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    Ax8 running FOH with cab model and stage no cab model

    Ok so I’ve had my AX8 a few months and I’ve discovered some limitations and how I want my live set up to be. I’m running my AX8 with cab modeling Direct and I’m running a cab with the power stage 170. I have an idea how I’m going to run the signal without skipping delays/reverbs and the Fx loop...
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    Analog Reamping

    Hey guys. Long time AxeFX user, first time poster. I'm usually able to answer my own questions by doing searches but I have a unique scenario that I hope someone can help with. Before I get into it, here's my full setup for reamping an existing dry track in pro tools. Imac>PTHD10>Dry guitar...
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    Getting the best of both worlds (Axe FxII and Analog Amp)

    Hi there, Just a quick question and maybe someone can let me know how they go about this setup that I have in mind for my Axe Fx II and other gear. Currently I use my Axe FX II into a Carvin TS100 poweramp. I am considering purchasing a Victory Amplifier and cabinet and run in stereo with this...
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