Studio monitors - Dynaudio Lyd-48 vs Adam A8X ? (Axe 3)


Hi, need a studio monitor pair....

budget would be 2200 euros for a pair (this is how much Dynaudio lyd-48 cost), but im thinking of Adam A8x too, i see it has 9 inch woofer, so guessing thats good for axe fx 3 ?

im upgrading from Yamaha HS8, and 2 Mackie SRM650 monitors in stereo, will still use Mackie until i get my Mission Engineering Gemini 2 shipped to me, but i want some studio monitors on the table too, i understand there are lots of topics on this, but between for example these 2 i suggested, which would be better ? and is a Sub with them worth it with axe fx 3 ? mostly i play high gain stuff, but would like to have cool cleans sound too !
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