelisPRS

    Steve Lukather All Eras Presets Exchange

    Hello guys, I'm new to the world of Fractal! I'm a session guitarist in Greece. I've had my FM9 Turbo for 6-7 months now, and it's absolutely perfect. I can't even explain how much I love it! Steve Lukather is a huge inspiration for me, and I'd love to find presets that capture his tone. Maybe...
  3. sick pickle

    Using the output mixer (first time)

    So I am working on this Rush inspired "Time stand still" patch (Thanks @2112) but I wanted to combine a real guitar path in there as well (not just a 'direct' sound). I thought I would be able to blend the rows using the mixer, but that does not work as everything originates from row 3 (input...
  4. D

    Ring Modulator laser effect

    Hi! I made a video with a cool use of the Ring Modulator (I believe) Laser effect, drop effect, combination with killswitch.
  5. gaaarfild

    Upgrade All Presets utility

    I have an FM3 and FM9. When I got the latest beta update for FM3, I used "Upgrade All Presets" in the Setup > Utilities menu. When I installed the latest firmware on FM9, I wanted to do the same, but didn't find it on FM9. Does it mean that everything is already upgraded?
  6. Rylan Woodall

    FSOT FM9 Turbo FSOT Midland, Texas, USA

    Selling my FM9 Turbo. Bedroom studio use only. Comes with gear by Ceba protectors and the original box. Located in Midland, Texas. Willing to travel some. I will be in Abilene this weekend. Asking $1700. Cash in person deal only right now. Will also trade for Axe FX III MK II Turbo with a...
  7. sick pickle

    Conceptual rig build - how do you approach….

    Hey everyone! I am currently playing in a Rush tribute band for fun. Using the FM9 gives me all possibilities. However I am running into option paralysis on how to approach rig building. My current approach was to build a kitchen sink preset that covered all eras and tones using amp channels...
  8. F

    Can I Automate Wah/Whammy on EV1 Pedal in Logic Pro?

    I play in a band and we are using Logic Pro to run our click tracks. I just recently learned how to automate my presets on the FM9 in Logic Pro so all my presets and scenes change automatically with the click, but I am also wondering if there is a way I can automate my expression pedal so I...
  9. F

    FM9 as Audio Interface - Buffer Size

    Hi everyone, I've been using the FM9 as an audio interface while working on Reaper, and I'm absolutely loving it. The versatility is insane with how easy it is to reamp tracks. Recently though I've been working on some songs that contain large-ish amounts of tracks (30 to 60 tracks), and I'm...
  10. M

    John Frusciante - Blood Sugar Sex Magik sound resource

    Just got my FM9 T MKII and I'm diving in to attempt some John Frusciante patches from Blood Sugar Sex Magik, starting with Under the Bridge. Thought I'd drop off this amazing video that goes into great detail on the gear and recording of the album, enjoy and feel free to drop any tips my way...
  11. Veritas0Aequitas

    SOLD Fractal FM9 Turbo w/ CEBA Clear Magnetic Screen Guards

    Up for sale is my Fractal FM9 Turbo w/ CEBA Clear Magnetic Screen Guards $1599 shipped. PayPal f/f or Venmo. In 100% working order. Comes in the original box as well.
  12. J

    SOLD Ricardo Sanchez Custom Semihollow Tele for FM9 Turbo

    Ordered new from Ricardo a couple years ago, barely used. Great condition, no real wear to speak of. Specs in image below Has Lambertone Crema's in it. Looking to sell or trade for a FM9 turbo $old shipped
  13. Johan Allard

    Wish Midi Out on USB

    I would love it if it was possible to add Midi Out over USB on the FM9. I've recently been experimenting using BandHelper to control my FM9, setting presets and tempo. I've added a couple of control switches on the FM9 for Previous/Next Song that sends a midi command to BandHelper. BandHelper...
  14. Pete1959

    Wish FM3 Ultra - dual CPUs in a small form factor. Can it happen?

