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  1. B

    Not a Bug No sound via USB

    Hey everybody, I've been a non headphone FM3 user since June 2020. I'm currently using the latest official firmware 3.01. Recently, my FM3 started doing strange things. 1) When not powered on but connected via USB, the footswitches, their labels, the screens and the info leds on the front...
  2. Hitoshi Kato

    Recording settings (mono vs stereo)

    Hello, When you do the guitar recording with Axe FX III, do you usually do streo recording or mono recording? I am just curious to know the recording settings with Axe FX III and DAW. I know Axe FX III can do the stereo recording but I believe panning should be easier with DAW since it’s easy...
  3. A

    Bug? Fractal FM3 USB re-amp latency

    I 've noticed that when I am reamping midi signal via USB, there is a slight delay on the recording. In the image you can see the reamp track in grey being starting almost 50ms after the reamped midi signal in red. I am not sure if this happens on reamps with real audio as well, or from DI that...
  4. C

    Recording in adobe audition with axe ultra and interface

    So I got an axe ultra MKII for christmas as it's all I could afford and I love it except for having to use an audio interface instead of USB. I'm fairly new to recording my own stuff using a daw and even newer to ideas like DI and reamping. But I have a friend who is helping explain. My issue is...
  5. Steven Fernandez

    Recording Bass through FM3

    I am currently doing some recording at home. I've done the Drums and guitars and what to add the bass. I want to play me bass through my FM3 as I use it as an audio interface. It's rock music, so I just need a basic bass sound with maybe a bit of compressor. Is there a preset around or any tips...
  6. S

    New Tune! 2-Man Quartet As Usual

    Greetings, Hello everyone, another tune is up! This started off with 80s pop vibe in mind, and morph to having no 80s vibe at all.:tearsofjoy: Anyway here it is, my bro on drums and me on guitars. I am using Deluxe Tweed on the rhythm guitar, Fox ODS on lead, Angle Severe 2 on solo, and Dirty...
  7. Steven Fernandez

    [solved] FM3 Not recording into Logic Pro X

    I am trying for the first time to record directly from my FM3 into Logic Pro X. So I plugged my guitar into input 1 as normal. Output 1 L was plugged into my Monitor. I opened Logic, set the input to 1 + 2 Created an audio track. Set the project settings --> audio to 48kHz Armed the track and...
  8. Dwelltone


    A little Sunday afternoon noodle and chill. Yamaha BB734 P/J bass with flat wounds and a Suhr strat with v60lp pickups.
  9. Dwelltone

    Inspired By Artist Preset Pete CyThornians

    Downloaded the artist presets from Pete Thorn and got inspired by his CyThornians patch. Used it for this entire track.
  10. Dwelltone


    Hi guys! Came up with this tune this week (Wednesday). I used the Dr. Z 38 amp for all guitar parts on this track. (Reposting link for better levels.)
  11. CradleInFlames

    Recording Setup Advice (AxeFX III, Superior Drums, Studio One)

    Hello everyone! So, I've been using Studio One to record guitars but haven't messed around with drums much. I recently purchased Superior Drums 3 and decided to try and put the pieces together. Unfortunately, I ran into a bit of a snag when setting it up. I'm currently trying to figure out...
  12. M

    Axe-Fx II Bypassed and silent when Logic Pro is open

    Hi all, new Axe-Fx user here. I'm having some issues with Logic Pro - whenever I open it with the Axe-Fx II running (USB connection to computer) the Axe-Fx flashes 'Bypassed' and no sound is produced. My setup is guitar to front Axe-Fx input, Axe-fx acting as interface with USB connection to...
  13. B

    Using the FM3 as Audio Interface, but muting non-DAW output

    Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to use the FM3 as an audio interface with my particular setup. My goal is to be able to record a DI signal and the main output at the same time, but I only want to hear what is being routed through my DAW (yes, I know this won't be zero latency), the reason...
  14. S

    Help recording via USB into Logic-LOUD HISS

    Bought my Axe Fx3 couple weeks ago and love it. Finally got all my sounds programmed to play live. Few days ago started the next chapter, recording. Plugged the USB into my Imac, opened up Logic Express 9, created a track, hit the record button and BAM! input levels maxed out in the red and a...
  15. Frank Pearl

    Does it sit??

