axe fx 3

  1. Stel Andre

    80's rock solo by Stel Andre

    Hey all! Happy new year! This is the first video on my channel for the year 2024. I used my Axe-Fx 3 and my sweet Kiesel Delos. Hope you guys like it!
  2. Stel Andre

    Emotional Rock Soloing - AxeFx 3 + Kiesel Aries

    Hey everyone! Here's a melodic rock solo I recorded earlier. Axe Fx 3 combined with my Kiesel, they just sound dope! Hope you also like it :)
  3. Leonkkj

    Wish Lo-fi pedals, cabs, mic and delays

    As it seems, I am a black metal musician, but I also play most metal genres and random noises. I'd like to see some really poor and low quality sound coming from the Axe FX III. Talking about cabs and mics, anything that someone could buy for 50$ in a chinese store. Most norwegian raw black...
  4. V

    Static/Noise/Hum recording Focusrite Scarlett thru Axe FX III

    I am trying to record vocals thru a condensor mic plugged into a Focusrite Scarlett which is plugged into my Axe FX III. I have L + R cables running into the L + R Input 2 of the Axe. I get a terrible static noise when doing so. I don't have this problem running the scarlett or axe separately. I...
  5. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Fender Stratocaster LTD with Axe FxIII modern tone

    Hope you will like My new song "La regina ha perso"
  6. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Dimebag Darrell Psycho Holiday solo but horrible version

    my worst take for this beautiful solo Dime Forgive me LOL Take 2 Take 1
  7. R

    FS Mission Engineering Gemini 2 FRFR 2x12 cabinet, green one

    Hello, I am selling: Mission Engineering Gemini 2 FRFR 2x12 cabinet, green one 1500 EUR + shipping and insurance, (its 2290 EUR for black one new now, green is more expensive) location Lithuania, Europe
  8. D

    MIDI clock solution?

    In-depth question related to my specific setup. I'm currently running the Strymon Timeline with my AXE FX 3 and syncing up the tempos by programming presets on my Timeline and then selecting them per song through the MIDI block of the AXE FX 3. If the AXE FX 3 could generate midi clock the whole...
  9. siin82

    The LA Commute...and my latest song!

    Here's a video of my LA commute to work (if I actually went to the office). It's also my latest song (52 original song). Let me know what you think. Would love to hear feedback on my tones (both positive and negative). I use three presets: 1. Dirty sound - uses recto red and 6505+ 2. Medium...
  10. Stel Andre

    Melodic Ballad Solo in F | Stel Andre

    Hey everyone! Here's a melodic improvisation in F, using my Axe-Fx 3 and my Kiesel Aries. Hope you dig the tone and my humble phrases. Cheers!
  11. P

    FSOT Neural DSP Quad Cortex/will trade towards Axe FX III

    Howdy gang! I'm selling my Quad Cortex as I'd like to move to an Axe FX III for my current projects. Near mint condition, updated to CorOS2.0. Never gigged, has only ever been on my desktop and in a rack case. Never been on the floor or had any feet touch it lol. Comes with all original...
  12. T

    Bug? Left channel (computer) audio drops out randomly after upgrade of USB firmware to 1.14

    So i didn't realize until recently that there were USB firware updates. When i got my Axe Fx 3 Mk. II Turbo in January 2022, it came with version 1.11. I then upgraded to 1.14 less than a month ago. I started to notice that both either through speakers (XLR) or through the headphone jack that...
  13. The Raven

    NGD - Balaguer Semi-Custom Typhon

    I have wanted a Balaguer for a few years, but never could quite decide what I wanted until last spring. I waited quite a while for this to finally get to me (Ordered May 2022, received March 2023 due to them still dealing with supply issues but it's apparently mostly under control now). I was so...
  14. B

    Cubase sees Axe FX3 as output, but not as input?

