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How loud can a DXR10 go?


Hi everyone!
I've just bought an DXR10 and it really sounds amazing!
I'd like to know how loud it can go without causing any damage to the speaker... I intent to use it as my guitar speaker for rehearsal. My band has 2 guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Can DXR10 handle with it? Any advice of settings? I'll probably will use it on wedge position, but I'm afraid of damaging the speaker if I use it loud enough to be heard on rehearsal. Btw, I won't send any signal of my AFX to the FOH, just DXR10.
Thank you all!


I've also just got a DXR10 and intend using it on the floor in a wedge position when I am going through FOH but behind me either on a PA speaker stand or on a crate when I'm not going through FOH. I haven't had a chance to try it with my band yet but I did a lot of reading before I took the plunge and bought one. Everyone who either uses one or has used one has said that they are (or can be) VERY loud. Also, they have significant built in protection against damage. Anyway. let's see what responses you get here from other users.


i have used two of them since they came out. i would not worry about hurting them.
they get very loud and have been great sounding speakers.


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They are 1100 watts.

I can easily blow away a drummer with a single CLR active wedge that's only 550 watts at 50% volume. I think you'll be ok ;)


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DXR10 is extremely loud. I used 2 as my monitor wedges on large stages in theatres no problem at all.


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They have a built in protection that will turn them off if they overheat and they have an outstanding warranty.


My dxr10 seems to be able to go a lot louder than I care to push it. I’ve never had to push it past the halfway mark. The only reason I pushed it that hard was it was my only monitor for my guitars plus, my guitar and bass players both had their big a** rigs on-stage. I literally heard nothing if I stepped away from my dxr10 but, golden if I stood in its path. I do usually have the high-pass filter engaged.
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