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  1. VaggelisPRS

    Steve Lukather All Eras Presets

    Hello guys, I'm new to the world of @FractalAudio ! I'm a session guitarist in Greece. I've had my FM9 Turbo for 6-7 months now, and it's absolutely perfect. I can't even explain how much I love it! Steve Lukather is a huge inspiration for me, and I'd love to find presets that capture his...
  2. VaggelisPRS

    Steve Lukather All Eras Presets Exchange

    Hello guys, I'm new to the world of Fractal! I'm a session guitarist in Greece. I've had my FM9 Turbo for 6-7 months now, and it's absolutely perfect. I can't even explain how much I love it! Steve Lukather is a huge inspiration for me, and I'd love to find presets that capture his tone. Maybe...
  3. A

    Is AXE IO ONE or AXE IO SOLO for a Direct Signal Comparable to AXE FX?

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm seeking some advice and insights from this community regarding my guitar recording setup. While I'm not primarily a guitarist, I often record guitar parts for my songs, which typically fall within the rock/metal/djent genres. Currently, my...
  4. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    AFIII Acoustic guitar preset

    Hope you will like this attempt
  5. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    AFIII r'n'b solo theitalianguitarbrigade

    here is my transcription, you can find the free pdf in the description of youtube video
  6. I

    Steve Vai preset to use with synergy preamp -> updated 9/28/2023 with audio clips.

    Steve Vai preset to use with synergy preamp, this is to use with the Synergy Vai module (no internal preamp settings) into the Axe Fx III I used the wring as per the schematic of his rack cords. this is effects only. You could add a preamp setting if you would like. I have included the settings...
  7. Volvagia

    Is AXE FX II still good in 2023?

    I am debating selling my axe fx 2 I got in 2016 as I don't play live and prefer to use neural dsp plugins for the studio. My only concern is I'm not sure if there is another interface I could buy that would give me the same DI quality/Low latency that the axe fx does. Should I maybe keep the axe...
  8. Alex Zilinski

    FM9 Fractal vs Real Amp (friedman) vs Bluguitar (amp1) -> Video with Blind Tests + FREE PRESETS ! :)

    Hey Guys & Girls, i spent some time and "cloned" a Friedman Runt (which is basically a simplified BE) . included in the youtube video link are FREE Presets! hope you enjoy it ! :) Alex Video Link:
  9. Sauro_on_guitar

    AFIII Hey You (Pink Floyd) live...

    here's a video from a concert with my PF tribute band... we're two guitars, both with digital gear, Axe FX III for me and a Strymon Iridium for the other guitar guy... Hope you like it!
  10. fannar182

    AXE FX III - Digital/Volume/Delay glitch every time I play live

    Hi there Fractal forum. I bought a brand new Axe FX-III from G66 about 3 months ago and I've been using it for live shows 1-2x per week since then and I have this Digital/Volume/Delay glitch every time I play live. I can't pinpoint what it is but when it happens it always does right after I...
  11. E

    Midi fx8 into axe-fx standard

    I want to know if I can merge or control axe-fx with a fx8 just the multi effect unit via midi? Use it as a midi controller. Thanks
  12. J

    All my sounds got muddy

    Hello everyone, I've bought an axe fx 2 XL+ few months ago and made the lastest update. All my presets sounded just fine (the stocks and the ones i downloaded) until something strange happened. For basically no reason (as far as I know), all my presets started to sound muddy. They now clearly...
  13. Shenks

    It's been a long time...

    ...since I posted on the Fractal forum, but more importantly it's been a long time until I was in a position to consider upgrading from my Axe FX II XL+ and now that time is here! A musician friend of mine has just received the Turbo and I jumped at the chance to buy his Axe FX 3 Mark I from...
  14. A

    AFIII Acoustic Guitar with Reverb from Axe Fx

    Happy to share the release of my new song Hope. Acoustic guitar on the track used reverb from the Axe Fx
  15. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    AFIII Presets TheItalianGuitarBrigade Axe Fx III Presets Master Thread

    In concordance with the new vendor rules, I'm gonna make this the master thread for all my presets releases 😃🤠😃 I present you the new Dimebag Darrell CFH guitar tone😈❤️
  16. S

    What should I buy first? A good guitar or the FM3?