    One thing that amaze me is how easy the Axe FX 3 sits in a full and mastered mix. This is unbelievable! In this pop song i recorded rhythm and lead guitars.
  16. A

    Axe-Fx III as Audio Device

    Hi everyone, I have an Axe Fx III and a MOTU 4Pre In this last period I started using my axe fx as main audio device using usb recording I need a opinion, Is better using my axe fx as audio device only for guitar and bass recordings and using my MOTU for working on midi programming, editings...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] No recording/playback when recording into Logic Pro X on AX8

    Questioning the relevancy of this thread considering the Axe FX III and FM3 are very much a thing, but I just bought an AX8 and am having trouble recording into Logic Pro X. My setup is a the unit itself going into my Focusrite 6i6 via S/PDIF, of which is going through my Yamaha HS5's through...
  18. B

    Axe FX III cables and connections for using the effects in a recording studio environment

    Hi all I am adding an Axe III to replace my Axe 2 in my home studio and currently planning my connections with my multi in and out mixer set up. I notice there are a lot more outputs and inputs on the Axe 3 but the extra outs and ins are mainly explained in the manual to be used as connections...
  19. Arkks

    Spacey Cleans/ Progressive OD's

    Hi all, I've just released a single, all self produced. All guitars via AxeFx2xl. Let me your thoughts. Arkks
  20. Mark Scrivener

    Just used the Axe-Fx III for client's country/pop recording

    I thought some of the folks considering a fractal might like to hear the FX-III being used in a non hard rock/metal genre. Here is some work I just finished for a country/pop artist. Not having to mic up an amp, wear headphones for overdubs, or remove amp hum was a huge plus. For the curious...
  21. mwd

    Recommendations for simple quality audio interface for iMac

    We are setting up our singer her first mini studio and we are looking for a simple but quality audio interface for her to use. There is no need to record more than 2 channels at once and we will mostly record at 24/48. Protocol can be USB or FW400/800. Our most important factor is monitoring...
  22. CradleInFlames

    Recording playback levels question

    Hello everyone! I've been playing with my AxeFX III for a while and decided I need to stop being lazy and start playing around with recording. I'm using Presonus' Studio One (I have V3 and just started working with V4). I have my guitar going into the input and then my output is going to some...
  23. K

    Recording with FL Studio

    Hey guys, very new to the Axe FX so forgive me. I believe I have everything setup correctly but when I attempt to record multiple tracks through FL Studio (rhythm with a separate lead) I'm having an issue where it will double record whatever I lay down first. It will also record the metronome if...
  24. Rmsnyder

    Signal Coming In Too Hot

    I'm sure this has been posted somewhere before, if so can someone send me the link to the proper thread? But my Axe FX 2 XL+ signal is coming into my DAW (Logic Pro X) way too hot. I used Austin Buddy's tutorial and set my guitar input to unity gain and then set the Output 1 levels to around...
  25. Joero6

    Popping noises during recording playbacks?

    I have my FX 2 XL+ running into my laptop via USB cable. The software I am using is Presonus Studio One 3. At the moment the Axe 2 is set as the soundcard. When I record any audio I get pops and crackles through the recorded audio in various spots. Any suggestions? Also on a side note, is...
  26. Mathew Aboujaoude

    What's the best way to set up my AX8 for recording?

    I'm trying to experiment a new way to setup my rig for recording. The way I have it setup now is PRS -> AX-8 -> Stereo XLR Out to Roland Studio Capture. I own a Quilter Toneblock 200W Head that I love using live and want to incorporate in my recording. What are my options here and what would be...
  27. A

    USB Connection and Recording

    Hi, I use Axe Edit with my Axe-Fx iii, and I was wondering if I can record off of the same USB connection? So in other words, I have Axe Edit running and my PC is connected to the Axe Fx iii, and I open up a freeware program like Audacity. I can see that Axe-Fx iii shows up in sound card...
  28. A

    USB Dry Input Level is Extremely Low

    Hello all, I'm attempting to track with the Axe III via USB for the first time. When I track anything, the level on USB 1 is healthy for the wet but the signal on USB 5 for the dry is exceedingly low. As in my meters peak around -30db and I can't get an acceptable volume with the fader...
  29. Joero6

    PreSonus Studio One 3 and the Axe-Fx 2

    Anybody using the Axe Fx 2 direct to PreSonus Studio One 3 for recording? I am brand new to this software and am finding that not only is the master volume extremely low, I have pops and cracks through the entire recording. I am using the Axe FX 2 XL+ running into my music laptop via usb cable...
  30. Andrew Sullivan

    How are some of you recording direct from Axe-Fx II XL into an interface?

