1. Art Rodriguez

    Weird sound in some amps [Solved (Ghost notes)]

    Hey! I recently bought a Fractal FM3. It had FW7, but I updated it to FW8 some days ago, so I don't know if this is something that also happened with previous firmware versions. I was creating a preset with the amp Matchbox D-30 EF86, and I noticed a kind of harmonized sound in the background...
  2. JrBean

    [solved] CS on bottom right button when set to momentary

    I think I have found a bug on the FC-12 with my Axe FX iii Mk 2. If I set the bottom right footswitch to be a momentary control switch, it does not function. This occurs in any layout, and with any control switch. I have the hold function unassigned, and have reset it just in case. I can swap...
  3. TheRedDevil

    Confirmed Midi/Remote: Just selection of scene increment/decrement is possible with external switch & Stand-in switches: "External Switch" isn't possible w/o FC

    I built an external switch based on this description w/o FC usage for my AXE FX III: I used a TRS cable for Tip/Sleeve for first switch (& Ring/Sleeve for second Switch for future FM3 use cases) and a second TS Cable in parallel for Tip/Sleeve for second Switch. I checked it with I/O - Pedal...
  4. postrockrocks

    Still having this random glitch

    Still having this random glitch with latest firmware. Only 77% max cpu only 6 blocks without reverb. Link to screenshot
  5. I

    Cab IR bug? Please help

    One day, the presets I using are suddenly started to sound cracking. But It only happens when select a user Cab. If I change to a Factory Cab in the Cab block of that preset, the problem doesn't occur. Deleting IR and reinstalling it doesn't fix it. That sounds like clipping. It was working...
  6. D

    Glitchy sound which is fixed after reboot / FM3

    Hello, our band had a gig last weekend. During the soundcheck everything went well but after 3 hours, over which our gear was left on stage. My FM3 started doing additional modulated/digital sounds during the gig. I though it overheated or something. But the next day we had a soundcheck where I...
  7. T

    Bug? Left channel (computer) audio drops out randomly after upgrade of USB firmware to 1.14

    So i didn't realize until recently that there were USB firware updates. When i got my Axe Fx 3 Mk. II Turbo in January 2022, it came with version 1.11. I then upgraded to 1.14 less than a month ago. I started to notice that both either through speakers (XLR) or through the headphone jack that...
  8. R

    Bug? Delay block bypass state bug

    Hey there Fractal community, After upgrading my FM3 to the firmware 6.00 and 6.01 I've come across what I believe to be a bug in the delay block. See the video below. To give a short description of what happens, the FM3 keeps the delay block engaged after changing presets, even if the preset...
  9. moerker

    [fixed] Setlist "Default"-scene is broken

    Problem: prerequisites: 2 presets with different startup scenes 2 songs selecting those presets in section 1 (so they are used when selecting the song) selected scene in sectionset to "Default" expectation: switching to the song/section will load preset at preset default scene behavior: the...
  10. JrBean

    Fixed Old bug still exists!

    This bug was reported by @jyflorida in another thread back in July, but still exists, and it can be rather confusing! To recreate this bug, when managing set lists and songs, click on a song in the Songs column and note the presets listed. Now type a single letter in the song search box (for...
  11. Johan Allard

    BUG I/O Midi INCR+10 and INCR-10 only increases or decreases by 1

    Version: 4.0 Beta 2 (haven't tried any other versions) Setup: Goto Setup → I/O Midi → General Scroll down to External Controller 1 Press INCR+10 Expected Result: Value Increasing by 10 Actual Result: Value Increasing by 1 I know this is a small thing and not something that a lot of people...
  12. Johan Allard

    BUG External Controller Initial Value not honoured

    Version: 4.0 beta 2 (haven't tried any other versions) Setup: Pedal 1 mapped to External Controller 1 (Setup → I/O Midi → External) Initial Value on External Controller 1 set to 0.0% (Setup → I/O Midi → General) Attach External Controller 1 to Delay 1 Mix Don't Connect Pedal 1 Reboot Expected...
  13. Tigerfish

    Axe-Fx III Turbo front panel and Axe-Edit disagreement

    I have a preset with Amp1 Channel D as Diamante Fire -- at least that's what it says on the front panel screen. Axe-Edit says JMPre-1 Clean2 BassShift. ????
  14. I

    FC per-preset overrides: update to 20.00 changes controlled fx block

    I upgraded the AxeFx from 19.08 to 20.00 last night. Global FC footswitches were not affected, but some pre-preset overrides were: these were originally controlling trem/pan1 or rotary1 fx bypass, and after the update, they all controlled amp1 bypass instead. Please note: I never had 20.00...
  15. GlennO