    After getting on the original FM3 wait list and waiting forever for it, I loved the pedal and was amazed at the improvements over my old AX8. It didn't take much longer that I read about the FM9 announcement. So, I put the FM3 up for sale and got on the wait list. Having used the FM9, it was...
  15. J

    Volume Troubles with Cab Modeling Off

    Hoping someone can help a noob with some volume issues. I'm running the FM9 into the FX return of a combo amp, so I turn off cab and power amp modeling. The sound is fantastic, but the variation in volume between presets and sometimes even scenes is really problematic. Watching level meters in...
  16. M

    Routing, parallel signal processing, and noise gate capabilities of the FM9 for External Big Muffs

    Currently debating between on some external Fuzz pedals - Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi or Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi, and it got me wondering about the routing, parallel signal processing, and noise gate capabilities of the FM9. The Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff has attractive features like the blend knob...
  17. eddysel10

    Can the Value knob can do more, like function as a mouse?

    I enjoy using my FM9 Turbo every day. I do most of the editing work via the FM9 Edit software. For fast editing work during live performances, I have decided to purchase the FracPad app for iPad/iPhone. All these work great but sometime it is not possible to use these software and you need to...
  18. C

    Unsure which unit to go for

    I'm looking at jumping back into the Fractal camp and having trouble deciding which unit to go after. Traditionally I'd go after the rack unit, but I've always felt I don't take advantage of all that horsepower as I tend to just go for amp/cab/reverb/delay setups with the occasional tremolo or...
  19. anttofm

    FM9 and Recording/Mixing/Practice

    Hi! I love my FM9, I've had it for about a year now. It's extremely versatile for tone-chasing and sculpting, which is 80% of what I've used it for. Cubase/Nuendo is my DAW. I'm trying to learn how to mix music and record covers as well as practicing guitar. But, there seems to be a gap in...
  20. Drew Warmington

    FM9 and FC-6 Layout

    Hey everyone, I've got a custom version of the OMG9 that I created for my FM9, but I wanted to add an FC-6 to the mix as a sort of remote control when I'm at home and physically away from the FM9. I'm looking for a way to be able to jump layouts, access scene's etc from the FC-6 AND keep the...
  21. L

    Wish New device - desktop FX3 - FM9 - (small and portable interface)

    Hello It would be great to have the power of the FX3 or FM9 in a compact, portable desktop format for studio use as an audio interface, just a couple of inputs (mic and instrument) and no footswitches. The FX3 is simply too big for many of us. As an additional advantage we could keep our...
  22. jonj77

    Marshall JCM and JVM Presets

    I'm working on some presets for good Marshall patches, specifically of the JCM and JVM era. Are there any specific things that you've grown to love or continue to look for in Marshall patches for the FM-9? What are some things that would make a truly great preset IYO? I've got a great start...
  23. Jon Kaneshiro

    Presets Jon Kaneshiro Presets | MASTER THREAD (FM3, FM9, & AXE III)

    Over the past few years I’ve meticulously designs many of John Mayer’s iconic tones and effects. He is a major influence on my playing, as well as a tone I’ve researched for the better part of 15 years. My overall goal has been to provide the best John Mayer presets available that require less...
  24. Leonkkj

    Wish Lo-fi pedals, cabs, mic and delays

    As it seems, I am a black metal musician, but I also play most metal genres and random noises. I'd like to see some really poor and low quality sound coming from the Axe FX III. Talking about cabs and mics, anything that someone could buy for 50$ in a chinese store. Most norwegian raw black...
  25. Loutchos

    Fm9 in the plane

    Hi everybody, Is someone took his fm9 with him on the plane already ? If yes which backpack do you have to carry it ? Best, Luc
  26. sick pickle

    Insane FM9 Buzzing all of a sudden

    Hi Fractal Friends, Today out of nowhere, I started noticing insane buzz when using my FM9. This is happening with all guitars, and is even happening after swapping cables. Things I have tried: Different guitars (to rule out guitar pickup grounding issue - PRS, Fenders, my Gibsons, you name...
  27. eddysel10