    Hi guys! I've been playing guitar for over 15 years. During all this time I always used the same guitar, which is a low cost guitar, which has a terrible construction, but after changing the pickups for a pair of dimarzio crunch lab and liquid fire, I achieved a reasonable result, especially in...
  17. M

    Home made FRFR for AXE FX III

    So I decided to build an FRFR solution that is portable and has accurate sound reproduction and came up with this solution... I have a pair of Behringer Truth 2031 monitors in my studio that sound great with the AXE and wanted to be able to recreate that same uncolored sound in a portable...
  18. jeken33

    NOOB questions about Axe-Fx Ultra

    Hey everyone! I just recently made the purchase of a used Axe Fx Ultra. I've been wanting to try out an Axe Fx for some time now, and one popped up for $599 (5000SEK). Seeing it is 14 years old it's exciting to see if it still holds up or if it has become outdated. I haven't received it yet, so...
  19. Sauro_on_guitar

    AFIII My humble tribute to Morricone music

    My humble tribute to Morricone music... hope you like it...
  20. B

    Digital Modeling of Amps and Speakers VS Analog (Survey)

    I hope it is okay to share this. I just need some general information of you, how you like modelers in general and IRs and so on. I made this little survey. No strings attached i just need this for my thesis ... the results in a few weeks could be interesting...
  21. andyrhoadsvai

    AFIII Sultans of Swing Axe Fx II / III

    Hello guys here a quick cover I made few months ago with my old axe fx 2, I'll share the patch if you want to try the sound, i think i used scene 2 with just a little bit of boost for the mid in the amp block.
  22. Stel Andre

    80s Rock Jam by Stel Andre

    What do you get if you combine a Kiesle strat with the amazing Axe-Fx 2? This.
  23. M

    [SOLVED] No recording/playback when recording into Logic Pro X on AX8

    Questioning the relevancy of this thread considering the Axe FX III and FM3 are very much a thing, but I just bought an AX8 and am having trouble recording into Logic Pro X. My setup is a the unit itself going into my Focusrite 6i6 via S/PDIF, of which is going through my Yamaha HS5's through...
  24. orion32773

    Brett Kingman Live Chat June 27th 9PM EST

    Come join co-host Chris (The Guitar Pit) and I for a chat with Brett Kingman this Thursday at 9pm Eastern. I'm sure Brett needs no introduction on this forum, but if you don't know who he is, he puts out tons of great gear content and is an Axe FX enthusiast. Word has it he is responsible for...
  25. orion32773

    AFIII Can’t put this guitar preset included

    Tune Tuesday with Free Axe FX 3 Preset! This is another one of the videos I did this past weekend....I ended up getting on a role and recording a few. This is the same preset I shared the other day. Cab is a Friedman 4x12 mix (Greenback and V30) from Mikko Logrén Freeman Cab Pack.
  26. Stel Andre

    Laid Back Synth Jam with Axe-Fx 3 | Stel Andre

    Hey all! A good friend of mine lend me his Axe-Fx 3 for a spin and the only thing I can say, is that this unit is beyond amazing! Powerful, solid and responsive with top notch quality of sounds. I jammed using these 2 cool Synth sounds and at the end my favourite Vox Ac 15 with some tweaking...
  27. maxolla

    Midi Switching Gap?

