Bug? Left channel (computer) audio drops out randomly after upgrade of USB firmware to 1.14

So i didn't realize until recently that there were USB firware updates. When i got my Axe Fx 3 Mk. II Turbo in January 2022, it came with version 1.11. I then upgraded to 1.14 less than a month ago. I started to notice that both either through speakers (XLR) or through the headphone jack that when playing computer audio, the left channel would cut out randomly and after a certain period of time (anywhere from less than a minute to over a minute) would come back on again over and over again. The sound of the guitar would not change however. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the USB firware twice (and by the instructions on how to do it properly) but the problem still exists.

Current Axe Fx firmware is 21.04. Current Axe Edit version is 1.12.13

I'm running windows version 10.0.19045 Build 19045.

Would anyone know what to do about this? Thanks for the help.
Known issue.

There are a few of us working with fractal to try and track down the issue, since they are having trouble reproducing said issue. It has been a week for me and I haven't had the issue where it was happening daily for several weeks.

I also am tagging @amandio who is looking into it from fractal, for us.

See the firmware 1.14 thread in here, there are a number of people reporting it.


And this one:

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