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Axe FX III The Pitch Block demo


The biggest thing I see people wanting in any pitch block upgrades or updates (really on any platform) is the ability to downtune and cart less guitars to the gig. The most enjoyable demos, though; are when people are doing the crazy stuff with it and just getting funky and or experimental. The available stuff shown in that demo is super cool!


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Nice demo! Still no word about the "double-track" effect for the pitch block mentioned on the product website? On the list of 14 effects in the pitch block on your demo, there was no listing for a double-track effect. So, what gives?


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I'm brainstorming on what to do next.... maybe the synth block, or maybe more presets!! we'll see!

Synth block would be great. A video on how to set up the user assignable cc#s in the Axe FXIII, to work with the MFC-101 would be great also.
Excellent and useful videos you have been posting. Thanks!
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