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  1. Andrea Maccianti

    Joe Bonamassa Inspiration Preset

    Hello friends! 😊 On YouTube, for the uninitiated, you can activate english subtitles. Hi! 😊🎸 https://lnkd.in/dZuesZ9
  2. edo

    Vendor Slash - “Use Your Illusion”

    I posted the clip for a preset based on Slash’s Use Your Illusion tone which will be part of the famous riffs vol3 preset pack coming out in a couple days. I usually make 1 minute clips on instagram, but I have to admit, I was having so much fun with this preset that I couldn’t stop!
  3. Fuzzy Pinetree

    Need Help Getting Crispy Andy Timmons-esque Strat Tone

    Okay so, I've created a pretty good all around Strat tone, but I have one issue with it. I'm going for a tone similar to what you hear in the intro section of "Falling Down" by Andy Timmons, it's got this sorta "glassy" or "crystalline" top end, and I'm really close to getting there, but on my G...
  4. Burgs

    Mars Shells (I & II) - En route to Gibson/Epiphone demos - Free Preset/Vid

    Gibson (Epiphone) enlisted me to demo four of their new Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' range. So I figured Marshalls would be the best platform. That gave me cause to write this preset which I now share with you. The Epiphone demos have not gone live yet but here's a taster (second vid below) if...

    Impro Guitare - Marshall JTM45 - PLEXI 70 - JCM800 - JVM410 🎸

    🇺🇸 A quick jam with 4 guitars and the Marshall JTM 45, Plexi 100w 1970, JCM 800 and JVM 410 Orange Lead models of the Axe-FX III (firmware 12.03). 🎸 🇫🇷 Une petite impro avec 4 guitares et les Marshall JTM 45, Plexi 100w 1970, JCM 800 et JVM 410 Lead Orange de l'Axe-FX III (firmware 12.03). 😉
  6. andyrhoadsvai

    Plexi 50 Watt Bug (?)

    Hello guys, I was trying to do Cory Wong inspired sounds, following this video: Briefly: if i turn the input drive close to 0 (actually 0.9) with this amp i get some weird very distorted fuzzy sounds (you can hear them better if you turn amp level higher and, of course, higher your speaker)...
  7. Marciel Marcasso

    Marshall Plexi 50w - Scorpions "old school"

    hello, I tried to recreate something like the guitar sound of master Uli Jon Roth on Scorpions album "in trance" (The Sails of Charon). I don't know if it was perfect, but at least it was a lot of fun. I made a very simple preset with the Marshall Plexi 50W, Greenback Cabs and some Reverb. P.S...
  8. Burgs

    Treble Boosters Old, New and In-between. Demo, story, Drive block and preset.

    Apologies as I have to drop a name for this one. One of my oldest friends, Andy Cichon, who plays bass for Billy Joel and Shania Twain, is also a killer guitarist. Andy loves his old Marshalls, fuzzes and overdrives, and lately, treble boosters. He's been consulting me about the latter and I've...
  9. aens

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    I admit it: I'm really addicted to Marshall cabinets. I'd want to buy every possible Marshall cabinet there is. But I'm glad there's a much cheaper way to own and try them. And the best thing is you can find many ready in Axe FX III factory IR's! I'm currently listing every different Marshall...
  10. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall Silver Jubilee

  11. Andrea Maccianti

    Dio - "Killing The Dragon" FULL COVER w/vocals

    Remembering the great Ronnie James Dio (R.i.p.) FULL COVER with friends! 🤘Hope you like it! 🙏 Here I used my Marshall JCM 800 Mod preset.
  12. Rob Suelfllohn

    Guitar cover Skynyrd "I need You" with Bluesbreaker preset from Andrea Maccianti

    Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover. Using Les Paul CC#8 , Rewind pickups, and Andrea MAccianti's great Bluesbreaker Preset

    ML Mars Collection | Amp Pack based on '71 Plexi, '78 JMP 2203 and '87 Silver Jubilee

    Quick link: https://ml-sound-lab.com/ MARS COLLECTION includes: MARS PLEXI based on 1971 Marshall™ 100w Super Lead MARS 2203 based on 1978 Marshall™ 100w JMP 2203 MARS SILVER based on 1987 Marshall™ 100w Silver Jubilee This Amp Pack is compatible with Fractal Audio Systems™ Axe-Fx III...
  14. orion32773