    Playback Lag When Recording Due to USB Latency Compensation

    [ Update on June 3, 2022: As of AxeFX III DSP firmware version 20, you can now reliably change the USB buffer size in the I/O -> Audio page on the Axe-FX. Setting this value to 16 will give most people good audio alignment when recording. There are some new latency problems when using DSP...
  16. Z

    Not a Bug "Modifier" Min and Max cannot be numerically set

    On FM3-Edit (1.05.05), open the modifier window (e.g. right click on Out 1 > Level). Select a source (any source -- e.g. "External 1"). Note that min and max are greyed out, contrary to all other knobs. They can still be set by click-and-dragging the mouse, but if you try to set them...
  17. pedalbuilder

    Bug? Fractal-Bot Much Slow on FM9 than FM3

    I recently performed my first backup of my FM9, and it took far longer to perform the backup than it did for my FM3. Both devices had the same number of presets and user cabs, and I tried backing up with both the standalone Fractal-Bot and the Fractal-Bot that is built into FM3-edit/FM9-edit. I...
  18. ales.prochazka

    Bug, Fixed: Scene switching - bypass/mute/unmute problems

    Hi @FractalAudio. FW 16.05. Bug is confirmed by tests (see https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/bug-scene-switching-order-of-parameters-blocks-switching.176815/post-2149699 ). I probably found potential bug or space for improvement: It looks, that when scenes are changed, first are changed...
  19. fuzzydude

    FC-12 Feature Requests and Discussion

    With the release of the new FM9 I was both excited at the idea of ordering one, and also disappointed with the realization that my FC-12 will probably never have new features or existing problems fixed that have been around for YEARS. Yes, I know I can post them in the wish list, but even bugs...
  20. Marciel Marcasso

    FM3 edit problem.

    hi, I'm having trouble using the FM3 Edit on my computer Dell XPS 8940 ( on windows 10 20h2) the video with problem: in a short time of use, it simply stops working, trying to connect the FM3 to the computer, and does not run. if i try to use FM3 alone (without FM3 edit), everything works...
  21. Timma

    LF feedback bug?

    So just today I started getting this feedback from the amp block that has something to do with the LF Resonance on the speaker page. It looks like it might only be the Severe model, a few others I've tried seem to be fine. The weird thing is I use this model 90% of the time and haven't changed...
  22. A

    Bug? Fractal FM3 USB re-amp latency

    I 've noticed that when I am reamping midi signal via USB, there is a slight delay on the recording. In the image you can see the reamp track in grey being starting almost 50ms after the reamped midi signal in red. I am not sure if this happens on reamps with real audio as well, or from DI that...
  23. laserguitars

    BUG: Ring Modulator Pitch Detection Not Working

    This issue first appeared in update 12.08: after a few seconds of playing the pitch detection gets confused and start tracking incorrectly. The original pitch detection algorithm before the 12.08 update didn't have this issue. Can the algorithm be rolled back to the older version? Thanks, -g
  24. X

    Firmware 3.0 audio over USB not working / Windows 10

    Hello, I've finally received my FM3 and I've tried using it with default FW on MBP 2015 and it worked, I updated to 2.0 when and it still worked, then 3.0 update came out and everything works on MBP. Then I decided to try the FM3 on my Windows 10 desktop, I installed drivers required and FM3...
  25. J

    Axe-Fx 3 program change "misfire" bug using Studio One 3

    Hi all, I'm controling my axe-fx3 using a program change automation track in my DAW (Presonus Studio One 3) in order to switch between scenes of a single preset. This all works fine and I'm able to change scenes during songs as one would expect. HOWEVER, sometimes the axe-fx3 decides to...
  26. darko89

    Fixed Bug: External 1 to toggle Input Boost, Fat switch and bright switch causes complete sound loss on FM3

    Hello everyone! I am having some issues with modifiers and midi messages. So the scenario is the following: I have a preset where I would like a midi message to toggle the Input boost, fat switch, and bright switch at the same time. I am setting the midi message to be 49 on the MIDI I/O...
  27. A

    Capturing bug reports/state dumps in the event of a bug

    I ran into a bug where my axe fx suddenly stopped producing any sound while I was on my bass patch and was only emitting a high pitched noise at max volume until i rebooted the device. I can't reproduce this issue. Is there any way for me to capture a bug report if this occurs again so I can...
  28. I

    Bug importing large preset?