    On the list for a Axe 3. I have already owned the unit with a GT16 switcher. Love the AXE for everything but I’m not completely happy with the speed at which my drive pedal would switch on and off. There seemed to be a slight lag when turning it on and off. Not sure if its been sped up at...
  28. MattBowman

    AFIII Queensryche - "Another Rainy Night" - Guitar cover

    So back in 2016, I recorded a cover of Queensryche's classic song "Another Rainy Night" using my Axe-Fx II at the time. I have a backing track featuring the original vocals, drums and bass, so I decided to update the cover using my Axe-Fx III and I made a quick play through video. All the...
  29. D

    Wireless IEM and wireless guitar system to Axe-Fx III

    Hi all, I will start by saying that I know what I am asking is a bit of overkill. I just want to know if people have done it and was it worth doing/what would you change? I am going to buy a axe fx iii and I am thinking of getting a wireless guitar system and wireless iem so that I am not tied...
  30. ilya

    Orange jam cover

    trying my best getting that guthrie sound on that improv. what do you think?
  31. D

    Axe-Fx/FRFR/Room treatment

    Sorry to bother guys just hoping someone may have some information that could possibly lead me in the right direction. I’ve been trying to dial in my Axe with a Firehawk 1500 which is supposed to be a FRFR stage monitor for awhile now with what I thought were decent results but never...
  32. T

    Help resetting my FCB

    Ive been trying to set up my fcb to run for my axe fx ultra, I wanted one whammy, one volume and the rest to just toggle through sounds. I've tried resetting it but it does not work. I've tried holding pedal one and three for five seconds on start up, nothing happens. I've done the same but with...
  33. T

    Axe fx ultra fcb

    Hey guys just wondering, I recently bought an ultra and fcb1010 and wondered, how do you set up the axe fx ultra to use both the expression pedals on the fcb1010 (no modifications)? I want one pedal for volume and one for whammy. Also how do I set the axe fx patches to each of the numbered foot...
  34. Sustainerplayer

    Def Leppard Makes the Switch to the Axe-Fx III

  35. rascarvalho

    How loud can a DXR10 go?

    Hi everyone! I've just bought an DXR10 and it really sounds amazing! I'd like to know how loud it can go without causing any damage to the speaker... I intent to use it as my guitar speaker for rehearsal. My band has 2 guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Can DXR10 handle with it? Any advice of...
  36. M

    Setting up GC Pro with Axe FX Standard

    Hey there, guys. New username, but I used to be a member back when I got my standard in 2010. I recently picked up a GCP for cheap, and I'm having a hell of a time getting it integrated with my Axe. I've searched the forums, read both manuals, and while I feel I've done everything correctly, I...
  37. camilovelandiamusic

    AFIII Axe-Fx III: Classic Marshall Amps

    Hey guys! Hope you dig! Here's all the classic Marshall amps... JTM45 1959 SPL Plexi 100W 1987X 50W Plexi JCM800 Slash AFD100 JVM410H JVM410H Joe Satriani
  38. camilovelandiamusic

    AFIII 11 Classic Fender Amps (video)

    Hey guys!! 11 Classic Fender amps. Hope you dig! Princeton: Blackface, Silverface & Tweed Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Deluxe Reverb Vibroverb Super Reverb Bassman: Blackface & Tweed Twin: Blackface & Tweed
  39. camilovelandiamusic

    New Presets... Bassman, VibroVerb, Plexi, Twin

    Hey guys! I've made some more full presets (8 scenes each). If you want a broken down explanation of each preset, click this link: I'll make videos of each one soon! Please tell me what you think of them! :)
  40. Clive

    The Black Album Collection

    Hi, I'll post here several recordings about some Metallica Black Album songs. They all have been made with the Axe FX, no post processing, just the guitar. First, The Unforgiven :
  41. camilovelandiamusic

    AFIII Marshall Plexi Shootout & Preset

    Hey guys, wanted to share a preset I made featuring eight different plexi models available on the AXE FX III. This also includes the new 2204 Plexi on the last firmware. You will find the preset attached. Also uploaded to Axe Change.
  42. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe FX III The Pitch Block demo

    hey guys! Hope you dig! A few new things here!!
  43. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe FX III The New Cab Block

    Hey guys!! Wanted to do a little overview of the cab block and its new features! Hope you dig!!
  44. camilovelandiamusic

    AFIII Axe FX III: Reverb Block (Part 1)

    Here are the first 11 reverbs! More to come! Would love some feedback! :) Axe FX III Reverb Block Part 1
  45. camilovelandiamusic

