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  1. Igor Paspalj

    "Eruption" - EVH - beta testing new 4x12 EVH cab from CabIr.eu

    Hi all, Few days ago I got a great opportunity to beta test new 4x12 EVH cab pack from CabIr.eu which is gonna be released soon - Thanks Markus! :) Now, I am perfectly aware that Eruption is not recorded on this new signature EVH amp and cab, but still, it was perfect excuse to record the...
  2. Smittefar

    Summer of Mr Pete (JM45+CabIR)

    I got the Mr. Pete package from CabIR.eu (https://www.cabir.eu/en/uk-collection/15-speaker-cabinet-impulse-response-cab-ir-library-marshall-mr-petet652.html) (@Morphosis) I paired it with the JTM45, and it is super chewy. Unfortunately, I found myself playing Summer of 69, and I could not stop...
  3. A

    My Sharona on Steroid

    Hi here my take on My Sharona from The Knack. On the right side - Class-A 30W Brt with Wolverine IR from www.Valhallir.at, Input Drive on ten and single coil guitar. On the left side - 1959SLP Treble with Orange 4x12 IR (SM57) from www.cabIR.eu, Input Drive on ten and Humbucker guitar. Drums -...
  4. X

    Testing my new chain (MLSoundlabs, Slate Digital, CabIR.eu)

    I was just testing an IR I shot using my standard DAW signal chain and exporting it back out to the AxeFX. It also contains an ML Sound Labs Cab from Pack 20 and a room mic from the CabIR.eu Orange pack. I added the room mic at -5dB in a stereo UltraRes cab block. Both cabs are panned dead...
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