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Preset 38. Clean Dumble ODS for rhythm, and Scene 2 Ford Dumble for lead :) can you tell I like Steely Dan?

That influence is always appreciated...sounding great as you have established.

Nice. I LOVE Steely Dan (and Donald Fagen). The Nightfly might be my all-time favorite album.
...I knew there was some reason I like you guys.....
I have always felt that the true measure of a person’s character and intellect can be judged by their opinion of Fagen and the Dan.
As i’m Sure Cliff is aware, the Nightfly is considered to be somewhat of a Holy Grail in the audiophile world, praised for its pristine production, and rereleased in ever-higher bit rates and vinyl thicknesses ..and what an incredible artistic and personal document of a place/time and mindset that so many of us of a certain age still hold dear...One of my best performance memories is the time I worked as a host/soundguy/utility vocalist at a hot suburban club with a swinging 18-price orchestra of the best young Chicago players of the day
(1981) and got to sing Walk Between the Raindrops every night......think I’m gonna listen to Nightfly again right now(you should too)..as I perch in my Miami Beach high rise which is on the causeway ..by the big hotels.......


Good thing that somebody mentioned to use the scenes in your factory preset threads. Would've been a hard time playing this with a clean ODS sound only! :D


I programmed drums, bass, and keys and did the guitars. Ill upload it as a backing track for play along! I wrote the changes for this track.
Thanks man! That makes all the more impressive. you gotta share if you are playing out anywhere in south Florida in the next month, before I escape for parts North ;)


Superb. As a jazz fanatic and huge Fagen/Carlton fan these tones made my day. The Nightfly is my favorite all time album. I catch a lot of flack for showing up to gigs with the AXE from the amp elites. But then my 335 sings...
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