    Deluxe Reverb Session Preset

    Hey guys and gals... just wanted to share my Deluxe Verb preset.... You can hear it here....
  46. camilovelandiamusic

    AFIII My first preset. Channels, Scenes, Cabs, and more

    hope you guys dig! Anyone know how I can share it?
  47. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe-Fx III vs Kemper Profiling Amp

    Here we go!! You be the judge ;) Ill hold my side notes til tomorrow!
  48. camilovelandiamusic

    AX8 vs Axe-Fx 2 vs Axe-Fx 3

    Here we go guys! Same four presets with same parameters (as much as possible) through all three units. Enjoy!
  49. camilovelandiamusic

    AFIII Dumble ODS jam with Axe Fx III.

    Preset 38. Clean Dumble ODS for rhythm, and Scene 2 Ford Dumble for lead :) can you tell I like Steely Dan?
  50. camilovelandiamusic

    AFIII Axe FX III Scenes & Channels Demo

    Hey guys I hope you enjoy this video. The new scenes and channels combined are probably one of my favorite features of the new Axe.
  51. Igor Paspalj

    DT - Under The Glass Moon solo cover

    Hi Everyone! Here's my take on this super awesome solo! Using Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2, with "ML Sound Lab" factory cabs in stereo: (4x12 USA TRAD 57-121 left) (4x12 USA TRAD 906-421 right) BTW, entering ML Sound Lab competition as well, for a chance to win some awesome cab packs :) Guthrie...
  52. H

    Recent songs I'm working on using the Axe Fx for guitar and bass and some pedals

    Hey guys, I thought it would be nice to share the songs I'm currently working on here to showcase how great the Axe Fx sounds with guitar and bass. Also using Superior Drummer 3 for which I'm a beta tester for Toontrack. I'm using a Deluxe preset and a modified version of the Dumble (SVG)...
  53. Igal Michael

    Axe FX Ultra & MFC-101 MK III, Lag/Tremolo problem

    Dear Axe FX users, I have recently bought an MFC 101 MK III so I can change presets in live performances, The problem is, there is delay/lag when switching presets, and audio is cutting, like it's tremolo, the problem fixes itself after 1 minute of switching to the preset, but it's not good for...
  54. Milco

    Acoustic Tone Match on 8 String

    Been a little while since I posted here, but I tone matched an acoustic guitar and ran it through my custom 8 string. Let me know what you think!
  55. P

    Value Button On Axe FX Ultra Not Functioning Correctly

    The value button on my Axe FX Ultra seems to skip two or 3 patches forward/backwards when trying to move between patches, or edit a patch. Can this be fixed in any way?
  56. M

    Pink Floyd Cover!

    Here is a cover I did using the Axe FX, I just love this unit more than anything! Thanks for listening!! Markmusicman
  57. Ax8alex

    Lincoln Brewster Original Patches

    Might be kicking a dead horse but does any one have lincoln brewsters Original patches for his old axe fx. Been trying to track them down
  58. S

    Exodus TM (Blood In, Blood Out)

    I have been listening a lot of Exodus lately and also a lot of other Andy Sneap mixes so I decided to make tone match of this album as close as I can :D This is a small section of a song called "Numb".I recorded guitars 4 times, 2 with 5150 and 2 with JCM800 models. I used Jackson RR24 with...
  59. M

    Axe FX Sounds Good Every Year!

    I did this recording 4 years ago with my Axe FX and it sounded great then! But I know we are all trying to always find a better tone!!
  60. quadorocks99

    How to Midi Map 2 Axe Fx at Once?