    Axe Fx 3 Free Preset - JTM45 Hurricane Edition

    Amidst all of Florida's hurricane drama, I managed to find some inspiration to noodle around a bit and dial in a really basic clean preset with the JTM45 amp model (Brit JM45). I'm a firm believer in focusing on a simple "CORE" amp tone for whatever you are trying to achieve and then add...
  15. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall JTM 45

  16. shaunb

    Evolve - HBE C45 & Recto1 Red with ML Mars PR-H75

    Quick test run of the PR-H75 Mix A IR from ML Sound Lab Mars PR Bundle cab pack with a Friedman and a Recto. For cab pack details visit https://ml-sound-lab.com
  17. Burgs

    Burg's Marshalls V6 - Free preset and demo vid

    Following on from my previous @austinbuddy -based Carol-Ann preset, this version substitutes the CA's for mighty Marshall models. The Scene allocation is very similar and you should note that I voiced it all with the Ernie Ball Cutlass used in the video, so humbucker users will probably want to...

    ML Mars PR Cab Packs | IR's based on four Marshall™ pre-Rola™ Greenback cabs [ML Sound Lab]

    Check out the introductory deals: https://ml-sound-lab.com/ Comparison of all four cabinets: Same setup for all sound samples - Axe-Fx III with default amp settings on the Plexi 50W Jumped amp sim. I highly recommend you try that amp sim with default settings. It was the closest amp sim to my...
  19. lieutenant llama

    Adam Jones Marshall Superbass/Plexi

    Hi Folks just wondering if someone could throw some tips for making some more advanced changes to the amp block. I'm trying to nail down Tool tones and a big part of that is a heavily modified Marshall. Here's the info on the mods done It's a 1959 late 70s superbass with jj el34s and chinese...
  20. GrabtharsHammer

    Wish Framus Cobra & Boss HM-2

    Here is a bunch of gear I would love to get modeled by Fractal. One can dream, right? ;-) The Framus Cobra is IMHO one of the - if not the - best high gain amps ever made. Super tight and aggressive. Unfortunately not in production anymore since Framus was bought by Warwick. Boss HM-2...
  21. Burgs

    A bloke called Lee. Preset. Video. Maybe a laugh.

    I've recently become infatuated with BMTH. I like Lee's riffs. I like Jordan's sense of 'epic'. I like Oli's f#@k you lyrics and straight-up-ness. But mostly I like Lee's riffs and that he runs a .80 gauge for his E(Bb) string which he pounds the hell out of into a Marshall JCM800. I know I'm 9...
  22. Roman Rak

    How to EQ Fractal and EQ/setup Marshall DSL-20 for live sound

    i spent many hours setting up my new Fractal patches for my first gig using FRFR speakers in quiet rehearsals and a home headphone setup. At my first gig sound check I finally used my two open back Marshall DSL-20C combos in the clean channel. I need these as the sound bleed from the cabinet...
  23. Burgs

    Swart, Marshall, Fender ... 8 Scenes. All med-gain. Free preset. Video demo.

    Yesterday's 'cleans' demo/preset was so much fun I thought I should up the ante a little and move on to some medium gain. This preset also features 8 Scenes but with 8 different amp/cab pairings. Use it, abuse it and make it yours. I've called this one 'Midtown'. Preset link...

    ML Amp Pack - Brit Silver based on Marshall Silver Jubilee from '87

    https://ml-sound-lab.com/ Here's a clip of all three channels: It's probably no surprise that I'm a huge Guns N Roses fan but I dare you to search YouTube for some clips of Joe Bonamassa talk about the Silver Jubilee... it's his #1. So many rock legends from John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili...

    ML Sound Lab MARS SILVER Cab Pack - Silver Jubilee from 1987

    Click here to skip the ramble: https://ml-sound-lab.com/products/mars-silver EDIT: Here's a clip of crunch, lead and clean with the Brit Silver amp sim on Axe-Fx III FW3.01: Here's a quick clip by @shaunb to get things rolling: The Silver Jubilee is considered the holy grail for so many...

