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Really appreciate the work that you are doing ... presets sound great and playing is impressive ... if you wanted to share that preset with the community you could upload the file into a new message on this thread or use Axe-Change. Looking forward to hearing what else you come up with on the III.


Its easy to export a single III preset from Fractal-bot...then just drag and drop the file in the box that appears here after clicking Upload a File..here is a very simple 4cm setup I was just using to check out my new LB-2. ...


  • LB2 4cm test.syx
    48.2 KB · Views: 6


Fractal Fanatic
That sounds Awesome Scene 1
Just the clean was killer
Please upload This one along with your Milo Plexi when you get done
With them
They rock


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Oh boy really enjoyed this, excellent interoperation of how I would like to listen to a demonstration of a new cutting edge guitar processor, and kudos for taking the extra time on the vid... and your expertise playing gets me to the end of the video. :)
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