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Recent songs I'm working on using the Axe Fx for guitar and bass and some pedals


Hey guys,

I thought it would be nice to share the songs I'm currently working on here to showcase how great the Axe Fx sounds with guitar and bass. Also using Superior Drummer 3 for which I'm a beta tester for Toontrack.

I'm using a Deluxe preset and a modified version of the Dumble (SVG) preset from Axechange.
Just using simple screamer like pedals from JHS (Bonsai) and the Alberta in front of the Axe Fx.

Deluxe model with ML SoundLab IRs, Bass preset using SVG, Superior Drummer 3 using midi from Fusion Grooves (created by Luke Oswald).

Dumble (SVG) based preset with MLSoundlab IRs and using the T-Rex Alberta pedal. This is sounding so great to me with a strat. Superbly open and direct. Reacts very well to your touch.

Deluxe model with T-Rex Mudhoney, P-Bass using SVG Based preset


The bass and kick drum combination in the first clip is amazingly good.
Great playing on all the clips too.

Thanks a lot! I had to do some compression and EQing to the bass to make it fit the large kick. I used Slate plugins for mixing and mastering.
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