    1970 Plexi: ML Legends vs ML Brit Big Bundle

    Fractal Audio just released the new ML Legends Cab Pack which is dedicated to "modern sounding pre-Rola speakers". I've been receiving a lot of questions about what that exactly means so here's a comparison of the ML Legends "pre-Rola G12M 75hz Greenback" vs the more vintage sounding ML Brit Big...

    Fractal Audio Cab Pack: ML LEGENDS IS OUT NOW!

    Get the pack from here: https://shop.fractalaudio.com/ML_Legends_p/fas-801-0052b.htm EDITED: Preview video! EDIT #2: Amazing runthrough my Zack Munowitz: Back story: (skip to "About the pack" if you're not interested) An epic pack deserves an epic trailer. :) Where to begin? Being able...
  28. wolbai

    Europa-Song directly recorded with FX8-presets + Marshall JVM410

    Bought the FX8 early 2016 and used it mainly for home recording so far, together with my Marshall JVM410 (4CM cabling), a Rivera Rockcrusher (power attenuator) and a Radial DI-box with a good cab-sim. I started to do Live-performances early this year with a duo-partner again. The FX8 has become...
  29. ProgressiveRocco

    Classic Marshall tone (+ patch)

    What's up guys! Here's my take on a classic Marshall tone using the 1959SLP Treble, I'm going for the raw, percussive bright tone of a 100w dimed plexi:cool: Works great for jamming classic rock riffs as well as some more modern stuff like the Foo Fighters! I'm using a blend of 3 factory cabs...
  30. gigawatt

    JS410 Lead Red

    Is this a dark lead channel? I was trying to find a cab that fit well with it but everything sounds warm and dark with no hair on top, and I had all the high controls turned up to around 2 o'clock. I've gone thru about 100 cabs and while some of them have fiz/fuzz none of them seem to have...
  31. Burgs

    Classic Marshall, old-school fuzz. Demo video and a couple of presets.

    In an effort to make everyone who doesn't own one jealous, lustful, amazed, or all three with the Axe-FX III, I've attempted a take on the old Marshall/fuzz box combos. It's not easy because of the impedance thing but I ran the input at 90k (thank you AustinBuddy!) and had a LOT of fun and, I...
  32. Andrea Maccianti

    Revolution Saints - Here Forever FULL COVER w/vocals

    Hey guys, here our humble tribute to Revolution Saints I hope you enjoy!
  33. Andrea Maccianti

    Dokken - "In My Dreams"

  34. D

    Justin Derrico - "Babe, I'm gonna leave you" (Pink version)

    This is my attempt to get some of the essence of the great "Babe, I'm gonna leave you" solo by Justin Derrico (Pink, Funhouse version). Not the entire solo though. Gibson LP Standard 2012 into Axe-FX II (Capt Hook 2B amp).
  35. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe-Fx III: Classic Marshall Amps

    Hey guys! Hope you dig! Here's all the classic Marshall amps... JTM45 1959 SPL Plexi 100W 1987X 50W Plexi JCM800 Slash AFD100 JVM410H JVM410H Joe Satriani
  36. K

    Axe 2 xl+ Free Presets

    I just got my fractal on Friday and here are some free presets to share. Influenced by Van Halen and Dokken. If anyone wants to tweak them and post the new preset that would be great.
  37. N

    JCM900 with fx8? effects loop? sleeve to short channel switch

    I just purchased a 93 JCM 900 (100w), i cant seem to find any information on the effects loop, if it is series or parallel. also if i can use the relay function on the FX8 to switch channels. Any one out there use an FX8 with a Marshall JCM900 using the 4CM? thoughts? appologies if this has...
  38. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Basketweave GNR

    Today I get to talk about something very special. This is not a product release announcement (yet), but just talking shop about some gear in the OwnHammer stable. As such, I can be a little bit more direct with my language and imagery as there is nothing being sold in this post, just a blurb...
  39. shaunb

    Recto tone test - preset added

    Just a quick test trying out some new tricks with the Recto amps in the AxeFXII XL+. Amps: Recto1 Red & Recto2 Org Modern for the main rhythms and Recto2 Red in some parts too. IRs: ML Zilla All Mix and ML Brit PR75 SM57-M160 01 (Cab Pack 20) EDIT: preset added for anyone who wants to have a...
  40. ProgressiveRocco


