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Thomas Haley

New Member
Ive been trying to set up my fcb to run for my axe fx ultra, I wanted one whammy, one volume and the rest to just toggle through sounds. I've tried resetting it but it does not work. I've tried holding pedal one and three for five seconds on start up, nothing happens. I've done the same but with pedal one and six. And also tried the same method with the down button. Nothing works and I have no idea what to do. My axe fx was reset forever ago and I've set it to omni, thst and I do get midi signal coming through but I can't reset the bitch and calibrate my expression pedals. There's also no modifications to the board.

Ugly Bunny

It really shouldn't be any more difficult than digging through the MIDI menu on the Axe Fx and figuring out what CCs correspond to what functions.

If I were you, I would link the FCB's "EXP A" to EXTERNAL 1 and "EXP B" to EXTERNAL 2. That way, you'll always know what expression pedal on the FCB1010 to attach to whatever funciton you're trying to use (whammy, wah, volume, delay feedback, etc.)

I have a series on YouTube about configuring the FCB with the Axe Fx III, but the general principles apply to whatever you're setting it up with:
Once you have the EXP A & B linked to EXTERNAL 1 & EXTERNAL 2 controllers, you should be able to go into the effect setting of the volume block and the whammy block and choose the appropriate EXTERNAL controller in the CONTROL option.

Admittedly, I'm not familiar with the Ultra, but it seems they keep things pretty consistent. I hope this helps - If not, I'm sure someone else can provide better direction.
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