    I am currently going from my output 2 jacks into a Tascam interface, but on high gain sounds, I am still getting that farty digital distortion sound. I am using Studio One for my DAW, but I had the same problem using a Digidesign interface and Pro Tools and also Reaper. Please let me know how...
  31. R

    Recording mono Dry, DI and stereo FX on seperate channels

    Hi, I am about to purchase an axe fx 3 for studio use and have been researching recording options but havent found a clear answer on this and havent tried one yet to work it out. I want to know how to record a mono patch with a mono DI signal and then the stereo FX onto seperate tracks...
  32. J

    Best settings for recording setup AX8, Audient ID22 and Logic Pro X

    Hi recording pros, I need some advice for the best settings to record my AX with Audient ID22 and Logic pro X. Up to now I have used the FX send (levels up to 100%) of AX 8 and went to RET 1 of the Audient. Any tips for improving my settings? Im not that deep into knowing the technical stuff...
  33. B

    Axe-Fx III CPU Usage on Ableton live ?

    Hello everybody, I'm not yet a happy owner of an Axe FX III (never had an Axe Fx). My question is : is it easy to use the Axe FX III to record on Ableton Live 10 ? I heard it even saves you some Cpu usage since you don't have to put any third party plugin on the track, is that true ? Sorry if...
  34. jdiz86

    Fast Track Pro with Axe-Fx II XL+: bad idea?

    I've been using the axe fx II xl+ as an audio interface since purchasing it about 6 months. I have an old Fast Track Pro (FTP) that I used for recording previously by micing my amps, but since having the axe fx it's been collecting dust and I haven't really though about using it... until...
  35. Mats Lexell

    Shredding to some sweet pop music

    Hi! Got a new video up on the tubes, check it out!
  36. wolbai

    Europa-Song directly recorded with FX8-presets + Marshall JVM410

    Bought the FX8 early 2016 and used it mainly for home recording so far, together with my Marshall JVM410 (4CM cabling), a Rivera Rockcrusher (power attenuator) and a Radial DI-box with a good cab-sim. I started to do Live-performances early this year with a duo-partner again. The FX8 has become...
  37. Mark Pritchard

    Advice needed to make guitar video’s!

    So I have an AX8 and a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 interface. My laptop died the other day and am thinking of getting an iMac. I need advice in what DAW to get to make guitar videos and how to use my iPhone to film then to sync the audio. I don’t think I need anything too complicated to do this but...
  38. Rocketsurgeongeneral

    I think it's called a dry signal...

    Just did a video of me using the AXE FX III with a heavy metal tone and when I played back the video, I could hear a dry signal (I could hear the guitar itself and the strings and it sounded like two sounds at the same time). Is there a way to get rid of that dry signal. I did go to my system...
  39. J

    Logic Pro X and Axe-Fx III compatibility?

    Is there a compatibility issue with the AxeFx III and Logic? I have continually received a notification on the screen stating that the 'Volume "LaCie" is full', referring to the external hard drive I'm using, which has plenty of space on it. This seems to happen mostly when I have a track that...
  40. plasmatic

    Acoustic Direct Recording Test

    I have one of the new PRS SE Angelus A50E that has the Fishman GT1 piezo pickup in it. For the money, I'm pretty happy with it. I play it direct so I found some free acoustic IRs of Taylor 314s on the webs and made the following recording as a test. My recording/mastering skills are green so...
  41. Overdrive

    Playing through studio monitors safe?

    I played my Axe-Fx II through QSC K10s when I was playing live. Now I only at home, through my recording setup (Clarett 8Pre into an iMac). I'm just using my JBL LSR 308 studio monitors. Sounds fine, maybe not as good as loud through the K10s, but okay. But could I damage the monitors if I...
  42. jdiz86

    [Solved] sound quality decreases when monitoring through DAW. Normal?