    Per preset override / per preset switch

    I wanted to change one effect switch for one particular preset in layout 4 - effects. The intention was to assign a delay (see picture: delay 1) to one particular footswitch on my FM9. In stead of make the change per preset switch, I might have changed it globally which was not the intention...
  28. M

    Tempo Sync with ProTools

    I'm starting to try to use my FM9 for recording. I tried to record a part with a tremolo patch and sync it to the tempo of my ProTools session. After some investigation, I saw someone suggest sending a tap tempo command with a MIDI cc message, so I set up the FM9 to receive tap tempo via cc14...
  29. B

    Scene revert

    Hi, I'm wanting to use the Scene Revert function on to reverse when I turn on my wah and delay for some solos. I have a mission engineering with a toggle switch that I use to turn on the wah and delay or reverb occasionally for some solos. And the scene revert function does not respond with the...
  30. sick pickle

    Scene Ignore - Weird Preset Behaviour

    I have this preset where I have a Pitch block set to act as a -1 Virtual Capo, acting like a Whammy dropping the tuning down a half step. I have been experiencing some weird outcomes with this preset. I have it set to Scene Ignore for that block, as I want it to be on the entire preset (scene...
  31. D

    Wish Draggable pin window

    When either the cab or preset window is open, it would be nice to be able to drag it out of the way of the grid and be have both windows accessible. For instance, clicking on the 'picker' on a cab spawns the cab list window but if I could drag it out of the way then mute either cab and continue...
  32. F

    Knobs I like

    I see videoes on Youtube and pictures on Reverb of FM9's that have colored knobs (green or yellow and white). Can someone please tell me where i can find them?
  33. Loutchos

    Can we put tube pre amp after Output from Fm9 ?

    Hi, I’m wondering, does anyone put a Tube pre amp or a Tube DI after the Output 1 from his FM9 ? And send it to a P.A ? Best,
  34. O

    [Solved] FM9 vs FM3 Plastic Buttons?

    This is the most neurotic pointless thing I've ever asked, there's no issue because all the buttons on the FM9 react the same, which makes me feel like its intentional, I was just curious if anyone else had noticed it on theirs. My FM9 turbo's home/exit/edit/etc buttons have a little more play...
  35. M

    Good high gain through headphones

    I just got an FM9 and have been struggling to get a good sounding high gain tone through my headphones. I will have to use headphones as I live in an apartment so I got a professional mod unit specifically for that reason. I am trying to start with a simple setup (drive -> gate -> amp -> cab ->...
  36. ncorrao

    What to use for band practice w/ FM9 (hard rock; loud drummer)

    Hey there, So I currently have a Helix with a Dunlop pre-amp and Marshall cab, but I'm looking to convert to the FM9 Turbo AND remove the Dunlop pre-amp/Marshall cab to best utilize the FM9/the cabs within. That said, I play in a hard rock band, our drummer can be fairly. For band practice...
  37. SolicitudeOfSound

    FM9 Presets Solicitude Of Sound - FM9 Presets

    Here is a free preset from my Metal Rhythm Pack. This preset is based off of The Purple Nightmare. FULL PACK AVAILABLE HERE This pack is loaded with 22 Hi-Gain rhythm guitar tones, designed for the old school chuggers as well as...
  38. Fernanufret

    Classical and flamenco guitars!

    Good day everyone! I just started using my FM9 for my classical and flamenco guitars when streaming. I made a couple of presets and might share them once I’ve honed in on it completely. Any other classical or flamenco players using Fractal for live or stream playing! Cheers! Fernan
  39. ectoplasm88

    FM9 / FM3 desktop stand game changer for my workflow!

    I picked up one of these stands a couple of weeks ago specifically for my FM3. My bandmates are currently borrowing/fighting over my FM3 so I hadn't gotten around to trying it yet. This afternoon I decided to try it with my FM9 and I was VERY happy with the results. Using it this way doesn't...
  40. E

    Bug? Export preset+cab bundle save, everyone?