    Hi, I've recorded with the Axe FX3 through Cubase before, but it suddenly stopped working a while ago. Cubase says theres no input connection, none to be found. It does see the Axe FX3 as an output device, and I can hear my guitar signal perfectly fine through the monitors. When I plug the...
  15. supersonic182

    Monitor DAW output w/o Direct monitoring

    I am a simple man and I hope this simple question can be answered simply.. I want to monitor my sound as-is from the DAW without hearing my direct guitar signal on top of it. I feel like I’ve done it before effortlessly, and it’s so simple, but right now it’s totally escaping me and driving me...
  16. zionplayer

    FS (SOLD) Axe FX III Mark 1, (SOLD) FC-12 Mark 1, Line6 Relay90 (CONUS)

    With the newest FM9 FW I am more confident it will meet my need, so am selling my rack setup. All works 100% but I am really torn because my III does sound better through my in-ears when playing live, I assume due to the FullRES IR's which I don't anticipated FM9 ever being able to run. All in...
  17. M

    Patch 20.00 Review

    Hey All! Was very excited this past weekend to dive into the contents of patch 20.00. I made a video of what the patch details (my first time doing so) and tried bringing the contents to light in a more direct way. Here's a link to the video: ALSO - a couple things that I noticed that would...
  18. siin82

    Adding External Pedal before amps - best practice

    I want to connect a synth pedal to my Axe Fx III before the amp. I can think of two ways to do this: 1. Have an output block before the amp, then an input block feeding back into the chain also before the amp. Connect a cable from output 3 to the effect, then another cable from the effect to...
  19. C

    I made a record with an Axe Fx 3 and want to geek out about the sounds

    Hey Everyone! I'm posting a novel here so TLDR: I used an Axe FX III for the first time to make a record and it sounds way sick and want to geek out about sounds and gear with you all. I'd love to hear any feedback positive or negative on these tones! Here's the YouTube playlist: For the...
  20. bournedyl37

    Axe fx 3 with 18i20 DI question

    So i got the focusrite 18i20 and i am trying to figure out how I will record the dry and wet signals would i just set the DI to go through SPDIF and plug output 1 and 2 into the 18i20 (for stereo effects)? i think it will work but what i wonder is will the signal degrade with the DI? i know...
  21. R

    FullRes IRs vendors or packs ?

    Hi, I only know what its possible to get FullRes IR's from ValhallIR and few demo ones which YA provided, where can i buy any more of them or find for free ? could someone please let me know where did you get any of them from :)
  22. Stel Andre

    Melodies & Groove!

    Hey all! Hope you are enjoying your holidays. I recorded a cool melodic solo over a cool groove. Hope you guys like it!
  23. MattBowman

    Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III/FM9 Solo 100 Preset vs Pete Thorn's real SLO

    Earlier today I saw Pete Thorn's demo of the Nueral DSP SLO plugin vs his real SLO and I wanted to see how close I could get the tone on my Axe-Fx III. I tone matched his dry rhythm tone, and exported the tone match as user IR so I could use it on my FM9 and this is why I came up with. Scene 1...
  24. diezel013

    Metallica - My Friend of Misery

    I've had lots of fun revisiting the Black Album... This is one of my favorite Metallica excerpts... truly a beautiful piece of music. Using the Vibrato Verb model for the cleans, Boogie IIC++ model for harmony bits, and my KH lead for the solo. Hope ya dig it :)
  25. Stel Andre

    Memories - by Stel Andre

    Hey everybody! After a long time, I uploaded a new lil solo. Named it Memories, cause it reminded me some very cool memories of my last summer that I am gonna miss.. Hope you will enjoy it, let me know! p.s. the Axe-Fx 3 sounds magestic!
  26. mistermikev

    Bunch of Power Amp Blocks for Gtr and Bass - In case you might want them...

    so, was watching 2112/Leon's vid regarding setting up an external preamp w axe fx. Initially was just changing the imp curve and matching up a cab... but this still wasn't quite enough to rangle in a few of my presets. Prior to seeing Leon's vid I had considered comparing reg amp blocks to the...
  27. diezel013

    Fade to Black - Metallica Cover

    Hey Fractal friends... it's been a minute. Just cooked this up with my buddy Kyle. We actually thought it'd be fun to do more of a "live" rendition, so we based the tempo map off of Metallica's Seattle 1989 performance of the song. Hope ya dig it!!! All guitars recorded with my Axe FX 3. For...
  28. supersonic182

    Into the Return intense buzzing

    I've just upgraded to an Axe 3 from the FM3, and with the FM I never had this issue. I'm using the same new XLR to 1/4 to go into the return of my solid state amp. There's a hellish ground type of noise coming from the speakers at all times with the Axe. It's bearable.. sort of like the hum...
  29. M

    Three Guitars at Once?