    I've had the axe fx ii for a couple weeks. I'm able to create great sounding patches, but when I am tracking in my daw (ableton live 8) the sound quality noticeably decreases as opposed to jamming straight out of the axe fx. In the daw it sounds tinny, digital, hollow... etc. I'm using the axe...
  43. A

    Reamping for an album: The unholy signal chain

    We were reamping the rhythm guitars for my band Liha's debut album yesterday and it was amazing. We play modern metal (but not any -core) and we found the most crushing sounds. The signal chain we used was AX8 - Marshall Silver Jubilee fx loop return - Carlsbro 4x12 cab with '73 Celestion...
  44. sskkmm

    Matchbox Twenty and Paramore Mashup

    This is pretty good.
  45. DanGuitarMan

    Live vs. Recording Presets & Cab IRs

    Does anybody else feel the need to use separate presets/cab IRs for recording versus live? I find a lot of the built-in and third party presets sound great in recording situations. I've recorded on a few albums with ready made presets, and they sound and feel fantastic. There is a ton of...
  46. Monchito

    Can't get my patches to sit in the mix.

    I think I may have hit a wall and not even sure this is something I can solve with the AX8 itself or if I need to revise my idea of mixing. I made a thread about my patch levels a while ago. They are going into the DAW at between -12 and -6dB. As far as I know that is good headroom for...
  47. golden blue

    almost made up my mind...

    New guy here. New to amp modeling, so apologies in advance... After many many hours of research i think im ready to buy an ax8. But before i open up my wallet i want to be absloutely 100% sure that this will fit my needs. Im a bedroom studio guy, dont gig or plan to, so this is mainly for...
  48. Chris Schneider

    MFC24 USB MIDI Controller Built

    Since I have been using recording software on my PC I have always wanted to be able to control the software via a footswitch to be able to record, play, stop, remove item, arm track, etc. I literally hate using the mouse. I started pursuing a path to develop my own DIY USB MIDI Foot Controller...
  49. N

    How to record on IPad

    can anyone give me some tips on connectivity in terms of Axe FX II into IPad using GarageBand? Midi,AI, etc anything is appreciated :)
  50. A

    Is the best DI sound the best?

    I'm recording an album with my band and I will record the DI tracks at home. I got the best DI sound by going to the AX8, a straight virtual cable to the output and from main XLR to mic pre input on my Audient iD4. What I'm thinking now is that is the best DI the best thing? Or would it sound...
  51. Andrea Maccianti

    AxeFx2 Into "Caught In Space"

    All the guitars have been recorded with the AxeFx2 what do you think? I hope you enjoy! :)
  52. C

    Recording Ax8 + Dry Signal (DI) Simultaneously

    I'm picking up an Ax8 this Friday and was wondering if I'll be able to record a DI signal at the same time as the Ax8 audio. I have an Apollo Twin Solo (Thunderbolt) and a Radial Pro-DI (1-channel) DI box sitting around somewhere. I know I can XLR out of the Ax8 into the Apollo and record the...
  53. A

    My first recording with the AX8 (metal)

    This is an old song I've been wanting to release for ages but never got the mix quite right. Now I'm sufficiently happy with it and just glad that it's out there. For the rhythm guitars I used 5150 on one side and a Diezel on the other. Both through some cabs from the ML Djent pack. Bass...
  54. Moshermax9

    Micing up a real cab for recording

    I know a lot of people here probably just us IRS and record direct, but has anyone used the Axe with a cab and miced it up for recording. I recently did this with my band , and got fantastic results. Also my setup is AxeFx 2 XL+ -> Matrix GT1000FX 2U -> Avatar 1x12
  55. T

    AX8 Tones for Guitar Instrumental Music

    I have owned the AX8 now for a little over one year. My intention has been to use this for instrumental guitar music. While I have had great success with getting tones for songs with vocals (where the guitar is very much in the background) I have struggled to get guitar tones that: A) Sound...
  56. N

    Recording Wet & Dry Tracks

    Hi, I'm new to recording and wanted to know if I have configured my setup correctly. I am planning on recording all my wet and dry tracks then sending them to an engineer to mix and master. I am using Reaper and recording at 44.1 kHz 24 bit. My setup: Wet tracks: Axe Fx Ultra Output 1...
  57. TheHumanStephen

