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  1. camilovelandiamusic

    UAD Luna

    Anyone try it yet? I'm installing!!
  2. Andrea Maccianti

    Fractal vs UAD Amp Emulation - Friedman DIRTY SHIRLEY

    Very often I am asked this question "which one is better"? I made this video with emulation A and emulation B by Friedman Dirty Shirley. I did not use my patch, I preferred to leave the basic settings. NO FX, only dry sound. Judge you, I love them and use them both. Same guitar, same amp, same...
  3. Joseph J C

    Would you like to run Axe-Edit as a plug on you DAW?

    Wouldn't it be cool if we could use our Fractal units DSP like the UAD Apollo units DSP to run Axe edits patches as a plug in our DAW? Thoughts?
  4. S

    Analog Reamping

    Hey guys. Long time AxeFX user, first time poster. I'm usually able to answer my own questions by doing searches but I have a unique scenario that I hope someone can help with. Before I get into it, here's my full setup for reamping an existing dry track in pro tools. Imac>PTHD10>Dry guitar...
  5. CactusTone

    How To: Axe II into Apollo 8 TB

    Here's a short video I made by request on how I connect my Axe to my Apollo 8. Do you do it differently? Cheers!
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