    Hey everyone, I just got my Axe FX III this week, and may have come across a bug. I'm on the 12.03 firmware it shipped with. When I try and import this preset from Axe Change my CPU usage jumps to ~90%, and both the Axe and Axe Edit become unresponsive (as expected, at that level of CPU usage...
  29. Z

    Swapped descriptions in the Blocks guide

    I don't know if this is the best way to report issues, but the blocks guide brief descriptions for "Multiband Compressor" and "Multi-Delay" (on page 3 of the Fractal-Audio-Blocks-Guide.pdf) are swapped with each other.
  30. andyrhoadsvai

    Plexi 50 Watt Bug (?)

    Hello guys, I was trying to do Cory Wong inspired sounds, following this video: Briefly: if i turn the input drive close to 0 (actually 0.9) with this amp i get some weird very distorted fuzzy sounds (you can hear them better if you turn amp level higher and, of course, higher your speaker)...
  31. Jason Scott

    [BUG] Reverb Room Size

    I was playing with the stock Vibrato-King preset and ran into an issue while using two reverbs in parallel. It seems to be specifically related to the room size. I've copied the reverb configuration to other presets with the same result. It sounds like some serious digital artifacting in the...
  32. Baldadi

    BUG? Characters not displaying correctly on main display FC12

    I noticed that certain characters ( "{", "}", "|" , "\") are not being displayed correctly on the main display FC12. It actually shows some other ASCII characters... Note: I did not test ALL characters on the keyboard, just now I noticed that the "~" is also shown incorrectly. See attached...
  33. L

    FC-6 Tuner bug

    When using Offset tuning FC-6 tuner doesn't match AXE FX III tuner.
  34. D

    Bug? Every Modifier Has the Same Settings

    Hey everyone, Since last update (Ares1.03), I haven't been able to use the ADSR since it's settings don't appear to change, it looks just like LFO settings. I noticed every modifier has the same settings too. This used to happen before this update, but just in the Axe-edit, in the Axe I was...
  35. Pat Reilly

    Axe-Fx 3 tuner offsets have no effect

    I dont know if I am doing something wrong. I have enabled tuner offsets, I have offsets set to .40ct sharp. The tuner is not showing the change; its as if I did have enable tuner offsets when I clearly have. Anyone have this issue?
  36. T

    Bug? Axe Fx 2 XL + Randomly Powering Off

    My axefx 2 has worked perfectly for the last year since I purchased it. But there have been 2 situations as of late where the Axe randomly flipped off during practice. I always run it connected to a power conditioner. Both times I had to repeatedly switch it on & off before it worked and then no...
  37. H

    [fixed] FC6 Layout Link Bug?

    When I assign a layout link to the hold function of a switch, it disappears after power cycling the Axe. Layout links applied to the tap function remain as programmed. I have tried resetting the FC6 to factory setup. I am On Axe 3 firmware 5.02, and FC firmware 1.05. Any helpful suggestions?
  38. Moke

    3.01 Tone Match BUGS?

    Firmware 3.01 I've noticed some strange behavior in the Axe-Fx III Tone Match block? It seems to have something to do with the 'Live' vs 'Off-Line' modes? When selecting an 'Off-line' 'tone matched' preset, The match sounds wrong until you select the 'Tone Match' block (Axe-Edit or hardware...
  39. The sevilian

    Blocks library "bug"

    I have a weird situation where i can save "block library preset" but... after a while when i enter one of the big presets ( Preset not scene) and going to a block, the little screen of "block library" doesn't show a name of that presets i saved earlier. The problem is when i'm trying to save a...
  40. jamn4jc

    FC-12 - Scene Display Name not Updating

    I have a Scene named "Drive+". If I rename that to just "Drive" (drop the "+") in Axe-Edit, the displayed name on the FC-12 does not update. As a workaround, I enter another value (e.g. "dd"), then type in "Drive" and the display updates.
  41. S

    Bug? AX8 Volume Glitching on and off

    Yesterday and today I've been experiencing some problems with the audio, I'll try decribe best I can. I've also taken some videos of it which are attached for you to listen to. The sound will drastically drop in volume, glitching back and forth between full volume and very quiet. I've narrowed...
  42. NaturalScience

    [Not a Bug] Tuner (Sample Rate)

    So here's a weird one. I don't know if this is intended behavior or not, seems like a bug. Using fw 2.04. I have my Axe Fx III hooked up to a Presonus Studio 192 via SPDIF. I keep it hooked up this way but normally monitor through a poweramp/cab. So the Presonus is free to switch sample...
  43. R