    Phasing issue when double tracking

    I'm having phasing issues when I double track guitars for layering purposes and/or hard left and hard right panning. I am going DI into my Scarlet FocusRite 18i20. I want to use the same guitar and same preset; any suggestions? What am I missing here?
  58. N

    Help with Looper

    Can anyone tell me how to extend the amount of time the MFC gives you to loop a chord progression/bass line etc.? The factory setting only lets you record around a 3 second loop. Thanks.
  59. Star^Rock

    Audio interface for Axe FX Ultra

    I would like to record some of the new stuff I am working on into my PC. I generally plug my guitar into Axe FX Ultra and use studio monitors. One of the guys at the music store in my town recommended Presonus Audiobox iTwo. But I am wondering if the preamps in the audio interface will affect...
  60. Monchito

    SPDIF vs ANALOG out MAIN1 level varies

    Hello, after reading some articles here I decided to try and record my AX8 directly via SPDIF. After some reading I have decided to post in relation to that: Do you guys experience any variation in level between the SPDIF and the Analog? I know SPDIF is supposed to emulate the signal from...
  61. M

    Recording with the AX8 (PC)

    Hi guys! Just got myself a brand new AX8 (got it yesterday), and I am truly amazed about how GOOD this beast sounds straight out of the box. Just plugged the thing to my amp and I could get amazing tones in no time. I have been using a Pod X3 for the past 7 years and I always recorded demos...
  62. J

    Blue mofi headphone vs Yamaha hs5

    Hi, I live in an apartment and can't get too loud that is why leaning towards the mofi . What do you guys think? I am going to mainly use it for home studio and recording songs. Thank you.
  63. J

    Suggestions for headphones/FrFr/Studio monitor

    Hi all, I have checked some of the other posts, but they are pretty outdated now.So had to create a new one. I live in an apartment and can't get too loud. My budget is around $200. I was planning to go for athm50x headphones and it is going to be mainly used for recording and...
  64. J

    Suggestions to improve this tone. Any advice appreciated (Sweep/Cafo tone)

    Hi everyone, I have been reading a lot of posts about getting tight bass sound and about recording on this forum. It has been really helpful and just wanted to thanks everyone for their input. Now onto the issue at hand, I am trying to record with my Axe XL+/ Logic x and output going to my...
  65. G

    Tracking DI and wet signals simultaniously?

    Hi everyone, Possible stupid question: is there a way to record both a DI and a wet signal simultaneously when I track so that I can hear the AX8 patch that I used for recording during playback but still use the DI tracks for reamping later if I need to? Thanks
  66. J

    AX8 DI Question

    Hi All, I want to set up the ax8 to send a clean DI signal to another channel in logic X while I'm recording using my current patches. My set up is guitar->pedals (drives etc)->ax8->tascam us1800 (Analogue input) -> Computer I want to set up the ax8 so that I can monitor/record my current...
  67. Nakul Sharma

    Respective Amps Best Factory Cabs

    Hey all, I use Axe FX 2 XL+ for live and for recordings. Played more than 15 gigs now. Hands down the best gear I have by far.. I love it. Each day it gives me goosebumps. Ok so back to my query.. As of now I don't have Cab packs. Many of you guys use Cab packs. And many are like me who use...
  68. Milco

    Tone match (Acoustic)

    Hey guys, tried something interesting and ran some acoustic tracks through the tone match and played it on my 8 string electric. I think I made a really unique tone. Let me know what you think!
  69. BrOlav

    New Macbook Pro

    Hi! I bought the latest MacBook Pro 15" with QC-Processor, 16GB Ram and 4x USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) ports. I was thinking of getting together a full little recording studio at home, but have no idea what I should buy. I have the Axe-Fx II, and have previously been using it directly as a sound...
  70. M

    Live / Studio Patch Differences

    Hi All. I about 4 weeks my band will hit a local recording studio to do a demo for our tribute band, and I'll be using my AX8 for my guitar sounds. I've noticed a number fo times that some when members talk about their sounds, they refer to different setups for live verses recording. Apart...
  71. Milco

    Fryette D60 Spanky Tone

    Hey guys, took me a while to dial in this tone, but I tried making a spanky tone that worked on my extended range guitars. Let me know what you think! Maybe recommend some other amps good for these situations?
  72. Jotun666