    If saved as Export preset+cab bundle, FM9 edit will be shut down. Currently, all software is up to date. Just in case, I reinstalled it, but it's the same situation.
  41. Alex Zilinski

    FM9 Fractal vs Real Amp (friedman) vs Bluguitar (amp1) -> Video with Blind Tests + FREE PRESETS ! :)

    Hey Guys & Girls, i spent some time and "cloned" a Friedman Runt (which is basically a simplified BE) . included in the youtube video link are FREE Presets! hope you enjoy it ! :) Alex Video Link:
  42. S

    Sound Difference Using FM9 As Interface

    Hello Hello! New fractal user here, had for a month or so (FM9). I'm currently using it as an interface in Ableton but I'm noticing a massive jump in quality from hearing the fractal directly into my headphones vs recording it in Ableton and then playing back through the fractal. Any...
  43. O

    FM9 Guitar Cover: FM9 "Imagine"

    Yeah, cliche, maybe giving "Stairway" a run for its overplayed money , but anyway, I still enjoy the song and had fun putting this together. FM9 and a "Knopler-esque" vibe. Cheers!
  44. Jj1986jj

    FM9 Using FM9 as interface

    Using FM9 as interface with real amps and speakers. Also using FM9 for delay,verb, and looper.
  45. gaaarfild

    FM9 to Line6 Powercab 212 Plus FRFR sounds bad

    I have an FM9 and Powercab 212 Plus. So a couple of facts to help identify the problem. Mostly I don't like the dirty sound My FM9 through the Powercab sounds not good, somehow sound is compressed and feels a tiny bit "cheap". I was trying so many different built-in CABs in FM9, all sound not...
  46. Roby Rocks

    [WISH] Solve the Popping at Whammy (pitch block) bypass

    Popping Sound with auto-engage. Specs: Fractal FM9 Turbo fw: 4.01 Exp Pedal: Fractal EV-1 EV-1 go into "Pedal 1" and it is is correctly calibrated. Config: Pitch Block. Type: Whammy Mode: Oct 1 Up Control: assigned to modifier "Pedal 1" Auto Engage: ON (Med Pos) Signal Path: IN1 > PITCH >...
  47. mstarlin

    A riser solution for using an FM9 with a Boss RC-600 Looper

    I use a Fractal FM9, a Boss RC-600 looper, and a NI Komplete Kontrol S61 keyboard to livestream on TikTok. But I have been struggling to find a way to set up all three without a lot of swiveling around. Well, I just found the perfect solution in the Kensington SmartFit Extra Wide Monitor Stand...
  48. N

    Bug? - Expression Pedal Crackling

    I have a patch that is fairly simple In one instance I can engage the 'Filter Block' with a lo pass sweep dedicated to expression pedal 1. The Problem is that whenever I 'sweep' (the expression pedal forward and back) with the filter block engaged, a crackle is introduced. with the expression...
  49. J

    Fm9 turbo appears disconnected from the Fm9 edit

    Hi guys ! I´m trying to edit my new Fm9 turbo but it seems disconnected from the FM9 Edit. I am using spdif conection with my interfase Zen Q Synergy core (usb). I really try everything but it appears disconected in FM9 edit. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks ! Julio
  50. B

    Is the FM9 power supply weak? It's not tight, it's rattling.

    This is the Fm9 standard that I have. However, I found that the power supply was very weak today. Is the FM9 power supply weak? It's not tight, it's rattling Is it safe?
  51. Axelman8

    Share your DIY controller project based on MIDI for 3rd Party Devices | AXE3 | FM3 | FM9 |

    Hey there, This thread is for sharing information about your DIY controller project, using a micro-controller of choice and possibly also using the @tysonlt AxeControl library. If you are planning on building a controller yourself or you already build one, do chime in and share your project...
  52. mightywarlock

    Question about FM9 and EV PXM-12MP Floor Monitor

    For anyone using the EV PXM-12MP powered Floor Monitor, When you build your patch are you using cab simulation, or taking out the IR because the monitor IS a speaker? Thinking of getting one, just trying to decide if I need it or not (I could always use my Bose S1 but it's kind of shaping the...
  53. shawnfitz1222

    FM9 vs FM9 Turbo?