    BUG: AX8-Edit: Speaker EQ curve not updated after changing amp

    Hi fellows, I was interested in the differences between high/low res default values for some amps and found out that on the speakter tab the EQ curve (called "Monitor") in AX8-Edit does not change immediately after changing amps. The values on the knobs change but not the graph. But when you...
  44. J

    Bug? High Pitch Screeching especially when I boost the 4k & 8k range

    I'm using the high gain PVH 6160+ Rhy B patch and I am trying to record rythym tracks but this high screech is bleeding into my tracks and it is super apparent when I lay my finger against the 1/4 cable (connected to the Axe but not the guitar) Here below is a recording of my finger being...
  45. S

    No sound in DAW when connected via USB

    I’ve had my AX8 since January 2018 and up until now I haven’t experienced any trouble at all. But after updating to Q10.01 I’ve experienced some problems. I run my unit like everyone else at home I guess: AX8 —> Sound card —> Computer (Logic) And I hook the AX8 up via USB to work in AX8edit...
  46. guitarfreak365

    Not a Bug Power Cycle triggered default settings?

    Yesterday I finalized my presets right before practice and everything was great as usual. Right when I got to my practice, when i turned my AX8 on, some settings switched to the default. All of the foot switches changed from what I set them to. Also some setting like the large display time and...
  47. Raggashaggas

    AX8 freeze during power on?

    This has happened to me only once at a gig the other night. I powered on my AX8 and it usually goes through a series of lights across the unit while it powers on, but this particular time, it froze with only 2 of limiter lights on... I reset the unit and it powered on like normal, thank God...
  48. M

    Not a Bug [Solved] sounds randomly change to garbage?

    Hi guys. I have been using my AX8 for quite some time now, and have never had a single problem until now. When I select one of my presets everything is fine for a little time (it's really random. Sometimes everything works 5 minutes, and sometimes it only work for a couple seconds). It sounds...
  49. D

    Bug? Lo Fi Delay unwanted spillover

    Hi. Sorry for my bad english. I use the LoFi Delay in almost every preset of my AX8 but in every case the delay is set bypassed by default in every scene. The bug is that when i change between i.e. Preset 1 to Preset 2 (with two different bpm) that sounds a little spillover even whit the delay...
  50. T

    Wish MFC 101 & Dunlop Volume X Calibration Issues

    For some reason, when I go calibrate the pedal it only goes up to level 2 or 3 min & maximum despite the pedal being all the way up/down. I know the pedal is in perfect working condition cause when used as just a volume pedal it is consistent. It just doesn't want ro calibrate. I've tried a...
  51. T

    Bug? Dunlop Volume X Calibration Issues

    For some reason, when I go calibrate the pedal it only goes up to level 2 or 3 min & maximum despite the pedal being all the way up/down. I know the pedal is in perfect working condition cause when used as just a volume pedal it is consistent. It just doesn't want ro calibrate. I've tried a...
  52. Petunia

    Bug? Delay Low & High Cut readings don't change

    FW 10.01, delay block using analog mono. When changing the high and low cut settings directly on the ax8, the graph changes, but the value readings stay at 20,000 and 20 respectively. So change is happening, but the numbers don't move.
  53. Petunia

    Bug? Everything freezes, auto switch to 59 Bassman

    Latest firmware. Playing with USA Pre LD2 Yellow for about 2 hours, while plugged with usb into computer (comms paused), suddenly no buttons work and the amp is (I believe - couldn't find out) 59 Bassman (sounded pretty good :) ) Rebooted, everything sounds great as ever. First time it's ever...
  54. Pat Reilly

    Axe-Fx III Amp Channel Changing on its own

    I have been having this issue where my amp channel changes from a to c in one of my scenes without me triggering it with my Rocktron Midi mate controller. This is pretty annoying when I am performing live because it completely changes the tone and forces me to worry about it at every gig. It...
  55. Moke

    Bug? Pitch Controller lag?

