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Bug: Blank Preset->Edit->Freeze


Fractal Fanatic
So I did this a few times

Navigate to a blank preset using the "B" button, press the "Edit" button. This renders all of the front panel unresponsive. Only solution, I could find was to turn off the unit.

I actually think (but I have not tested thorougly) that the same can happen in a non-blank preset, if you navigate to a unused footswitch spot using the "E" button and press "Edit".

"But why would you press Edit on a blank preset?" In my mind, when I go to a blank preset, I want to edit it, and I expect the edit button to take me to the grid screen. I know that I am supposed to use the "Page" button to go to the grid screen, but to me, it would make sense, if the "edit" button took you to the same place, when no effect is selected.
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