I am currently using a Ground Control Pro and Mission SP-1 with my Axe Fx Ultra and it works very well. I am however looking to add a separate Ernie Ball 6166 volume pedal and TC Polytune to this setup and I am wondering how to rig it up. I have two TRS cables coming from my GCP going to my SP-1 and then a midi cable connecting my GCP to the Axe Fx. I want to use the SP-1 solely for wahs and whammy effects and use the Ernie Ball solely as a volume pedal to do swells. My guitar connects directly to the front of my Axe Fx in my current setup. I have had a volume pedal before in between my guitar and the Axe Fx but this controls the sound the same way that the volume knob on the guitar does and this is not what I am looking for. I want to be able to do volume swells so that my delays and reverbs still ring out for each swell. For the tuner, I want to be able to tune my guitar regardless of the position of the volume pedal. In other words muted or at full volume I want to be able to have a signal running through the tuner. Any help is greatly appreciated.
In my opinion a second expression pedal controlling a volume block placed after the amp or cab block would be a better option, but if you place the Ernie Ball 6166 volume pedal in the FX loop of the Axe-Fx and insert the FXL block after the amp or cab block and before any delays or reverbs that should get you what you want.
If you want the 6166 to be used as an actual volume pedal (with audio running through it), and not as an expression pedal controlling a volume block, then you have two options:

1. Guitar > Volume pedal > Axe front input

2. Guitar > Axe front input
Axe Out 2 (FX send)> Volume pedal > Axe Input 2 (FX return). Place an FX Loop block in the desired location on the grid of each preset.

The GCP is a MIDI controller, not processing any audio. If you want to connect the 6166 to it, you'd have to use a TRS to dual TS cable and use it as an expression pedal controlling a volume block on the grid. I'm not sure the 250k pot will work - the EB 25k pot definitely works. The response curve isn't great for swells when used this way but it can be tweaked.

For the tuner, if you are using the 6166 as an expression pedal, then you'd still need to run the tuner in the Axe FX loop (Axe Out 2 to tuner input). There's no way to get audio to the tuner or the 6166 through the Ground Control or any controller that's only connected via MIDI/FASLINK/EtherCon.
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