    Anytime I try to use the 'Pitch Controller', there is a 100-200 ms lag in the control action? Even with damping set to '0'. The 'Pitch Controller' in the AX8 and the Axe-Fx II is lightning fast and responsive.
  56. I

    Effects on user preset showing up on FX8 editor but not on the pedal

    Hi, wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem. I am seeing some of my effects on my presets showing up on the editors that aren't showing on the pedal itself. I can hear the effect, but I cannot turn it on or off - on the pedal it seems like the effect doesn't exist. How do I fix...
  57. A

    Bug in Amp 2? [solved]

    Just trying to set up my first preset with 2 amp blocks, not trying to run them at the same time, just wanting a few more amp models for the preset. Here is the process I went through and what happened: Set up first 5 scenes using Amp 1, added Amp 2 to the grid and selected Mark IIc++. Then it...
  58. camilovelandiamusic

    Footswitch Bug

    Hey guys, this happen to anyone else? I have my AX8 setup as FX. Footswitch #8 is Chorus on X and faster Chorus on Y. For some reason, in the middle of a gig I'll press Footswitch #8 to turn chorus on or off and every now and then it enters preset selection mode instead of triggering the...
  59. Moke

    Bug? LFO 2 (Rate) Bug? (AX8)

    I found a strange bug while using a controller attached to the 'LFO Type [Run]' parameter of both LFO 1 and LFO 2. The LFOs both start and stop okay, but LFO 2 always uses the tempo setting of LFO 1? (No matter what it's set to). EDIT..... Happens even if you only attach a controller to LFO 2...
  60. Spoons

    AX8-EDIT Bug

    I haven't found a place to post comments about AX8-EDIT so I'm putting this here. Every time I try to save an amp into the blocks library the software comes up with an error message and stops to function after that. I've been using this feature in AXE-EDIT for many years, it was working the...
  61. Stobbart.hun

    Bug? Drive knob shows wrong values & Edited led always on

    I am having issues on the drive knob leds as they showing different values as I scroll through my scenes and go back again. Sometimes the right values than simply nothing than sometimes only the first led lights up. It's a bit frustrating but the sound is ok. Even if all the leds are off the...
  62. Megahertzz

    Volume global block and scene modifier issue

    I have a global volume block that I use on all my presets, where the volume parameter is controlled by an expression pedal, and block level is used with a scene modifier for volume boost during leads. The thing is, and I'm fairly certain I could do this before, when I change the level...
  63. sharchik

    DAW program changes cause saved patches to sound different?

    Hey guys, When running program changes for live switching in Pro Tools (have not tested in other DAWs) My simple patch of amp & cab sounds different after it is switched to via a program change in Pro Tools. My saved patch sounds fine, a distorted rhythm sound with decent gain. When...
  64. GotMetalBoy

    BUG: Moving Columns Breaks Multi Block Connections

    I'm using: * Axe-Edit v3.14.0 * Axe-Fx II XL+ Firmware Quantum 7.02 * Windows 10 Pro v1607 64bit with all current updates as of 04/07/2017 Whenever I move a column before a block that connects to multiple Blocks, all the connections get broken. This is hard to explain, so please see the 2...
  65. M

    Bug? Q7 beta 2 mixer block gets scrambled values when saving preset

    Hello! I'm having a problem with an advanced preset (using a lot of blocks). CPU use is 90% when connected to axe edit. When I save the preset to a new slot the mixer blocks values get scrambled. I also have problems with Axe FX freezing while working in Axe Edit, this happens to me every...
  66. TheTrooper

    Fixed Factory Cabs sounds really wrong (almost half of them)

    Somebody reported that on 6.02 and I had the issue on 6.03, same thing now with 7 Beta. It's like there's no Cab at all, and You are only hearing the Amp. I don't really use Factory Cabs, but I guess this has to be fixed someway
  67. Muad'zin

    [Bug] active blocks go dark during scene change

    Not sure if its been posted before but sometimes when I change scenes in a preset I experience a weird bug where all the active blocks go dark, as in appearing not to be active. I'm not sure if its just me but its driving me crazy. It makes no difference to the sounds, but I just can't see...
  68. J

    Bug? Axe 8 Zilla Preset-Cab Problem

    Hi, I have had my AX8 for a few days and have just loaded the Zilla Cab pack onto it. It has some patches specifically for the AX8 but some of them are not working! There is a problem with a couple of the patches, The "ML Bulb Zilla Echo" patch doesn't seem to function, the reverb block has...
  69. Sillsy

    Bug - AX8 locks out when importing presets

    Hi, Has anyone else had any issues with importing Presets whereby every so often the AX8 just hang with no audio? The unit still functions i.e. I can change presets etc but the input goes dead i.e. no lights on the in1 LED indicator and no sound out. Turning off and on the unit clears the...
  70. TheTrooper

