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superior drummer

  1. developdevice

    FS DRUMSCRAFT Ultimate Bundle | 85 Superior Drummer 3 Presets

    The DRUMSCRAFT Ultimate Bundle contains all 85 Superior Drummer 3 presets that are currently available (June 2019) at my store. Their value is €436! Also included are all bundles. LAST 50 DOWNLOADS...
  2. Semih Yanyali

    FS ToonTrack New York Studios Vol 2 SDX & The Rock Warehouse SDX &Superior Drummer 2 Crossgrade

    New York Studios Vol 2 SDX $99 (sweetwater price $149) The Rock Warehouse SDX $139 (only available on ToonTrack website for $179) Superior Drummer 2.0 Crossgrade $29 (plz pay attention, this is crossgrade/upgrade from EzDrummer 1) All for $199 I have...
  3. dbrozz

    FS Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0, Metal Foundry SDX and Made of Metal EZX

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0, Metal Foundry SDX and Made of Metal EZX software licenses Location (City,State or City,Country): Vancouver, BC International OK? : Yes Contact Info (No Phone #s): Message me here! Price (include currency and if...
  4. S

    Exodus TM (Blood In, Blood Out)

    I have been listening a lot of Exodus lately and also a lot of other Andy Sneap mixes so I decided to make tone match of this album as close as I can :D This is a small section of a song called "Numb".I recorded guitars 4 times, 2 with 5150 and 2 with JCM800 models. I used Jackson RR24 with...
  5. GotMetalBoy

    Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 Sale

    Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 is on sale for $105! http://www.toontrack.com/black-friday/ I've never seen it that cheap before, so I thought I'd share it. Not sure if a new version is coming out soon and that's why it's so cheap but it's too good of a deal to pass up. I have no affiliation with...
  6. JeremyRhoades

    Quantum 4.0 Periphery Inspired Djent/Metal/Rock

    All sounds by Axe FX II, Superior Drummer 2, Slate plugins, and Reaper. Used mainly Dual Rectifier and Friedman models, with some FAS Crunch and a couple other amps for cleans. Any constructive criticism is appreciated! :)
  7. erockomania

    HBE on Quantum with new OwnHammer EWH cab mix... is... amazing.

    Hey guys! Ok, so I've been a Herbie chnl 3 whore for like a year... but, uh, I think the HBE on Quantum with the new OH EWH cab mix is my favorite thing ever. This is pretty much exactly the tone I've been hearing in the my head. Super quick throw-away riff here but damn... so juicy! Skervesen...
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