    Hey all. I was wondering how one would go about midi mapping 2 Axe Fxs at once from the same soundcard, if possible. I know how to midi map one Axe Fx via program changes in my DAW, but my other guitarist would like to midi map his changes as well. I've seen other bands we've toured with do it...
  61. Shenks

    The sound engineer and the Axe FX

    Last night me and the band were headline spot for a motorbike rally gig in the beautiful Lake District just outside of Silverdale (England for those across the pond and elsewhere)... Usual story, arrive, go meet the sound engineer and discuss everything, and as soon as I mention I will be...
  62. C

    Using ANY Midi Controller - COMPLETE NEWBIE HERE

    Hi guys, I need some help sorting out a MIDI controller with the AXE FX II XL+ I'm completely new to the world of MIDI, so I dont have a clue how to hook these things up. There's tonnes of videos showing how to set up the MFC101...however, how would I go about setting up say the Tech 21 Midi...
  63. Volvagia

    Noise when USB reamping..

    So I noticed a thread like this has been posted before but I'm getting really bad noise when doing USB reamping. I heard something about a ground loop occurring when using mixed power sources. However, I have everything plugged into the same power strip and I'm still getting a ton of noise when...
  64. Milco

    Acoustic tone match with synth block!

    Hey everyone, here's another acoustic tone match but with some shredding! Also added the synth block just to add some thickness which worked really nice in this mix. Let me know what you think!
  65. Guitarjon

    Axe FX vs Amplitube vs Revalver vs TH3 vs Pod Farm vs 8505 vs Guitar Rig vs Helix: 5150 edition

    Hey guys, With all the 'vs' and modeler battle demos going on I thought it would be cool to do a few SDS style. We're comparing 8 different amp modelers in a full band context, just as you would use/hear them in real life. All of the amp modelers are running through the exact same OwnHammer...
  66. J

    Setup suggestions for live gigs with Axe fx II :)

    Hi everyone, Noob here. I was wondering what would you suggest for live performances with the Axe-fx. I currently use a solid state amp and do it directly from the output 1 of axe fx. But i will not be carrying the amp everywhere so need a setup that would not change the tone from Axe fx xl+...
  67. Flyman1955

    On the horizon

    I am currently using AXE Fx II and MFC 101 III. I am considering moving to the Ax8 for portability. Has anybody heard of any new models coming from fractal in the near future? Just thought i would throw that out there.
  68. Milco

    Axe FX or Die!

    Hey guys, just finished writing and recording my EP. I made this video to show case all the great tones you can make with the Axe FX ll. Let me know what you think!
  69. S

    Analog Reamping

    Hey guys. Long time AxeFX user, first time poster. I'm usually able to answer my own questions by doing searches but I have a unique scenario that I hope someone can help with. Before I get into it, here's my full setup for reamping an existing dry track in pro tools. Imac>PTHD10>Dry guitar...
  70. Milco

    Taylor Acoustic Tone Match

    Hey guys, made this tone after messing around with some Taylor guitar recordings I did at Guitar Center. I blended it with the USA Clean Amp and some parallel reverb and delay. Let me know what you think!
  71. tomaesp

    Cab IR from Line 6 device

    Hi guys, I'm using Axe Fx Standard,but also have two Line 6 XT's for 5 years..I found that i really like their cab simulation "Line 6 2x12"...It sound perfect (for me) on almost every amp simulation... I know it's funny ,but is there possibility to make IR of that cab,and use it on my...
  72. simonetron

    WTB Axe II MK II or XL+ with MFC-101

    hello there! i finally got the money to buy the best fx proc in the world! WTB an axe II MKII or xl+ shipped (only EU) with MFC-101. Show me what you've got!
  73. tamadrums14

    Axe FX Preset Changing over Midi

    Hello guys, Gear: Presonus Studio one Scarlett Focusrite 18i20 Axe fx 2 Axe fx 2 XL+ I would like to send midi patch changes from 1 interface to both axe fx's separately using midi thru. Previously I was using a USB hub and the DAW Reaper which I was manually having to check and assign the...
  74. fromthebark

    8 years of looking for a 2nd guitarist. Settled on a keyboard player. (for now)

    i've been looking for a second guitarist since I started my band 10 years ago. (we broke up for 5 years and just got back together like 6 months ago) We are like Propagandhi (Thrash prog metal punk - they rule if you're looking for a new heavy smart prog band) / Zappa / QOTSA / Meets the jamming...
  75. A

