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  1. camilovelandiamusic

    11 Classic Fender Amps (video)

    Hey guys!! 11 Classic Fender amps. Hope you dig! Princeton: Blackface, Silverface & Tweed Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Deluxe Reverb Vibroverb Super Reverb Bassman: Blackface & Tweed Twin: Blackface & Tweed
  2. harmaes

    Recent songs I'm working on using the Axe Fx for guitar and bass and some pedals

    Hey guys, I thought it would be nice to share the songs I'm currently working on here to showcase how great the Axe Fx sounds with guitar and bass. Also using Superior Drummer 3 for which I'm a beta tester for Toontrack. I'm using a Deluxe preset and a modified version of the Dumble (SVG)...

    Cab Pack - ML USA Combos - Clean Preview of all combos

    This is a very raw and clean demonstration of what these combos sound like straight out of the box. It's 100% unprocessed with my Stratocaster (neck pickup on the left and bridge pickup on the right) and the IR's doing their thing with pretty much default amp settings on the Axe-Fx. Enjoy! ML...
  4. shaunb

    "As The Dust Settles" - Fender Tweed Deluxe with ML Tweed IRs

    Came up with something different for me while trying out the new Fender Tweed Deluxe IRs from ML Sound Lab. I've never really used the Fender amps before, it's interesting to see how different ideas come from trying different gear. This idea came together better than I expected, I might keep it...

    A new song with ML Tweed Deluxe! (Upcoming Cab Pack)

    Feels good to be writing songs again and here's what the Tweed Deluxe inspired me to write: Click here to hear the clip in high quality! I was trying to challenge myself and keep things real so the Tweed Deluxe amp sim is all default throughout this clip except for the drive was set to 8...
  6. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 112 DLX - FAS Quantum Amps

    Hey everybody, hope you enjoy these new clips of the OwnHammer 112 DLX IR's! All guitars and bass are using Axe-Fx II amps and OwnHammer IR's. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and has a great 2016! :)
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