    Vikingore - Enraged (Viking Metal)

    Hi, folks, I just want to share a trailer of the work I made recording, mixing and mastering Vikingore´s Enraged, a Viking Metal band from Spain. All guitars and bass were recorded using Axe FX II. I hope you like it!
  73. Genghis

    Mix Comparison - Harrison Mixbus 32C vs. SONAR

    Hi everybody. I did a little comparison between a mix I did an SONAR and the same raw tracks imported into Harrison Mixbus 32C and mixing using mostly the channel strips included, with only light usage of a few select VSTs in addition. (Mostly for reverb and delay type stuff) I'm looking...
  74. C

    AX8 for recording from anyone with hands on experience

    All I currently have an AXE FX2. I have read the comparison between the AX8 and FX2 in the AX8 owners manual, so I am aware of the basic differences Is there any downside to using the AX8 for recording as compared to the AXE FX 2? (note-I have an interface already) I know in the AX8 you...
  75. Kaihoro1388

    Recording Dry DI Axe-Fx 2

    Hey guys I'm using cubase 8.5 artist and i want to be able to record my di track from axe fx while still hearing the signal with the preset on. So basically when i record ill hear the preset I'm using but it will only record the dry track. I'm doing this so i can re amp the dry signal later. i...
  76. musicman0001

    Best IR for live & recording

    I would like to challenge AXE FX and/or ir manufactories to create a IR PACK of the most used or most recommended ir (cab & mic) for playing live but moreover for RECORDING plus which cab IR your missing So please post your top 5 IR cab + mic (+wish + which genre you use your irs)
  77. S

    5 Minutes Alone, (Tonematch)

    Okey, okey..Here is some Pantera tonematching =D I think this is not the preset you want to jam alone but works at least for this kinda of recordings.. I will put both guitar and bass presets below 'cause i think this presets is heavily depending on bass tone also :D
  78. S

    Recording a guitar, (panning)?

    Hi guys! I have been recording a guitar stuff now about a 1.5 or 2 years quite often since i got my Axe Fx, and almost everytime i record two guitar tracks and hard pan those for left and right, sometimes four tracks and going like 100% L/R, and 70% L/R... But lately i have been experimenting...
  79. Ytolyccuz

    New to Recording - Tucana+Plexi+JTM45 test - advice appreciated

    Hi, Would like to ask for your advice, tips to improve my recording. CA Tucana - Solo Rh 2 - Plexi Rh 1 - JTM45
  80. Ytolyccuz

    Recording with the Axe

    Hi, It's my first time to record with the Axe Fx 2. I have managed to do a somewhat successful reamp test but I feel that my workflow is pretty inefficient. Question 1: Realtime Track Auditioning with other tracks. My problem is when I try to audition the track for reamping with another...
  81. Ytolyccuz

    Problematic Recording

    Hi Everyone, It's my first try at reamping and I was surprised there was no setup at all. However, I'm not sure if I'm missing something. After recording, it sounds slightly different. It's as if the channels sound "separate". Is this an example of phasing? Am I missing something? This is what...
  82. Ytolyccuz

    Axe Fx 2 with Tannoy Reveal 402

    Hi Guys, I tried looking through another thread talking about reference monitors but I couldn't find anything about Tanno Reveal 402's. I also posted on that thread but probably got buried by the newer replies. My apologies if this thread is very specific to one device. Would like to ask for...
  83. Volvagia

    Axe sounds different when recorded?

    So my Axe Fx tones sound a lot different when recorded through USB than they do when I'm just jamming through my speakers.. I find that it sounds a lot brighter/twangy and less warm sounding. I usually have to tweak it to sound more like it did before. Anyone else have this issue?
  84. Igor Paspalj

    Eric Johnson - Manhattan cover - video (Quantum 3.2)

    Hi Guys! Here's my take on this amazing tune. Quantum 3.2, of course, and my custom scalloped strat in action. Yes, we all know how Eric's tone is incredibly hard to achive, but I'm good with this one. Again it's my weird combination of Tone Match block along with the Cab, but it works for me...
  85. Volvagia

    Best Impulse Response for Axe Fx?

