Hey Fractal friends... it's been a minute. Just cooked this up with my buddy Kyle. We actually thought it'd be fun to do more of a "live" rendition, so we based the tempo map off of Metallica's Seattle 1989 performance of the song. Hope ya dig it!!!

All guitars recorded with my Axe FX 3. For anyone that is interested, I used the IIC++ for Hetfield dirty parts... TS9 + Brit 800 for Kirk's. Jazz 120 plus CE-2 for all the cleans. Always happy to share my presets, but I did a bit of post EQ/reverb and delay in my daw this time around.

Cheers :)
Hé Fractal barátok ... egy perc telt el. Most főztem ezt Kyle haverommal. Valójában azt gondoltuk, hogy szórakoztató lenne inkább egy "élő" előadást készíteni, ezért a tempótérképet a Metallica 1989 -es Seattle -i dalának előadásán alapultuk. Remélem ásni fog !!!

[MEDIA = youtube] lvZhdzRIpu8 [/MEDIA]

Minden gitár az Ax FX 3 -mal rögzített. Akit érdekel, az IIC ++ - t használtam a Hetfield piszkos alkatrészekhez ... TS9+ Brit 800 a Kirk's -hez. Jazz 120 plus CE-2 minden tisztításhoz. Mindig örömmel osztom meg az előre beállított beállításokat, de ezúttal tettem egy kis EQ/reverb utáni késést.

Egészségére :)
WOW!! Fracking Awesome. Yes, most definitely please do more!!!

Fantastic Playing - This is my fave Tallica song and you totally rocked it.

Going to listen to that a couple more times 🤘
Thanks 🙏 It was my gateway into Metallica 👌
it was one mine too, I can clearly remember as a teenager the first time I heard a couple of buddies of mine playing it and being mesmerized and vowing to learn how to play it, which must be 1000s of times by now.

I really enjoyed some of your phrasing choices, adding a little of your personality and flavour, great work, and WTG on singing too!!

My fave versions are live in Mexico and Seatle
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