    My Sharona on Steroid

    Hi here my take on My Sharona from The Knack. On the right side - Class-A 30W Brt with Wolverine IR from, Input Drive on ten and single coil guitar. On the left side - 1959SLP Treble with Orange 4x12 IR (SM57) from, Input Drive on ten and Humbucker guitar. Drums -...
  76. Igor Paspalj

    Scuttle Buttin - SRV cover

    Hi guys! Here's my take on this SRV classic. Recorded with my Axe Fx II as usual. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  77. Moke

    Audio clip of my new 'Eruption/You Really Got Me' preset added to my site

    Here is a link to an audio clip of my new 'Eruption/You Really Got Me' preset. It's a bunch of random early EVH 'noodling' with a standard tuned EBBM Axis guitar. The 'Pitch' block is dropping it down a 1/2 step. It actually does sound better on a 1/2 step dropped tuned guitar without the...
  78. M

    Free Bird solo

    Here is another solo I did using the Princeton Reverb amp!! I love this amp so much, I use it for all my solos! I hope you enjoy this solo also.
  79. Clockwork Creep

    The Axe FX could be 30% shorter

    Hi there. I touched this in another thread, but it was out of topic. So I'll carry on here. This is the inside of the AXE FX 2: As you can see, there is plenty of unused space inside, which contributes to useless weight of the unit. Is it a good idea to move the PSU to another place, ant then...
  80. musicman0001

    Best IR for live & recording

    I would like to challenge AXE FX and/or ir manufactories to create a IR PACK of the most used or most recommended ir (cab & mic) for playing live but moreover for RECORDING plus which cab IR your missing So please post your top 5 IR cab + mic (+wish + which genre you use your irs)
  81. DTS

    roVes EP: Alternative rock with nice female vox :)

    This is my bands first EP. It includes four songs. I had a great time making this EP. The songs, recording, mixing and mastering are made by me. This was my first real recording project, so there was ALOT to do and learn. In the end i'm very happy how the EP is sounding now. Hope you guys like...
  82. S

    5 Minutes Alone, (Tonematch)

    Okey, okey..Here is some Pantera tonematching =D I think this is not the preset you want to jam alone but works at least for this kinda of recordings.. I will put both guitar and bass presets below 'cause i think this presets is heavily depending on bass tone also :D
  83. S

    Recording a guitar, (panning)?

    Hi guys! I have been recording a guitar stuff now about a 1.5 or 2 years quite often since i got my Axe Fx, and almost everytime i record two guitar tracks and hard pan those for left and right, sometimes four tracks and going like 100% L/R, and 70% L/R... But lately i have been experimenting...
  84. Red Room

    Padalka Moon N74 review (Russian custom guitar)

    Hi guys! Here is my new review of the russian custom gutar from Padalka Guitars. All guitars in the video was recorded with the AXE-FX II. Here`s some specs: model – Moon headstock shape – A-1 scale – 25,5″ number of frets – 24 number of strings – 6 Body: construction – solid body, 2...
  85. S

    The Unforgiven tonematch

    Hello my Fractal Friends! After about a month playing with new so called "Metallica amp" i decided to make another tone match preset. My first attempt was to tonematch Struggle Within tone cause i really like guitar on that track but since there is only few isolated guitar tracks from Black...
  86. Volvagia

    Axe sounds different when recorded?

    So my Axe Fx tones sound a lot different when recorded through USB than they do when I'm just jamming through my speakers.. I find that it sounds a lot brighter/twangy and less warm sounding. I usually have to tweak it to sound more like it did before. Anyone else have this issue?
  87. PWT Junya

    Bug? Latency issue???

    Hi guys so I'm new to the Axe FX (Got it today!) and I've plugged it into my imac via usb. playing around with it in my DAW (Logic) and using the outputs on my interface to monitor the sound. so: Guitar - Axe fx - imac | interface - monitors...
  88. Volvagia

    Best Impulse Response for Axe Fx?

