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Best Impulse Response for Axe Fx?


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Hi I was wondering what are some of the best IR options for Axe Fx. I think the stock cabs sound pretty good but from what I hear, you can get much better tones using different IRs. What are some of the best ones? Does anyone use the stock cabs? I'm looking for ones that would be best for metal.
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No such thing as a "best" IR per se. Depends on the kind of tones you like and even then the ir choice is gonna come down to personal preference. What kind of metal tone do you favor?


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It's nearly impossible to answer this now that there are so many IR packs floating about. I really have no idea about what are the best ones because they all are good so it's all down to what cab/mic combination you want to try and personal preference. The factory/stock cabs are also fine and if you do a search for Danni Danzi's posts you'll find a video from not long ago where he tweaks an unlikely choice of factory cab for an amp and gets it sounding pretty great.

Certainly you can just swap out cabs in your preset and your whole tone can change and you might not need to do anything else ..... but it can be a huge rabbit hole to fall into when experimenting.


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I personally like Periphery's tone as well as John Petrucci's mesa boogie tones.
There's a petrucci mesa IR in the stock cabs, cab pack 7 is also dedicated to his cab. Misha from periphery helped develop cab packs 13 and 19 as well and has used 13 on haunted shores latest release and 19 on their upcoming release
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