    Hi all! I'm brand new to the world of Axe FX, but I've been watching and studying info on it (and other processors) for a while now. I was told this is the place to go for this question, so I apologize ahead of time if the answer is super obvious. Again, I'm brand new to this. I'm wanting my...
  30. danchez

    Cab Talk: What to consider when deciding between 1x12, 2x12 or 4x12 cabinets?

    Let's talk cabinets. When it comes to achieving certain tones, how do you go about figuring out whether you need to use a 1x12, 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet IR? What are each type good for? Also, are certain cab types considered "go tos" for certain sounds? (e.g. if you're going high gain, then you...
  31. TheItalianGuitarBrigade

    Les Claypool are you here?😅

    Please tell Les that i'm waiting....😂
  32. S

    Playing through cab and PA issue

    Hello all. I have an Axe Fx III and I am trying to run through a real cab (without IR) and through a PA (with IR) at the same time... PA tone is coming out of output 1, cab tone is coming out of output 2. I have the basics down, split chain before the cab IR into output 2 without the IR, but for...
  33. diezel013

    Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

    Been enjoying lots of Iron Maiden recently… Love Dave and Adrian’s style/tone. I cooked up a patch yesterday with the Brit Pre and the EV12L cab IR on my Axe FX 3… Thought it came out nicely. You be the judge. Will be doing a Wratchild full cover soon and I’m happy to share the patches for it...
  34. diezel013

    Red Barchetta - Rush Cover (+ Alex Lifeson Preset) 🎼🎸

    Really proud with how this one came out... Thank you to the incredible Joe Calderone and Kyle Brian Abbott for lending their talents. Would love for you to check this out! As promised, my Alex Lifeson preset is included below :) P.S. If any of you need session players these fine young lads...
  35. diezel013

    "Limelight" - Rush Cover 🎼🎸🥁

    Howdy folks... Had the pleasure of playing this Rush classic with my friends Joe Calderone (Arch Echo) and Kyle Brian Abbott (Vigil of War/Diezel). Used my Alex Lifeson preset on the Axe FX III for the guitar. Was planning to use my JP Music Man but a string broke during the first take, so I...
  36. Stel Andre

    "Heartbreak" - Stel Andre

    Hey all, hope you guys are well! Haven't posted for a while.. so i gathered my feelings of the last weeks.. moving on from a heartbraking situation.. and the only thing i could do.. was to express my self through playing. Hope you got the vibe and enjoy the video! Cheers!
  37. R

    Studio monitors - Dynaudio Lyd-48 vs Adam A8X ? (Axe 3)

    Hi, need a studio monitor pair.... budget would be 2200 euros for a pair (this is how much Dynaudio lyd-48 cost), but im thinking of Adam A8x too, i see it has 9 inch woofer, so guessing thats good for axe fx 3 ? im upgrading from Yamaha HS8, and 2 Mackie SRM650 monitors in stereo, will still...
  38. Randy Alanis

    Does anyone use this Mosky single switch? - (dedicated tuner access)

    I'm very happy with the FC6 however I was hoping to utilize a single stand in switch (only for the tuner) in a small footprint like this (vs the dual mosky switch so many seem to use) i tried setting it up with my axe fx 3 to no avail. it says this single switch is "normally open, momentary"...
  39. A

    A/B Input Switching with the Axe Fx III and FC-12

    I own both the Axe Fx III and the FC-12 foot switch, which up until recently, I only played through a guitar cable that is plugged into input 1. Then, a couple days ago, I got a great deal on a guitar wireless system, which I have now hooked up to input 2. So far, everything works great, except...
  40. Cpt737

    What Cab is loaded when importing presets?