    What's up dudes! I've decided to create some mix-ready patches using JUST factory cabs and sell them for a very reasonable price! This is my take on the quintessential Marshall “Plexi on 10” sound. The core of the patch is a ToneMatch I’ve made of a great sounding Suhr SL68, John Suhr’s take on...
  41. shaunb

    Pi Fuzz & JTM45 dirt - preset included (Muffy Christmas)

    After seeing a Youtube video of Billy Corgan talking about and playing with the reissue Big Muff Op-Amp pedal I thought I'd have a go at getting a Big Muff tone that works for me in the AxeFXII XL+. While I'm not the biggest Smashing Pumpkins fan I do love the tone of Siamese Dream. This is not...

    Cab Pack based on Guns N' Roses: "ML - Mikko N' Fortus - Impulses for Destruction"

    Check the Cab Pack store boys and girls: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Packs_ML_Sound_Lab_s/69.htm I can't just post this here without a foreword. Guns N' Roses is the reason I started playing guitar and for the first 10 years or so of my guitar playing all I did was practice those songs...
  43. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall 1959RR Randy Rhoads

    And here we go :) A.M. Marshall 1959RR Randy Rhoads Has 4 Scenes
  44. M

    Brit JVM OD 1 Or Clipping?

    I just got the Ax8 last week, and I've found that I really like the JVM OD1 Or amp with the 1960B V30 cab. I love the tone, but sometimes it sounds like it's clipping, or something similar to that effect. I know that it's not actually clipping, I've checked the levels and everything is allright...
  45. Andrea Maccianti

    PLEXI 100W JUMP Rock/Improv

    Rock/Improv with PLEXI 100W Jump.
  46. Andrea Maccianti


    These days I have received some email where they wondered how your JVM PATCH plays in the mix? This is the video. NO Post-Processing. Just the Patch over the Backing Track. That's it :) I hope you enjoy! :)
  47. Burgs

    Q9.0 Beta 6550 EVH attempt. Video and preset.

    I had a half day off at home between flights (on the road again) and lo and behold, there's some new FW to download and love! Always a welcome thing for me. Admin suggest that the 6550/Cab#61 combo, with a tweak of the new Speaker Compression parameter, will park my boat up next to the ocean...
  48. S

    Wish Super Bass versions of Marshall amps

    After reading some discussion about using tweaked guitar amp models with bass, I dug into the subject of Marshall amps a bit, and realised that the Super Bass versions of some of the amps already modelled by Fractal only have a few components which differ from each other. It would be awesome if...
  49. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall JVM Patch

    I hope you enjoy! :)
  50. Andrea Maccianti

    "A.M. Marshall Bluesbreaker"

    Has 8 Scenes. Hope you enjoy! :)
  51. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall Bluesbreaker

    Here I used my "A.M. Bluesbreaker" Patch. (FW 8.02) Later I will show the patch in detail. Has 8 Scenes + two of my own Custom Cabs. THE PATCH IT'S AVAILABLE. Is also available for Ax8 already converted and ready to use. Please contact me at: andreamaccianti@hotmail.it or on my Facebook page...
  52. Andrea Maccianti


    Has 8 Scenes + one of my own Custom Cab included. THE PATCH IT'S AVAILABLE. Is also available for Ax8 already converted and ready to use. :)
  53. Andrea Maccianti


    There are 2 separate patches. In the video you will find the link that will take you to the respective videos. In this video I used my Marshall Plexi 50w Jump for rhythmic minds for the lead, I used my Friedman SS100. I hope you enjoy! :)
  54. 2112

    Master Volume Marshall Shootout

    Here's a brief overview of all the MV Marshall's in the box (I think I got them all anyway). My go to on an 800/900/2000 series Marshall was always to set everything to 7 and go from there, so I've used that approach here. The goal was to highlight the inherent tonal differences from model to...
  55. Burgs

    More Floyd-ish musings, a new preset and three vids to show it in action.