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone has both the FM9 and the FM9 Turbo and compared the two? Or perhaps you upgraded from the FM9 to the Turbo unit. Is there a noticeable improvement with regard to CPU horsepower? I know it has 25% more power, but curious as to what that means and equates to.
  54. 1

    A question about the FM9 CAB block, and how is the "level" control routed?

    Hello all... I'm going to try and "layout" my query as clearly as possible, so bear with me. In an effort to better learn the FM9 as best as I'm able too, I started messing with IR's and the cab block. Here is my observation, and question. If I load 1 IR into the CAB block (1:L), and...
  55. A

    Wish Switch per Scene

    All my sounds that I need for a performance are organised in a preset. I select these via the scenes. I then use the layout of the effect selection. Now I would like to be able to switch different effects depending on the scene. Therefore, I would like to have "switches per scene" in the future...
  56. D

    FM9 Reaper latency MacBook Pro max direct usb connection

    I’m new here and just started to learn basics of recording with my FM9 I have watched multiple videos in YouTube couldn’t Figure out how to reduce latency setting Adam steel was adjusting latency on his reaper basics video from ASIO configuration. But I couldn’t figure out how to reduce my...
  57. J

    QC, ToneX and the future of Fractal

    Hi! At the moment with the Quad Cortex, which is very portable and powerful in DSP, and with the upcoming launch of the ToneX Pedal, which way do you think Fractal will go? Personally, I would love to see an "FM6", compact like the Quad Cortex, and with as much DSP as an AX FX3. Although I love...
  58. Drew Warmington

    Use case for an external footswitch?

    Hey everyone, I've got a Mission SP-1 that I use as a dedicated volume pedal with my FM9, as well as a separate dedicated Wah. Question that I have is, since the SP-1 has a footswitch, and since the FM9 has 3 input jacks, is there a use case for the footswitch? I've seen lots of video's on...
  59. D

    New FM9 and I've got a Synergy module laying around.

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, forgive me if I've posted in the wrong thread. I'm the proud new owner of an FM9. I've had it for a week and I'm totally loving it. There's a learning curve but immersing myself in it is fun! I'm super happy. I've rented a line 6 Powercab plus 112, and I'm...
  60. slimefuzz

    compression questions

    Which compressor would be the most "neutral" in the 1:1.5 to 1:2 range? How do I adjust the compressor attack so my guitar note attack comes through without much change? How about the attack on the Input block gate? (I know about mixing in some dry thru compressor, but want to start with the...
  61. G

    Importing a ToneMatch from Ax Fx II to FM9

    There are many presets I'd like to try out that were made for Ax Fx II and III, but they use ToneMatch cabs. I'm unable to get these cabs into FM9. I opened these up in Frac-Tool exported the ToneMatch, both as FM9 and Axe Fx III. The FM9 doesn't register when scanning for user cabs, but the Ax...
  62. LanceZ

    FM9 Sighting

  63. sick pickle

    Setup recommendation? FM9 and two EV2s

    I am looking to create the cleanest, tighest setup possible. I have my FM9T and just got two EV2s. It appears like Temple Audio is the big recommendation here, however, the 24 is too small and the 34 is too wide. Anyone have any recommendations on how to handle this? I am looking for a really...
  64. MaRtYnMcfly

    FM9 Turbo Problem inhibited or forzen Help Me!