    Hi everyone. Quick question. On AxeFX III when you import a preset (axe change etc), what cab does axe fx put into cab block if you do not have the original IR in your library? Does it load a random factory IR from the library? If you have the same IR with the imported preset, does it load the...
  41. AnswerInfinity

    Axe vs. Spark - Just for fun

    I wanted to see how something much less expensive held up in a recording environment, so I did a quick side by side. I think it's pretty clear you get what you pay for and more with the Axe FX!
  42. diezel013

    Prowler - Iron Maiden using Axe FX III

    Hope ya dig this!!! Any Maiden fans in the house? 🤘 Recorded using Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Steve Harris presets that I put together (keep in mind, Dennis Stratton was in the band during this studio recording, but Adrian came around shortly thereafter). Cheers and UP THE IRONS!!!!
  43. Stel Andre

    "LIFE" - by Stel Andre

    Hey everybody! Just recorded a cool melodic solo with my new Axe-Fx 3. Hope you guys dig it! I wish you all a happy new year with good health and happiness! Cheers!
  44. C

    FS Axe FX 3 Mk I

    Selling my Axe FX 3 Mk I! As you can tell by the photos it’s in really excellent condition. Back when I first got it I swapped out the internal fan for an upgraded silent Noctua fan. I’ve got some 3rd party IRs and presets loaded-mostly STL tones/York Audio IRs. I’ll leave those on so just...
  45. Les Paul Rider

    Guitar Rig vs Axe-Fx III: is there really a better tone?

    (There is a similar thread from 2009 but it has been 11 years now) Hi everyone, an Axe Fx has been on my bucket list for a few years now. In 14 days I will be 40, and I thought it would be a good way to celebrate my birthday. I currently have a Marshall and a Randall with a 2x12, but they are...
  46. Adam Kukulj

    Tips for new Axe-Fx III User

    Hi, New here just wanted to know if there any tip's to avoid pit falls or to just start off right, for when you first hook up the unit and get started. I've read the owners manual once and realize it'll take a lot more reading, understanding and time. I'm expecting delivery mid December. There's...
  47. Valdolopezz

    Friedman with Kiesel Vader 8 solo/rhythm

    Hey guys, recently i tweaked some parameters with Friedman model and Mesa cab IR and i liked how it sounds with my Kiesel both rhythm and solo. Here is a little demo jam with my buddy Aaron, drummer from Interloper. Cheerzzzz
  48. R

    Axe FX 3 MKII Waitlist length

    To get the obvious out of the way, sorry for flooding the forums with another waitlist question. However, I'm extremely impatient and was wonder when's the latest anyone's gotten the go ahead to buy one? I've been on the waitlist since August 5th and was expecting it to be a few week to a month...
  49. diezel013

    Metallica JC-120 Clean Tone

    I've been cooking up some Metallica tones with the Axe FX III... This is my approximation of Metallica's clean tone. Hope ya dig it!!! Preset attached below! :)

    ☺️🎸 Les Videos du Lundi #40 - “Beat it” (full guitar cover) 🎶

    ☺️🎸 Les Videos du Lundi #40 - “Beat it” (full guitar cover) 🎶 🇺🇸 Guitar cover of "Beat it" by the King of Pop Michael Jackson and the gigantic solo by Eddie Van Halen with the Axe-FX III for all the guitars sounds. 🇫🇷 Une reprise instrumentale de “Beat it” du King de la pop Michael Jackson...
  51. W

    Wish Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI

    I've noticed a few other wishes to add more bass models to the Axe Fx repertoire. I know we already have the Darkglass B7K, but for another flavor the Tech 21 SansAmp is a staple bass pedal. I most use my Axe for guitar but do also use it for bass and bass recording. It would be great to be able...
  52. AnswerInfinity

    A fun Axe-Fx vs. Kemper guessing game with a prize

    The kind folks at Singular Sound are donating 4 Cablis to the first person to guess correctly out of my 7 Axe FX vs. Kemper faceoffs. Only votes on the YOUTUBE comment pages are eligible, though. Hope ya'll have fun taking a guess:
  53. B

    Can you hook up the Axe FX 3 in multiple ways at the same time?

    Can you hook up the Axe FX 3 in multiple ways at the same time? For example, if I'm using 4CM because I want to use only the effects with my real amp/cab, can I then easily switch to just the Axe FX 3 (so using amp sims, and bypassing my real amp completely)? Or would you have to change all...
  54. Sauro_on_guitar

    My humble tribute to Morricone music

    My humble tribute to Morricone music... hope you like it...
  55. bdcoach

    Does anyone use their Axe Fx 3 with a Marshall DSL 40CR if so how do you have it running into the Amp? I would like to run 4CM and control the Marshal

    Does anyone use their Axe Fx 3 with a Marshall DSL 40CR if so how do you have it running into the Amp? I would like to run 4CM and control the Marshalls 4 channels midi hopefully with the Axe Fx 3. I want to just use the Axe Fx 3 effects. But I want to be able to control amp changes with the Axe...
  56. diezel013

    Highlights from last night's show (using Axe FX III)... Featuring Rush, AC/DC, G n R, Boston, Billy Idol, Metallica, Def Leppard, Journey and more!!!

