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Have really been enjoying all of your videos - keep 'em coming! Just super well done bro. Great insights into the III
(I have a 3/1 waitlist date so this really helps to live vicariously through others.)

No real feedback except perhaps on fx test like this, perhaps try 1-3 different amps (clean, crunchy, driven hard), especially since reverb can get tricky - sounds great on cleans, but distortion support is cool too :)

Also, other FX like trichorus, delays, etc. So much to cover - I know I sound greedy ... it's just jealousy. Seriously though, great stuff!


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I've been really enjoying your videos and playing, Camilo. Thanks for taking the time to do these, it's been a great listen and I bet many have discovered more of what the III is about by following your posts. Bravo!

@Admin M@ You need to get this man on the artist roster... he's played with some heavy hitters and has the chops to prove it!
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Thanks guys! I'm out of town for a show now and my Axe III is back home... so I can't do any videos til Monday! Haha. Separation anxiety!!
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