    I thought it might be fun to pitch my two single-coiled Music Man guitars - 2016 Albert Lee and Cutlass - up against each other in a battle of the Floydish type. So I dragged out the old '98 Total Guitar backing track (see the vids for links) and gave 'em all I had. I wrote a HIWATT / SLP...
  56. Andrea Maccianti


    Here, my humble tribute to John Norum :) I hope you enjoy! :)
  57. lotharion

    Boomy rig

    Just got my Axe Fx2. Sounds promising, but I got a really big problem with too much low end. If I turn off cab moddeling, all distrotion sound thin and fizzy. (Had same problem with the Ultra). If I leave it on, the Axe Fx sounds better, but very boomy (lack of better word). Power amp simp on or...
  58. DropTheSun

    Oh man... Brit 800 #34 (had to stop playing and swap my pants)

    Yep! Took a little while until i took this Amp model a spin. I usually play with 5150, Mesa Engl... etc. Modern high gain amps. But today i wanted to rock on with some Marshall sounds and remembered this Amp sim. So i just opened an empty preset and added amp (Brit 800 #34) and cab (ML TV) ...
  59. Marco Fanton

    AX8 - Mike Landau Cover - Marshall Plexi 1959SLP - FW 8.00

    Mike Landau is one of my favorite guitar player, with Steve Lukather. This my personal version of the the song I love.
  60. Andrea Maccianti

    "A.M. MARSHALL JUBILEE" (Quantum 8.00)

    This patch is available through Paypal donation at https://www.paypal.me/AndreaMaccianti and I will send you the patch within 24h. Thank you in advance for supporting my work!!! This Patch has 6 Scenes + one of my own Custom IR. Cab included. For any questions, please contact me at...

    ML Brit Family Sampler Clips (Video)

    Hey guys so in case someone missed it Fractal Audio and ML Sound Lab just released a flexible Cab Pack systems called "ML Brit Family" which you can check out here: https://shop.fractalaudio.com/ML_Brit_Family_of_Cab_Packs_p/fas-801-0034.htm One of the coolest options is the sampler pack that...

    Introducing: The ML Brit Family IR Collection

    CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION The existing "based on Marshall" Cab Packs are no longer tied to the large premium packs but instead you have some new cool options. #1 THE ML BRIT SAMPLER PACK - IR's from all 10 Cab Packs limited to the top right speaker Ace single mic IR's and one mix IR - 10...
  63. Andrea Maccianti

    AXE-FX2 Factory Patch "Plexi Screaming 2"

    By scrolling through hundreds of factory Patch, I stumbled on this. Based on Plexi 50w Normal. Look at that! I modified the cab with my User Cab and I changed the type of Delay. That's it :) Thank you! :)
  64. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall JCM 800/MOD (FW Q 7.02) Rock/Improv

    Great fun improvising over this Randy Rhoads Style Backing Track! Patch used A.M. Marshall JCM 800/MOD. Has 8 Scenes. I hope you enjoy! :)
  65. Andrea Maccianti


  66. Andrea Maccianti

    AC/DC Improv Style Backing Track - Andrea Maccianti

    Patch used A.M. Marshall PLEXI 100 watts Jump. Ha 8 Scenes. Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. I hope you enjoy! :)
  67. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Core Tone Bundle

    Hey everyone, Among many new libraries, I would foremost like to announce the release of the OwnHammer Core Tone Bundle! Based on the hardware in the image above, the Core Tone Bundle brings all the primary sounds and configurations that have electrified electric guitar over the years and...
  68. Andrea Maccianti


  69. Andrea Maccianti


    A classical improvisation over this ZZ Top Style Backing Track. Great fun! Here I used my A.M. Marshall JTM 45. This patch has 4 Scenes.Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. ENJOY IT! :)
  70. Andrea Maccianti

    MARSHALL PLEXI 100W 1970

    Another improvisation of fun this time on this beautiful Blues Backing Track. Bluesy Tone, I love it! Here I used my A.M. Marshall PLEXI 100W 1970. Has 8 Scenes and Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. THE PATCH IT'S AFFORDABLE. Please contact me at: andreamaccianti@hotmail.it or on my Facebook...
  71. Andrea Maccianti


    Ecco il mio cerotto Un'altra al Frattale Axe -FX2 Marshall Plexi 100w Chitarra utilizzato: Fender Stratocaster Usa con pickupSeymour Duncan SSL-5, Fender Medio69 e Fender collo 50.
  72. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall PLEXI 50w "Jump"