    Just pluggin' in the Axe FX III straight into the house. Featuring my Angus Lead patch for Highway to Hell, my Alex Lifeson patch for Tom Sawyer, my Boston and Def Leppard patches (Thanks to Leon Todd's Rockman tonematch... THANK YOU LEON), my Crunch Berries patch for Metallica, and more. I've...
  57. Rod_Gon

    Billy Idol - Rebell Yell

    Here's my take on this classic: I used the Steve Stevens preset posted in the Fractal Audio webpage ---> i just added a bit more gain in the ampblock... that's all. Hope you like it...
  58. Rod_Gon

    Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle Man (kinda) / EDIT: Now with the correct Video (direct audio)

    EDIT: A fellow user here noticed that i posted the camera audio instead of the direct audio to the DAW :sob: Now here's the one i wanted to share: Hope you like it!
  59. M

    FM3 Low/High cut vs Preamp section Filters Low/High

    In my stock settings for the preloaded Amp patches, they are all defaulted at 20 on the low cut & 20000 on the high cut, but the preamp section shows cuts in the filter section.... sometimes 20 on the low & 10k on the high or 85 low / 11k high, etc. I guess my question is how do these 2 sections...
  60. diezel013

    Most desired tones that you don't already have?

    I've been cooking up patches for some of my favorite players... While there are so many awesome tones out there, I'm curious if there were any sounds that you were really hoping to find in the Axe FX III? Over the last month I've researched and tried to replicate with authenticity the tones of...
  61. J

    Good XLR for FC-6?

    So the Faslink cables are out of stock on the Fractal site. I just picked up an FC-6 and with the basic XLR cables I have lying around it works but will disconnect if it wiggles at all. Does anyone know of a good XLR cable that will sit snug in the FC-6 until the Faslinks become available again?
  62. camilovelandiamusic

    AX8 vs AxeFX2 vs FM3 vs AxeFX3 | Amp Block

    Hey guys! Wanted to do an honest comparison of the amp block across all fractal units! Curious to hear what you guys think!
  63. J

    McRocklin Presets

    I bought the Mcrocklin Axe-Fx 2+ presets and converted them for the Fx iii using fractool...Oh my are his presets amazing, the guy is a wizard when it comes to tones and IR's, I still haven't found a better shimmer preset than his yet and his octave and lead tones blew my mind..but after...
  64. D

    Pedalboard does FC-6 and expression pedal

    Hi was wondering what are some good pedalboards to get for an fc-6 controller and expression pedal that is easy to carry or on wheels that keeps the pedal in place? thanks
  65. RBM01991

    AXE FX III Sounds Dark.

    Hey guys, so I got my AXE FX III yesterday and I did a factory reset since I got the unit used, and I updated the firmware to 12.07. However, no matter what guitar or preset I use, the unit just sounds...dark, that's the best way I can describe it. Like someone put a blanket over the cabinet...
  66. D

    No sustain

    Got a ?. On my patch with a ts808 model on a CV patch bases on SRV his tone had lot of sustain and power and when I bend go my note just dies after 1 second and does not hold sustain. Is there a way to fix this. Plus I even put 2 808 models to try and add more kick ass boost. Thanks Dan
  67. andyrhoadsvai

    Wish Pick Attack on the Axe Fx III

    Hi guys, Being an extremely happy axe fx 3 user since september 2019, and coming from the old axe fx 2 mk I, i have a question: is it possible to have back the "pick attack" function that was in the axe fx 2? It was pretty crucial for my sounds, and i loved it.... This topic might have been...
  68. D

    Axe fx 3 looper

    I’m having a hard time adjusting the looper playback level. When I go to the confirmation page it does not allow me to control it it lets me go down in db but only stops at 0 db and the screen does not look like the other videos I’ve seen to adjust the volume playback level.
  69. Randy Alanis

