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I have been listening a lot of Exodus lately and also a lot of other Andy Sneap mixes so I decided to make tone match of this album as close as I can :D

This is a small section of a song called "Numb".I recorded guitars 4 times, 2 with 5150 and 2 with JCM800 models. I used Jackson RR24 with EMG51 pickups. Bass tone is just D.I with a lot of processing :D Drums from Superior Drummer 2 with some other samples

Let me hear if you like it!
Comparision between my version and original in the end of a video


  • Exodus TM - 5150.syx
    6.3 KB · Views: 52
  • Exodus TM - JCM800.syx
    6.3 KB · Views: 53
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