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Oct 11, 2010
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    1. boltrecords
      You had helped me a while back with setting up my mfc in non-axefx mode. I was wondering if you ended go buying the axefx 3? And how were you running your Mfc now? I’m not sure how to run my presets now with all these channels available in the block. I’m also having a tough time setting up the Mfc program changes with the axe 3.

      I’d love to get your opinion
    2. DropTheSun
      I heard, that you might have some presets to share for two guitar setups with one AFXII. I just tried this kind of setup today with my band and would like see, that how complicated routings are possible to do with this.

      So if you have some good ideas to share I would be glad to try them out. :)

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