    Hi I was wondering what are some of the best IR options for Axe Fx. I think the stock cabs sound pretty good but from what I hear, you can get much better tones using different IRs. What are some of the best ones? Does anyone use the stock cabs? I'm looking for ones that would be best for metal.
  89. Kevin Wilson

    My axe fx Ultra input lights are pegged! How to fix

    Not real sure on why this is happening, I apparently hooked up my Axe Fx ultra the wrong way by accident and now i'm having this problem as soon as i turn on my processor. I am currently trying to run it into a mesa 50/50 v30 cab. Please help! Thanks in advance, not real sure where to go from here.
  90. musicman700

    Debut Album "Contrasting Emotions" by my prog metal band Temple (GTRs / Bass -> AXE FX II)

    Hi Axe Fx dudes! Just want to share with you my band's debut album called "Contrasting Emotions". For all guitars and bass we used Axe FX II :) Hopefully you will like it, enjoy! \m/
  91. TheTrooper

    Axe Fx II Direct with USB to Mac/PC: The right way to set up everything?

    It's a question that's been picking my mind a lot. What are the parameteres (both on the Axe Fx I/O page and on whatever DAW) to look for and how to set them up the best way? Running direct into my Macbook with Cubase, I get 2.6ms input latency and 2.9ms output latency (enough to throw me off...
  92. TheTrooper

    Axe Fx and Scarlett2i2 on a Mac with Cubase not working

    Sooooo, i kinda need this to be sorted out. Cubase recognizes the Interface, with correct inputs and outputs, but doesn't let me record or give me sound. As soon as I connect the Scarlett via USB it starts to flash Red Halos (maybe it's an error thing). I can record using the Axe direct with USB...
  93. Guitarist

    Will Fractal commercialize presets?

    Contract some talented third party sound technicians to develop killer sounds, maybe two versions of each preset for common guitars / pickups (e.g: one on a strat single-coil style guitar, one on a les paul humbucker style guitar). Preview each preset with a demo of the sound by itself and in a...
  94. musicman0001

    Axe FX2 MkII Review Musicman0001 (and MESA amp recording)

    EDIT: My first recording and recording post: enter sandman-01.wav?dl=0 STACK: I LOVE THE...
  95. L

    Axe fx routing for live?

    Hey guys! I'm kind of a noob and I need some help! I need to learn how to set up my axe fx for live use (FOH). I have a power conditioner, power amp (matrix gt1600) and the Axe fx 2 XL. Now first question: do I need the power amp to go FOH? Or can I just connect the output 1 of my axe fx...
  96. darko89

    Advice before I do something stupid. Switching to AX8 from Axe fx 2 mark 1

    Soooo I'm tempted to sell my Axe fx 2 to buy the new AX8. I bought my Axe fx about 4 years ago and I mostly use it in the studio. Lately I've been wanting to play with friends more often(bedroom musician for too long) and carrying the Axe fx is not really practical. I feel like having a floor...
  97. Jason Scott

    Q2 + JS410 -- AC/DC Style Intro

    Just messing around with the JS410 Crunch Rd and felt inspired to record this short intro:
  98. Jason Scott

    Melodic Backing Track - Outfield Style

    This is a fairly short backing track I put together in the style of The Outfield using the AFX XL+, EZDrummer 2, and a K2600.
  99. R

    Another Volume Pedal Question

    I am currently using a Ground Control Pro and Mission SP-1 with my Axe Fx Ultra and it works very well. I am however looking to add a separate Ernie Ball 6166 volume pedal and TC Polytune to this setup and I am wondering how to rig it up. I have two TRS cables coming from my GCP going to my SP-1...
  100. jamacy77

    Logic ERROR: "The file might be corrupted, truncated, or in an unexpected format" ;-(

    Dear Forum members, I spent all day recording a song, saved it on 3 different HDs, as usual but now I can't reopen it. I'm scared. All other projects are okay.... this is the first time it happens. I'm using Quantum, 48k recording, Logic Pro X 10.2 on a Mac Book Pro 10.9.5 Thanks for...
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