    "Breadfan" & "Creeping Death" (Live Metallica Covers, Multicams)

    This was our 2nd show with both of us using our Axe-FX III's. We both came from AX8's We're hoping to start running everything into a mixer on our own then sending the mix to FOH so we can start getting some better audio..still trying to wrap my head around the patch bay or splitters &...
  70. Baxter

    Patch panel options.. HELP

    Wondering what is the best place/website to check out for a badass patch panel..high quality connectors, cables, lables, etc... Also since I'm a newbie.. which inputs should I prioritize for it? Any help is appreciated 😊
  71. G

    Kemper Issue ( humorous)

    figured Cliff and the forum would enjoy this, buddies Kemper profiler with power am's, amp failed, so we are going to send it back in my AXE FX 3 box, which is still working btw, and the kemper's power amp died just sitting in a studio rack.
  72. Frank Pearl

    30 years playing guitar and i'm still learning

    Hey i record this idea working on chords substitions. I made a neoclassical backingtrack. I'm trying to not be a Malmsteen wannabe. Let's see. I'm still on FW10 cause i'm waiting banks update from @austinbuddy :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  73. Pat Reilly

    New Single, Instrumental Metal, All guitars recorded with AXE FX 3 firmware 5

    Care to take a crack at what amp models I used?
  74. Frank Pearl

    Does it sit??

    One thing that amaze me is how easy the Axe FX 3 sits in a full and mastered mix. This is unbelievable! In this pop song i recorded rhythm and lead guitars.
  75. M

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    Hello, I wanted to buy an axe fx 3 here in UK and I am surprised that there is only one website which offers fractal audio hardware which is I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED by their pricing. It is RIDICULOUS. The current price would be £2,326.96. While the price for AXE FX 3 is currently...
  76. Ahmad Morsi Abu Maizar

    Ghost Is still using Axe-Fx

    This link here shows that ghost is still using AXE FX, I believe that I saw II and III. I am posting just because I saw a post somewhere saying that they switched to kemper, only elites use AXE FX lol
  77. A

    Axe-Fx III as Audio Device

    Hi everyone, I have an Axe Fx III and a MOTU 4Pre In this last period I started using my axe fx as main audio device using usb recording I need a opinion, Is better using my axe fx as audio device only for guitar and bass recordings and using my MOTU for working on midi programming, editings...
  78. D

    What controller do I need?

    Simple enough question - let me tell you how I want to use my axe fx iii and you recommend what controller I should purchase to use with it (FC, RJM, ect.) 1. Use as traditional amp/pedalboard setup. Accessing 1 preset on the axe fx at a time, with different switches controlling different...
  79. O

    Output EQ?

    Hi guys, Is there a basic output EQ feature in the AxeFX? I always put a 80-100Hz low cut filter on my guitars while mixing or playing live. I know that I can use a parametric EQ block to add the HPF. Having a basic low cut / high cut parameter on the output block would be so much more...
  80. D

    Questions about Ableton w/ FC-12 and Axe-Fx III

    I've got some pretty in depth questions about how I might be able to synergize an axe fx rig with an ableton playback rig, hope someone can help! 1. Would I be able to map individual buttons on an FC-12 to different functions on an ableton session? Could I map a button on the FC-12 to the stop...
  81. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Assign external pedals

    Hello guys! In this ninth episode, I’ll show you how to assign and setup an external pedal in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I hope you like...
  82. iamcaseydilla

    Questions with Tonematching

    Hi guys! Still loving the Axe Fx III! Lately when I tone-match a recording, my tone always ends up sounding out of phase/washed out. I try to take measures to make sure that it doesn't happen such as making sure I am referencing isolated guitar, making sure I split the audio of that guitar into...
  83. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Scroll through scenes

    Hello guys! In this sixth episode, I’ll show you how to scroll through the scenes of a preset in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. Link to...
  84. LSDopar

    Need your help Fractal Community!