    Patch based on Marshall PLEXI 50w "JUMP". Ha 8 Scenes and Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. THE PATCH IT'S AFFORDABLE. Please contact me at: andreamaccianti@hotmail.it or on my Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/andrea.maccianti ***PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!***
  73. 2112

    Marshall JVM Presets

    I initially glossed over the JVM models in favour of the vintage Marshall's in the AX8, but upon further inspection there are some great modern Marshall tones to be had between the 6 JVM models. I was running a DSL50 in conjunction with a Dual Rectifier before I switched to an Axe Ultra (and now...

    Quantum 7.00: I found a PERFECT amp + cab pairing!

    Before listening to this clip you need to know that the amp sim is "Brit Silver" with default settings (everything at noon running Quantum 7) and the IR used for this is ML Brit PR75 SM57-R121 01 from Cab Pack 20. I chose my brightest guitar (Fender Stratocaster) and my darkest guitar (PRS CE24)...

    Chasing the Robben Ford Dumble + G12-65 sound! (Preset included)

    EDIT: This is a new revision of the preset. Now we have both a clean and lead sound as SCENE 1 and SCENE 2 in the new presets as well. Sidenote: I used a Stratocaster with the tone knobs around 7/10 to get closer to the Robben Ford sound for this clip: When I got the vintage Marshall JCM800...
  76. Niels Beier

    Marshall JCM410HJS vs. FX8

    Hey guys, I'm running my FX8 in front of my Marshall JVM model. With my old setup, I ran a G-Lab GSC-3 looper in front of it, to do all my pedal-switching and channel changes via MIDI. Now that I've upgraded to the FX8, it's time for it to pick up where the G-Lab left off. The thing is, I...

    Cab Pack: ML Brit Collection II

    CLICK HERE TO GET THIS CAB PACK EDIT: To summarize it's the part II for Cab Pack 20 which you may be familiar with. It's all about Marshall in here. :) These are all vintage cabs/speakers: -Creambacks -Blackbacks -Greenbacks -G10L-35 Speakers (4x10) -G12-65 Speakers The main constructive...
  78. Megahertzz

    Looking for Marshall MF280 cab IR's

    Does anyone have a good IR for the Marshall MF280 cabs they would be willing to share, or point me in the direction of a site where I could buy one? Before the Axe FX saved my back (literally) i used to haul a Marshall JVM410 and two MF280 cabs to every gig, and I loved the tone i got from...
  79. speedmetalpsycho

    would this sound odd?

    I've got a Matrix power amp and 2 Marshall 1960B cabs on order and had a question. I'm going to run my Axe-FX II in stereo with this rig, left to one 4x12, right to the other 4x12. However, I'm planning on stacking the cabs instead of going side-by-side (I like the look of a full-stack, what...
  80. Burgs

    Jazzmaster/JTM45/Pi Fuzz. Vid and preset.

    John Palir built for me a custom Jazzmaster that we call the Blue Note. Killer guitar. Teamed with Jason Hobert's great 1961 Jazzmaster patch and compressor, chorus and delay blocks, I was off! Original preset. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3456 I'll upload my revised...

    Top 10 ML Sound Lab IR's!!

    Going through some of my favorite IR's. I highly recommend you check these out as I think they represent some of the greatest IR's out there. :) That Citrus 4x12 IR is a must have! A special thank you to @Pwrmac7600 for the idea on sharing my top IR list. I've mentioned it a few times but...
  82. Guitarjon

    My first playthrough video! (Brit800/JVM & OH pre-rola warmth!)

