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My Sharona on Steroid


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here my take on My Sharona from The Knack.
On the right side - Class-A 30W Brt with Wolverine IR from www.Valhallir.at, Input Drive on ten and single coil guitar.
On the left side - 1959SLP Treble with Orange 4x12 IR (SM57) from www.cabIR.eu, Input Drive on ten and Humbucker guitar.
Drums - EZ Drummer.
Vocals - Me with Shure SM58 in my hand.
DAW - Logic

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ho5oxegnr9bmfun/29 My Sharona.mp3?dl=0

and hear it loud !!

Very tasty! There were some interesting takes on the vocal harmonies in some spots, liked that.


You think you do the heaviest version of this song? :p

But seriously, thanks for sharing, great playing.
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