    Hi I was wondering what are some of the best IR options for Axe Fx. I think the stock cabs sound pretty good but from what I hear, you can get much better tones using different IRs. What are some of the best ones? Does anyone use the stock cabs? I'm looking for ones that would be best for metal.
  86. D

    Do Pro Users Record the Axe-Fx through a mic pre?

    What method do the top Pro users of the Fractal Axe-Fx use to record an album? 1. Do they run the balanced outs through a high end mic pre? 2. Does Fractal Audio make a recommendation? 3. Do they use record using the S/PDIF or USB outputs? I realize that different pro users who make albums...
  87. TheTrooper

    Axe Fx II Direct with USB to Mac/PC: The right way to set up everything?

    It's a question that's been picking my mind a lot. What are the parameteres (both on the Axe Fx I/O page and on whatever DAW) to look for and how to set them up the best way? Running direct into my Macbook with Cubase, I get 2.6ms input latency and 2.9ms output latency (enough to throw me off...
  88. TheTrooper

    Axe Fx and Scarlett2i2 on a Mac with Cubase not working

    Sooooo, i kinda need this to be sorted out. Cubase recognizes the Interface, with correct inputs and outputs, but doesn't let me record or give me sound. As soon as I connect the Scarlett via USB it starts to flash Red Halos (maybe it's an error thing). I can record using the Axe direct with USB...
  89. Flyman1955


    Can you record from FX8 via the USB cable straight to mac
  90. John the G

    Axe FX II and Reaper help?

    Hello, I can't seem to get the Axe to show in the Devices menu under the ASIO driver. I think all the drivers installed correctly, no problems with Axe edit or anything else. Anyone else have this problem in Reaper? I would certainly appreciate any help.
  91. John the G

    Axe FX II and Reaper help?

    Hello, I can't seem to get the Axe to show in the Devices menu under the ASIO driver. I think all the drivers installed correctly, no problems with Axe edit or anything else. Anyone else have this problem in Reaper? I would certainly appreciate any help.
  92. Volvagia

    Is Axe Fx Viable?

    I have heard from people like Ola Englund that the Axe Fx isn't as good as real amps. But isn't tone really subjective? Personally I think that Periphery has some of the best sounding guitar tones that I've heard on an album. I haven't bad much experience with real tube amps but I really do like...
  93. R

    Anyway to edit the sounds/patches after recording/playing?

    Hey guys, I love my Axe-Fx but one thing I find frustrating is that I can only hear how the patch edits sound if I have my guitar in my hand, and have to constantly play the same riff over and over again to hear the differences. Is there a way in which I can record a riff, say on the Axe FX...
  94. ibanman555

    SPDIF at 96k

    Hello all, As mentioned many times before, Axe Fx XL+ will only work with SPDIF at 48k.... but I have recently opened a session in Pro Tools 11 to record at 96k and didn't notice any problems. My interface is a RME Fireface 800. I found this interesting, but I'm sure I am missing something...
  95. Steinmetzify

    Got A Stupid Question

    So here's my stupid story and my stupid question: I'm forever struggling to get the exact tone I use when practicing onto recordings. Problem being that it'll clip, because it's f*ckin LOUD, yo. I don't want to turn it down, because since I practice at that level, it's what I'm used to and I've...
  96. kelstervonshredster

    What effects you using in your DAW when recording with Axe FX?

    Just curious what the "pros" are doing when they lay an Axe FX track down in your DAW. Here is my setup: Guitar > Axe FX >Logic Pro. Recording direct via USB, using the Axe as my audio interface in Logic. When I record a track into Logic Pro, it sounds good but never as good as hearing...
  97. Crapshoes

    Bass tone for modern aggressive music

    So, as the primary songwriter for my band, I've realized lately that my lack of appreciation for a good bass tone has left our music lacking in the low frequency department. We've never had a bass player, so in the studio I always end up recording the bass parts. As a band, we're trying to...
  98. X-Mann

    What Recording DAW & Interface............?

    Hey guys, I'm new to Fractal & have a quick questions for everyone. What DAW are you using & interface to connect to your Axe-Fx? Do you like it/love it & what would you recommend? Note: I've only used Pro-Tools LE (for the last 5-years) & my interface has been the Eleven Rack. It's what got...
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