    Hello I recently acquired my FM9 Turbo, I started to create my presets and everything was fine because I only used it for an hour or less. But this Saturday at about two hours the fm9 remained inhibited and did not work The only option was to turn it off and on I did it and it worked for 10...
  65. L

    Recording FM9 + Apollo Twin USB on Windows

    I've been trying to do my research and search before posting, but still haven't been able to find the answers I need. I can't be the only one dealing with this, so I'm hoping someone on this forum can help. I finally got my waitlist invitation for the FM9 Turbo and ordered it. Now I want to...
  66. Johan Allard

    Wish Global button for Manual 1-5

    In the Reverb and Delay Mix, there's a Global button/checkbox to make these functions global. I wish the same existed for Manual 1-5. Or alternatively, if there was a Global 1-5 (or even 1-2) that would have the exact same functionality as Manual 1-5 but set globally. My primary use case would...
  67. Johan Allard

    BUG I/O Midi INCR+10 and INCR-10 only increases or decreases by 1

    Version: 4.0 Beta 2 (haven't tried any other versions) Setup: Goto Setup → I/O Midi → General Scroll down to External Controller 1 Press INCR+10 Expected Result: Value Increasing by 10 Actual Result: Value Increasing by 1 I know this is a small thing and not something that a lot of people...
  68. Johan Allard

    BUG External Controller Initial Value not honoured

    Version: 4.0 beta 2 (haven't tried any other versions) Setup: Pedal 1 mapped to External Controller 1 (Setup → I/O Midi → External) Initial Value on External Controller 1 set to 0.0% (Setup → I/O Midi → General) Attach External Controller 1 to Delay 1 Mix Don't Connect Pedal 1 Reboot Expected...
  69. Johan Allard

    FM9 Livin on a Prayer - Talkbox with no Expression Pedal (with Free Preset)

    About 6 years ago I created an preset for Livin on a Prayer using my Ax8 and a Expression Pedal to control the talkbox. On Saturday I played a gig as a substitute guitar player and Livin on a Prayer was on the setlist so I took some time to update the preset for my FM9, and updated it to work...
  70. D

    FM9 Poweramp and cab

    Hi All. This is my 1st post so hopefully its in the right place. What power amp are you guys using with the FM9 Turbo.I run into a Matrix GT1000fx and a zilla vertical 2x12 loaded with a V30 and a G12K 100. I am finding I can get close pretty close to the tone I am after with the FM9 and the...
  71. S

    Global Settings Across Presets?

    Hi all! I’m relatively new to the Fractal world with the FM9 being my first modeler and had a quick question. I’m building presets for a tour in Europe next year and am doing one preset per song. I tend to use the same rhythm sound in each song. The issue I’m having is that if I decide, for...
  72. FSM

    Franks Fractal Sunday # 38 | Factory Presets # 181 -185 |

    Hey guys, in Frank's Fractal Sunday I showcase 5 of the 383 great Fractal Audio Factory presets every week. I play the sounds alone/solo or in a musical context. I've never been a fan of factory presets, but Fractal Audio's presets are truly another world. Often there are sounds where the...
  73. sick pickle

    Just returned from first band rehearsal (w/ FM9)

    The FM9 Turbo performed very well my first time taking a FAS product out to a rehearsal (a commercial rehearsal space here in Montreal). I wanted to run it through the room's PA system, but unfortunately we could not get it to work–through the house Behringer XR18. No worry, I used my L6 L3M...
  74. sick pickle

    Wish Assign Color to Multiple Presets

    I would love the ability in the "Manage Presets" pane to select multiple presets and assign color: The idea here is that I want to color code my own set of personal presets to quickly jump to them.
  75. sick pickle

    I have been a busy fella....

    Last week I was a Line 6 Helix user. This week well, I have both an FM3 and FM9 Turbo. Super pumped to be using these products! I cannot wait to immerse myself in this sonic glory.
  76. DennisKrottje

    Austin Buddy preset packs

    I've heard a lot of good things about the Austin Buddy presets and would like to try one or two. On the website I only see the large Tonepacks ($99.00) Maybe I'm overlooking it, but are there any small preset packs for sale to try first? Thanks!
  77. Javialtonaga

    FM9 Spanish Review

    I just received my new FM9 Turbo and had to do my review of course. In spanish.
  78. FrancescoC26

    Question About Celestion F12-x200, is it ok if I do this?