    [NOT A BUG] Tone Match Block doesn't......Tone Match

    Now, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or not (I used TM before and has always worked right, maybe something has changed with the updates?) but when I have audio from the PC going to the Axe for the "reference" tone, it works (I see the EQ moving and I can capture the sound) but when I...
  71. Smittefar

    Bug? Ax8edit - Block / All scenes Engage/Bypass/x/y

    When I use one of these functions in Ax8edit (and I use them a lot), the preset changes to scene 1 after the operation completes. That is annoying, but I can live with that. The real bug is that the indicator in the scene selector is not updated, so you think you are still at the scene you were...
  72. SoProg

    Control Switch Modifier Lag Problem

    Hey all. So, I was one of those people who was posting a bunch about an issue I was experiencing when making a clean/rhythm/lead preset using amp gain modifiers. The problem was that when I would change scenes going from high gain to low, there would be a very loud sound, seemingly because when...
  73. G

    Help! I updated my Axe FX II and it ruined everything

    So I was about to fix everything so that I could record with my Axe FX II XL on my new laptop. By this I mean installing the Axe FX II drivers etc. etc. Everything has always functioned extremly well on my stationary PC. So I tried to open Axe-Edit just to check it was all connected well. It...
  74. PWT Junya

    Bug? Latency issue???

    Hi guys so I'm new to the Axe FX (Got it today!) and I've plugged it into my imac via usb. playing around with it in my DAW (Logic) and using the outputs on my interface to monitor the sound. so: Guitar - Axe fx - imac | interface - monitors...
  75. EricBic

    BUG: Alien noises

    I think i've found a bug that i've been able to recreate. I've added both preset and sound clip below. When using an expression pedal to control wah, input drive, delay mix after a few seconds i get very strange noises. Changing presets doesn't seem to help, only a reboot. This is my setup: Ax8...

    Bug? I/O - CTRL - Learning

    Once started "Learning" a MIDI CC in panel I/O - CTRL, the learning does not stop ("LEANING" keeps blincking") if panel or menu is changed. I did not send any CCs to be LEARNED. Looks like a minor glitch.
  77. Smittefar

    WISH: Scene controller values should swap when swapping scenes

    If I have scene controller 1 at value 0 in scene 1 and 100 in scene 2, and I right click (in Ax8edit) scene 1 button and choose "Swap with scene 2", the scene controller values are not swapped. They should :)
  78. Smittefar

    BUG: Audible pop when Scene controllers change AMP settings

    I showed it in this post http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/tips-for-dealing-with-the-audio-drop-out.112699/#post-1354049 I wanted to show the awesomeness of scene controllers - only to discover that they made a big pop, when switching from drive to clean Here is the mp3 (do not listen...
  79. Smittefar

    BUG: No modifier available on AMP block level parameter

    Or maybe, it is more of an oversight. As @fremen pointed out, the functionality is actually available, if he imports an AxeFX amp block, but you cannot attach a modifier via Ax8edit (I have not tried from the unit itself; it is one of those things, I prefer to do on the computer) Also, you can...
  80. Smittefar

    Bug: Blank Preset->Edit->Freeze

    So I did this a few times Navigate to a blank preset using the "B" button, press the "Edit" button. This renders all of the front panel unresponsive. Only solution, I could find was to turn off the unit. I actually think (but I have not tested thorougly) that the same can happen in a non-blank...
  81. Luis Robles

    Scene/Block Bug??

    Today while playing live I noticed something. On this preset I have 2 scenes which utilizes the MTD block; scenes 3 & 4 . When I switch to any other scene from scene 4, the MTD block remains engaged until I select another scene. This doesn't happen when I switch from scene 3 to another scene. I...
  82. Charles Picard

    Mfc-101 froze during a show, stuck on the same preset

    Have you guys ever experienced this ? Last saturday, I was playing a show with my band and without noticed my mfc froze. I tried to change preset but nothing happened, the preset numbers changed, but I was stuck on the preset I was using. Then I had something like Axe fx time out written on the...
  83. Z

    usb adapter mode not working

    hey all, i was hoping you could help me figure out a problem i'm having: i'm using an axefx mark2 (FW quantum 1.05) connected to my macbook pro (os 10.9.5) via usb. i'm using ableton live as my daw. what i'm trying to do is send midi from an fcb1010 footpedal via a midi cable to the axefx...
  84. Toopy14

    Quantum 1.03 Modifier Value [NOT A BUG]

    Is this a bug...shouldn't the numbers change? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ry83lwz6050gqiq/Q-1.03-Modifier.avi?dl=0
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