    Hi guys, I wanted to make my YouTube videos more interesting so I've started making playthrough videos. There are more coming soon in various genres, also ones with more lead work. This first video does feature vocals but all the guitar and bass parts were done with my Axe FX XL+. The crunchy...
  83. X-Mann

    Clyde wah + Analog Flanger (Video)

    Hey AX8 people, I took my favorite amp/cab combination (JS410 Orange & Fremen Marshall JVM 410 IR) & added in the Clyde Wah & the Analog Stereo Flanger. The result is a very sustaining tone that sits well & cuts through a huge track like a HOT knife through COLD butter! o_O Here's the AX8 on...
  84. Burgs

    Chapman Guitars demos - Preset

    Yesterday I cut a couple of demos for Chapman Guitars. Here are the videos and the preset that features a SmallBox (for dirt) and JTM (clean) I wrote and used. I hope you can have some fun with it. The videos The preset http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4472
  85. shaunb

    Baritone Post Rock - Plexi 50W, Brit 800, Zilla and new ML Bass cab pack in Drop A

    While making presets for my new baritone I thought I'd go through the factory presets and swap the cabs out for the my favourite Zilla IRs out of curiosity to see if I'd luck upon a winning combination. I came across factory preset 271 "Detune Plexi" which sounded awesome with the low tuning...
  86. TheTrooper


    Got back my JBM from a Stainless Steel refret (because I HATE nickel frets and they were dead flat) and made a Cover of this awesome Solo The Amp is the JMP-1 Pre OD2 (I had the real deal some years ago and it's really a killer preamp, but If you want GAIN it only worked one way which is Gain...

    2016 Cab Pack Comparison!!

    I finished shooting a 5 episode long Cab Pack comparison this week including all my released Cab Packs to date. I know there are many options out there right now and choosing which one to get can be a lot of work. Therefore I thought I'd create this Cab Pack comparison for you guys. I'm a Mesa...
  88. Guitarjon

    The Ownhammer Heavy Hitters Collection is out! (ORG 412, USA IIC++ clip inside)

    Hey guys, After months of anticipation the Ownhammer 'Heavy Hitters Collection' is finally OUT! As a beta tester I've had a great time testing this pack out, making mixes and recording clips. Kevin has been working on this pack for about 6 months and he has really worked his ass off. When you...
  89. Burgs

    An AX8 101 vid: Put together a Marshall rig in minutes - video

    I've already posted this in the Axe-FX II Recordings forum but it is probably better suited to being here. This vid takes you through the basic building stages for putting together a classic rock rig based around a 50W Marshall, quad, some effects and a couple of Scenes. Rock on and have a...
  90. oson00

    First track FIX from our upcoming album

    I want to spread our first released track of our upcoming album. My band Tachycardia recorded the song "Fix". We reamped all guitars and basses with Axe-FX II. We used cabIR.eu IRs. You hear the Orange OR-4x12 and the MR-PIN68.
  91. Julien Meirone

    Metal, Sea and Sun

    Hi guys, this week i tested new type of metal sounds with the Das metal et the JVM 410. Let me know what you think of that ;) : Cheers
  92. shaunb

    UPDATED VERSION Ambient groove electro with Vox guitar tones

    (EDIT: This is an updated version of Inverted Gaze with the bulid up section before the ending re-worked) I'm not really sure how to describe this one but I like it. It's a different sound for me. I guess it's pretty chill but a bit moody and reflective. Started playing around with EZDrummer2...

    What is the best IR for you?

    We talk so much about IR's and different speakers but sound is sometimes a bit too hard to explain by words. So this time let's look at some SM57 graphs of some of the best representations of different speakers I've had the pleasure of miking up. :)` The classic Chinese V30: I call this the...
  94. GetItOn

    Paul Gilbert's rig copy

    I tweaked my Paul Gilbert preset to Q2.02 (AxeFX II, FRFR) I kind of copied some pedals and amps from his 2011 US tour rig he showed on the Premier Guitar Rig Rundown on Youtube. scene 1 is the basic tone scene 2 is the clean tone by engaging the Compressor and chorus scenes 3 and 4 are dirty...

    FREE ML Cab Pack 20 Preset-Cab Bundle: JMPre-1 & Brit PR75

    Last year was one of the best years in my life so far and one of my biggest achievements was Cab Pack 20: ML Brit 4x12 Collection. While I'm extremely happy that so many of you went and got this pack I also understand that some of you don't know what it's all about. It's an ultimate collection...

    ML Brit TV vs ML Brit PR75

    My buddy David Wallimann was kind enough to demonstrate the new Cab Pack 20: ML Brit Collection that's coming out this month. Read more about it here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ml-brit-collection-the-mothership.105956/ Most of you are probably familiar with Cab Pack 8: CK Brit TV...
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