    Hello, having read the hundreds of threads about FRFRs i stumbled upon these celestion speakers, and i already began planning for my future monitoring solution (i dont have an unit yet but i am a serial planner LMAO). I was wondering if it was okay to mount two of the F12-X200 inside of my old...
  79. L

    4 cable method FM9 turbo questions

    I had a fm3 a while back and I was trying to use it with a tube amp 4 cable method. Really only for effects through the loop but the problem I am having is it colors the sound quite a bit similar to a chorus or a compressor on at all times turned down but still there. I tried everything to get...
  80. Roby Rocks

    FM3 Presets FM3 New Preset Bundles - Special Offers 25% Off

    From today for a limited time, there are two Mega Packs for FM3 available on my site: 6 presets: RR DARK MOON RR PINK WALL RR RED PULSE RR GREEN ECHOES RR BLACK ANGUS RR SUHRVIVAL 6 presets: RR BONNIE GREEN RR BONNIE BLUE RR BONNIE RED RR...
  81. M

    Patch 20.00 Review

    Hey All! Was very excited this past weekend to dive into the contents of patch 20.00. I made a video of what the patch details (my first time doing so) and tried bringing the contents to light in a more direct way. Here's a link to the video: ALSO - a couple things that I noticed that would...
  82. R

    The FM9 should send a Global Midi Clock Out

    Hi Everyone. I recieved the Fm9 a while ago. Its great. My first experience with a digital modeler. I used my Mesa Mk5:25 for many years. I did my first concert with the Fm9 last week, i love it. But the fact that it doesnt send a midi clock out was a big bummer. I think everyone has fave...
  83. Jj1986jj

    FM9 Some Clean and Dirty Tones using Amps & Pedals

    Amps AC30/Fender in Stereo 5153 Blue/AC20 in stereo Pedals Klon (based on settings shared here) FET boost Amps &Pedals(Fractal FM9)
  84. Jj1986jj

    FM9 Acoustic JAM (Acoustic, Electric, & Bass)

    Just messing around with some guitars. three tracks Acoustic,Electric lead, and Bass.
  85. Burgs

    Flying the FM9 flag - a stage rig rundown (lo-fi!)

    We're on the road. Yay. Booked solid until 2023, pretty much. Last night my great friend and fellow guitarist, Josh Owen, was doing his social media duties and grabbed a few minutes with me to talk about my simple but potent setup of an FM9 flanked by a couple of guitars.
  86. Jj1986jj

    FM9 FM9 Jam (Guitar and Bass presets included)

    Using Stereo amps 5153 blue and AC20. Just using the guitar to get clean and dirty tones. Guitar has Brandonwound 59's that are unpotted. Guitar is MIJ Stat wired vol,vol,tone. Bass tones are the SVT amp model. Preset downloads in YT video description.
  87. dicXjonesify

    FM9 JHS SuperBolt dialed in (block included)

    I’ve owned and loved the V1 JHS SuperBolt for a long time. Great, unique overdrive pedal, which is not an easy thing to come by haha. When I went full on FM9, I sold off my whole board. My SuperBolt was going to be the only one I kept but after doing some stuff side by sides for an hour or...
  88. manatarms

    Making an Effect Stay on When Changing Scenes??

    Maybe this is in the documentation but I didn't find it. I use scenes in my main gig preset. I can switch to all 8 scenes to get the variety of tones I need for our set. We tune a 1/2 step down, but there are a few songs that we do in standard tuning. In the past I would use a capo, but with the...

    FM9 🎸 Les Videos du Lundi #56 - Rolling in the Deep - Adele (full guitar cover) 🥳 🎸

    🇺🇸 Cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" to take you through this last week of the year. 🥳🎸👍 The FM9 for all guitar, electro-acoustic and bass sounds. 🇫🇷 Reprise de “Rolling in the Deep” d’Adele pour vous accompagner pour cette dernière semaine de l’année. Le FM9 pour tous les sons de guitare...
  90. F

    Doubts before acquiring an fm9. Help

    Hello! I come in search of guidance, please. I am about to acquire an Fm9, I find the subject of modeling and working in my presets fun, but it scares me that the sounds I get are not dynamic, there is no clear separation of the notes, that there is no clear picking and that sounds dark or...
  91. EmptyRoom Sessions

    Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover FM9

    Here is my humble take on EJ's Cliffs of Dover. I tried my best to come close to his Europe Live lead tone. Enjoy the cover & the patch! FM9 Preset link: *Note: In the video I use a Marshall cab with 80-watt Celestion speakers from...

