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  • Hello DropTheSun, thanks for the Axe Fx Midi patch - It's been great!

    Tinkering around, I noticed that FS5 to FS8 has MIDI message: CC Toggle. Can you help me understand why it can still change presets in my Axe? What I know is that it's supposedly PC instead of CC.
    Also, the CC#'s have the ff:
    FS5=075, value 000
    FS6=056, value 000
    FS7=086, value 000
    FS8=083, value 127
    Hey .. everything is sorted now.. I can change presets. Engage/disengage effects. Wah is working. Volume pedal working. Pod is illuminating lights when switching on and off effects. I just need to know how u guys use scenes 1-4 on pod.
    3. It's not a problem. Just want to know that do I have to assign cc to every patch that I have made. Currently I m using 2 banks. 4 presets each.
    I didn't use FX blocks CC commands when i had my HD500. You could use scene control as well and just enable/disable those pedals per preset (in Axe FX) that you want.

    ie. Scene 1 could always control the Drive pedal only. So you can think of it that way, that it is a drive block. Scene 2 delay and reverb for example.

    Check my tutorial in this forum how to set up the scene control on HD500.

    Hope this helps!
    2. I am saving my patch with drive(or any other effect) off. I have assigned fs2 for that. To engage disengage drive. Now whenever I switch to another preset and switch back to that same preset my drive is on..
    P.s when I was assigning cc to that preset my drive was on
    Hey ,
    So right now. I can change my presets with my pod. Enable disable effect from FS1 to FS4. Changing presets via FS5 to FS8. Now I am encountering with 2 issues.
    1. My volume pedal in pod isn't doing anything. Neither volume nor wah. M registering cc16 and cc17 for ext 1 and ext 2 respectively.
    its my first gig with axe and i dont want my it to get ruined, if u can guide me step by step. i am new to all this.
    Hello Sir, i have axe fx 2 xl+ and i have pod hd 500x. i am from india so i dont have a option of getting MFC101. i have a gig on coming sunday and i want to configure pod with axe to change presets. using wah . i read one of the posts and i urgently need help.. if u are on fb pls lemme knw. u can also help me here.
    Hi! Sorry, I saw this messag too late. How did the gig go?
    I know you posted it almost 2 1/2 years ago, but I just wanted to chime in my appreciation for your work on using the HD500 as a midi controller for the Axe Fx II. It's been amazing to use, thanks so much!
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