What controller do I need?

Simple enough question - let me tell you how I want to use my axe fx iii and you recommend what controller I should purchase to use with it (FC, RJM, ect.)

1. Use as traditional amp/pedalboard setup. Accessing 1 preset on the axe fx at a time, with different switches controlling different effects in the chain. Tap tempo and tuner accessible.

IMPORTANT: I have 2 strymons (Timeline & Big Sky) connected in stereo via input/output 3 & 4 on the axe fx. These need to be able to be controlled just like the rest of the built in effects. So that would include actions to put these sends and returns in the preset chain, as well as MIDI actions to change the presets on the strymon units.

2. Use as a song selector - let me describe what I mean by that. Using 1 preset per song, and then accessing different scenes within that preset for different parts of the song (verse, chorus, intro, ect.) Again, tap tempo and tuner need to be accessible. Strymons again need to be controlled.

3. Automation. This is definitely the most complex way I would like to use the axe fx. I want to control Ableton to basically navigate through a set list. I want to hit buttons on my foot controller and for that to take me to locators that I've created in ableton's arrangement view. I would also need buttons on my controller to control the play and stop functions in ableton. Then once ableton is playing these different songs, I want it to communicate with my axe fx to basically automate what I've described as use #2. This would obviously require me putting in a track in ableton for each song that would send out MIDI information to the axe fx which would select presets and scenes for different songs and sections. Again, tuner and tap tempo need to be available. So to summarize, this page on the controller would have different songs listed, as well as play and stop buttons and tap tempo and tuner. When I press a song on the controller, ableton jumps to a marker that I've created. Then I press play and ableton plays. A track that I've created in ableton sends information to axe fx to control presets and scenes so that I do not have to do any tapping mid-song. Again, controlling the strymons need to be part of the presets and scenes.

Let me know what you guys think - I'm pretty new to Axe Fx so I'm open to anything.
Combining presets that work with scenes and presets that work in stomp-mode can get tricky.
When you call up a different preset or scene all stomps get reset to their stored state. If you want them to not change you can do that, but then they don't change when you change the scene.
So you better decide whether you go scenes or go stomp box.
If you're already mapping everything in ableton, you could always just get a laptop. With it, you can easily change presets, scenes, and block status via midi. The biggest hurdle there is having some sort of IEM system so you stay in time, but based on #3 you probably already have this.

The only downside to the laptop method is that it's tougher to change things on the fly (like when you're jamming with your band). A foot controller would be the only way you could do that.

I recently saw David Maxim Micic recommending the MeloAudio Midi Commander. It seems reasonably priced ($150) vs. the FC6 ($500)/FC12 ($700), but you also lose a lot of the perks of having one of the FC models.

I'm kind of on the fence here because once a song is finished, I control everything via laptop, but currently lack a way to change stuff on the fly. I'm not sure if the FC's are worth the price tag just for that...
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