    FM9 🎸 Les Videos du Lundi #55 - "Evidemment" (full guitar cover) 😊🎸

    🇺🇸 Cover of "Evidemment", superb ballad from Kenji Girac. 😊🎸 The FM9 for all guitars, electro-acoustic and bass sounds. 🇫🇷 Reprise de “Evidemment”, magnifique ballade de Kenji Girac. Le FM9 pour tous les sons de guitare, électro-acoustique et basse.
  93. motor_city_smitty

    FM9 and Line6 PowerCab+

    I have an FM9 and I am trying to hook it up to my FM9 to my Line6 PowerCab+ and I am getting no signal out of the PC+. I hooked up an XLR cable to the Ouput1 of the FM9 and hooked it into the L6/AES in of the PC+ and turned up the output levels of the FM9 on out 1 and I am getting no signal. Is...

    FM9 🎸 Les Videos du Lundi #54 - Counting Stars - OneRepublic (full guitar cover) 😊

    🇺🇸 Cover of "Counting Stars" from OneRepublic. 😊🎸 The FM9 for all guitars, electro-acoustic and bass sounds. 🇫🇷 Reprise de “Counting Stars” de OneRepublic. Le FM9 pour tous les sons de guitare, électro-acoustique et basse. Firmware 1.00.

    FM9 🎸 Les Videos du Lundi #53 - Mission Impossible (Full Guitar Cover) 🎸🚀

    🇺🇸 Cover of “Mission Impossible”. It's the 5/4 party. 🎸🚀 The FM9 for all guitars and bass sounds. 🇫🇷 Reprise de “Mission Impossible”. Le FM9 pour tous les sons de guitares et basse.

    FM9 IMPROV - FM9 (Carol-Ann Triptik) - Luke III 2020 - Elevated Jam Tracks 🎸

    🇺🇸 Improv (one take) with the beautiful Luke III 2020 on "Deep Mellow Groove in B” from Elevated Jam Tracks (Full Digital Discography (Part 3)) with the Carol-Ann Triptik Modern channel 3 of the FM9. 🇫🇷 Impro (en une prise) avec la belle Luke III 2020 sur “Deep Mellow Groove in B” de chez...
  97. MattBowman

    AFIII Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III/FM9 Solo 100 Preset vs Pete Thorn's real SLO

    Earlier today I saw Pete Thorn's demo of the Nueral DSP SLO plugin vs his real SLO and I wanted to see how close I could get the tone on my Axe-Fx III. I tone matched his dry rhythm tone, and exported the tone match as user IR so I could use it on my FM9 and this is why I came up with. Scene 1...

    Unpacking and review of the first 15 FM9 factory presets (+ 1 free preset) 😉🎸👍

    🇺🇸 Unpacking and review of the first 15 FM9 factory presets. 🇫🇷 Déballage et passage en revue des 15 premiers présets d'usine du FM9. + 1 free preset ! 👍 🎸😊
  99. camilovelandiamusic

    FM9 travel cases?

    Anyone using a travel case they like? I was using a Pelican 1510 for my AX8, and the FM9 fits snug, no space for foam padding so need to upgrade. Was looking into Pelican 1610 but its much bigger and not carry on size anymore. Anyone got any good leads?
  100. lorenzoagnes

    FM9 is the ultimate

    I'm blessed to have a III. I had an FM3, which I sold to get the FM9. Man .. this thing is just perfect. Size, power, ease of use, etc, etc. I know I'm repeating what others have already said but I wanted to take a minute to thank Fractal Audio for the time, money and effort they put into their...
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