    Hey guys! I've been looking for an AFX since a couple of years ago and now I have the opportunity to get one. I'm currently visiting the US (Chicago) just to get the Axe Fx III (I don't live in the US) and I'm staying at the Holiday Inn. Fractal doesn't ship out to hotels and I'm in a rabbit...
  85. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Select a scene

    Hello guys! In this fifth episode, I’ll show you how to select a specific scene of Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I hope you like it. Link...
  86. Marciel Marcasso

    Gary Moore style with Plexi 1970 - Axe-Fx III

    I make a little test using Plexi 1970 with Axe III . Really love this amp. I am also using Dimarzio Bridge pickup AT-1 (Andy Timmons). See if you like it.. thanks a lot
  87. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Scroll through presets

    Hello guys! In this fourth episode, I’ll show you how to scroll through presets of Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. Link to previous thread...
  88. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Select a specific Preset

    Hello guys! In this third episode, I’ll show you how to select a specific preset of Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I hope you like it. Link...
  89. Marciel Marcasso

    Axe-Fx III - Steve Ray Vaughan - Pride and Joy

    Using and testing the great "Tyler Grund" preset ( made for the AX FX II ( I make my version to AXE FX III), I tried to get as close as possible to the cool Steve Ray Vaughan. Detail: I really liked Dimarzio's pickup "Area 61", it has a "more modern"...
  90. orion32773

    Tune Tuesday with Elevated Jam Tracks

    Sit down, relax and have a cup of coffee or your preferred beverage. Decided to get lazy and buy some backing tracks to make things easy for me. Nothing fancy here...just me and my kid’s strat having a moment. Tune Tuesday - Elevated Jam Tracks
  91. orion32773

    Slow Jam in Am - with free backing track

    Leftover video from my binge weekend with the new Suhr guitar. In the video description I have included the backing track since some people have asked for it in the past. Axe Fx preset is in the description as well (3rd party IR is used but stock greenback/v30 mix cabs will work)
  92. Pat Reilly

    Axe-Fx 3 tuner offsets have no effect

    I dont know if I am doing something wrong. I have enabled tuner offsets, I have offsets set to .40ct sharp. The tuner is not showing the change; its as if I did have enable tuner offsets when I clearly have. Anyone have this issue?
  93. Martin Vaz

    Axe Fx3 as cabin luggage?

    Hi there, one question, have anyone taken the Axe Fx 3 as cabin luggage? i mean, is it possible? one of the reasons why i purchased this unit was because of its portability, but then again it’s a bit heavy and bulky, so now i have second thoughts, please let me know, thanks guys...
  94. L

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    This is a rant, i don't write these kind of messages very often but i think this one is worth it. You guys at fractal audio did an amazing job creating the AXE FX 3, it's an amazing piece of equipment with amazing capability and versatility of sounds. But it's now obvious that you did not...
  95. Stel Andre

    Laid Back Synth Jam with Axe-Fx 3 | Stel Andre

    Hey all! A good friend of mine lend me his Axe-Fx 3 for a spin and the only thing I can say, is that this unit is beyond amazing! Powerful, solid and responsive with top notch quality of sounds. I jammed using these 2 cool Synth sounds and at the end my favourite Vox Ac 15 with some tweaking...
  96. LucasLeCompte

    Differences Between All the Fractal Audio Axe Fx Units

    I saw a post by someone in one of the fractal facebook groups saying that they had a hard time finding the differences between all the different axe fx units, so I decided to make a video running down the differences and going over what makes each unit unique ( I know all this info is in the...
  97. MattBowman

    Queensryche - "Another Rainy Night" - Guitar cover

    So back in 2016, I recorded a cover of Queensryche's classic song "Another Rainy Night" using my Axe-Fx II at the time. I have a backing track featuring the original vocals, drums and bass, so I decided to update the cover using my Axe-Fx III and I made a quick play through video. All the...
  98. J

    High DI Level & Low Playback Volume through DAW when recording w/ Axe-Fx III

    Hello Fractal Community, I have been having a few issues with trying to record through my Axe-Fx III and Studio One 2 (DAW). I am connected Direct/FRFR as instructed on the manual. I have also followed the Input Level instructions in the manual to where the Input Level on the front of my Axe-Fx...
  99. M

    is it possible to get this sound with Axe-Fx?

    I've messed around with the synth some but i believe its incapable of doing chords correct? will the axe fx synth ever be able to handle polyphony with a firmware update? how might i replicate this sound without polyphonic capabilities? thanks in advance!
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