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Hey guys. Long time AxeFX user, first time poster.
I'm usually able to answer my own questions by doing searches but I have a unique scenario that I hope someone can help with.

Before I get into it, here's my full setup for reamping an existing dry track in pro tools.
Imac>PTHD10>Dry guitar recorded through Apollo twin duo thunderbolt>Line Out 3> Radial Xamp>AxeFXII front instrument input>balanced XLR output R>Apollo mic pre 2. To my understanding if you're reamping analog then you need to go into the front input to use the 'secret sauce' circuitry. Please correct me if thats wrong.

The main thing I'm trying to do is be able to reamp a dry signal in the mix, while using my apollo for my monitors. The issue is the sound quality isn't 100% (I'm not sure how to set gain for the wet output into the Apollo) but more importantly there is a slight latency, even at the lowest buffer setting on my apollo. This is probably due to all the AD/DA conversion happening by sending a signal out for processing and then returning it to the interface. I'm not sure how to get a line level/digital signal back into the apollo from the Axe, would that even do anything?
Also, the Apollo has an optical out so I can't connect it to the axe for slaving.

Whats my best bet here for being able to monitor/reamp the wet axe signal in the mix and without latency? Using the Axe as a USB interface seems out of the question, to my understanding you can't reamp while listening to it within a full mix.

Thanks for reading!


Using an FX Loop block taken off the end of your chain, then you can use the FX outputs on the back of the Axe-Fx to go straight to your monitors. Direct monitoring with control over the level using the output 2 knob on the front of the Axe-Fx. Boom. Done.
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